Paperback of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is out!

It’s been an agonizing wait for some of you, but the mass market of Black Magic Sanction is being released today!  You should find it on the shelves as you trudge through the stores and malls, returning the slippers that were two sizes too large and the skinny jeans that were a bit too skinny.  -laugh-  We had a bit of a longer wait this year as they slid my mass market release closer to the industry standard, but with a brand new cover featuring Rachel and Bis, here it is!

Because it’s a mass market, it does not have a drop-date, meaning you might have to ask the store to actually put it out on the shelf if they haven’t gotten around to it yet, but if you’ve been waiting all year for it, then ask!  I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers that they’re finding my work shelved in horror, so if you don’t see it, check out that section as well as SF/Fantasy or Fiction.  (The anthologies are usually in romance, and Madison books are in Young Adult.  Oh!  And the Dawn Cook titles would be in SF/Fantasy.)  Enjoy!

I hope to have the second chapter of Pale Demon up for you before the end of the day.  Fingers crossed!


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40 responses to “Paperback of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is out!

  1. Dani

    *pouts* I checked for the second chapter and I couldn’t find it. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place. can someone help me out?


    • Hi Dani, That’s because it’s not up yet. The person who was going to send me the copyedited electronic version (as apposed to my unedited submission copy) was caught in the snow. Maybe today.

  2. Linda

    I just took the hc out of the library today to re-read it! Perfect timing – now I can go get my own!

  3. Marcie

    That is a great new cover, but why do they change them from hardback to soft back? I have this book in hardcover already so I won’t be out trying to buy it again. Although my collection is part hardback and soft back, I only have one of each book.

    • Hi Marcie. Changing the cover gives the publisher a chance to attract a slightly different demographic of the reading public. Despite what we all try, we all judge a book by the cover. -grin- I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thanks!

  4. Yay!Im heading off to get a copy right now at my nearest B&N.Almost finished white witch black curse,loved it!(of course)I hope you complete chapter 2 of pale demon seeing as you take time to talk to us fans that I truly think you should be admired by.

  5. NotACat

    This puzzles me since I have a copy of this book—which I borrowed from the Library—sitting just across the room right now. How come we got this here in the UK so much earlier?

    • Hi NoACat. Ahhhh, the reason you have the mass market already in the UK is because the publisher there goes right to mass market, skipping the hard cover. This is also why your release is usually several months after the US release, so it kind of evens out.

  6. Stephenie

    Exciting! I have WWBC and BMS in hard cover. I started reading the series the summer before ODW came out in paperback so I borrowed a friends version and then bought my own 🙂 None of the series I own match at this point in time, even the ones I have in all paperbacks usually have different covers or are different sizes. I think I have one series in two different sized paperbacks and two different sized hard covers. Yay for eclecticism.

    I’m working hard on my project to carpool to the Des Moines signing, 1) because it will be more fun, and two because my car doesn’t actually have heat and March in Iowa is cold!

  7. Judi in NJ

    Running out to get this to add to my collection! I have the hc but really? I can’t resist!!! Wooty Woot!

  8. Niko

    I already have the hardcover, but as I work for B&N, I’ll be curiously watching the sales records. 🙂

  9. yea!!! I just got my hard back copy of black magic sanction yesterday…man let me tell you. it was the last copy at barns and nobles and that copy was on hold for someone and I manage to go to books a million and got the last copy. you cant keep them on the shelves. or someone is not ordering enough. we love you. we love Rachel and Ivy and Jenks..ohh by the way. Jenks better not die!!! I would cry!!he is an intricate part of the story and life will never be the same. Hes the glue that holds every one together.
    well im rereading white witch black curse before delving into the new one, should take me about three days to complete.
    thank you Kim for writing..your awesome!!!!

    • Excellent! I hope you like it, Jeannel. There will be a lot of stores trying to move out their hard covers at a very reduced rate this month. Way to take advantage of it!

  10. mudepoz

    How odd to have her turn her back on the MM release. I like it a lot. Why do they change the cover though?

    Waiting for the next chapter…and Feb. Sort of. I don’t really want that next birthday to roll around TOO fast!

    • Hi Mud. They change the covers to hopefully attract a slightly different demographic. The HC tend to be more mainstream, and the mm tend to be more genera sf/fantasy. It works for me!

      I should have chapter two soon. The snow in NY kind of slowed everything down.

  11. Hi Kim,
    I saw the new cover up a couple of posts ago. I assumed it was the paperback cover, you didn’t say that it was. It’s beautiful! Any extra short stories included to entice someone like me who already has the hardcover version?

    Melissa C.

  12. jisha

    The cover looks great, looks like I gotta rush to the stores, yay!
    Being on the opposite side of the world sucks… while Tuesday’s just starting over there, it’s ending over here and I’m having a hard time sitting still for chapter 2!! 😦

  13. Thanks for the sneak peek at Pale Demon! I love the Hollows series so much and thank you for writing the books that got me to love reading again! Can’t wait to see you in Lansing with the new tour ;o)

  14. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I finished the first “Cook Book”{ at work this morning and promptly got the other 3 from the Kindle store. Now I have all of them for my reading pleasure.

    I see that a couple of things in the “First Truth” found their way into the Hollows. There is a certain female pixie name and your protagonist has an elderly flying friend that is very small and protective of her. There may be other things but those are the ones I noticed right away.

    I liked it a lot and highly recommend it to anyone that would like a change of pace. Just keep your feet covered at all times. 🙂


    • Vampy, that is wonderful! I know the Truth books aren’t for everyone, and I’m so glad you gave them a chance.

      And yes, a few of my tells are showing when you start to look at multiple series. . . -laugh-

  15. Dragongirl

    wauw Tala, a Russian translation in rhyme of “Twas the Night of the Solstice”! That sounds really cool. I’m a translator myself but haven’t even thought of translating the text in my native tongue in rhyme. :-/
    Then again, I am terrible at rhyme v.v
    If you feel like it, you can always mail me the Russian translation. I’m interested in what it would be like.

    I just ordered “A fistful of Charms” yesterday so I’m way behind, but hoping to catch up this year 🙂

    Happy holidays everyone!

    • Tala

      Dragongirl, hi!
      I can sent my translation to you tomorrow. Write your e-mail 🙂 Do you speak Russian?

    • Dragongirl

      hi Tala

      I studied Russian for 4 years but it’s disappearing fast 😦 Too bad there aren’t that many books or movies available in Russian here so I can practice a bit.
      You can mail me at

      I’m assuming you’re Russian? 🙂

    • Tala

      Dragongirl, hello!
      I’m Russian, live in Kazakhstan 🙂 Where are you from?

      I mailed the message to you.

  16. Sandra

    I absolutely love that cover. Rachel looks gorgeous….or I’m guessing she’s gorgeous anyway. lol. I’ll be making a dash to Barnes & Noble today. Gotta gotta have it. Must feed the addiction! Thanks for these sneak peaks at Pale Demon too. As an avid reader and fan I can tell you they are much appreciated- like I said- ADDICTION!

    • Thanks, Sandra! I think it’s beautiful, too. I hope you find it. I always worry that the mm doesn’t get as much shelf time as the hc.

      I’m hoping to get chapter two up today. Fingers crossed!

  17. WOOT! I’m off to the local B &N!

    Kim, thanks for all the great books, and for taking time to talk to us fans here. I really admire you for that. Busy lives often preclude answering tons of questions and comments, but you do it. And it means the world to your fans. Thank you.
    P.S. LOVED the “Twas the Night of the Solstice..”! I’m going to have to direct my daughter over to it, as she’s just as big a fan as I am!

  18. It looks awesome. I thought Bis was smaller though. Like small enough to fit on top of the fridge.

  19. Tala

    Kim, hi!
    Oh, I want this book in Russian, but our publishing house released “ODW” 3 month ago. I’m sad it takes so long.

    Wow, the second chapter of Pale Demon it’s very cool new!

    And, about “Twas the Night of The Solstice…”, which I translated on Russian – I do it rhyme 😉 Our Russian KH Community named it rap =)

    Have a nice day!