Dude, I ate too much

Ow.  I ate too much, but chicken with potatoes and gravy is one of my weaknesses, and I’ve been eating it for the last three days.  yum!  (but now it’s gone, and I’m going to have to cook again.)

I’ll be sporadic with the posts between now and next week, but I will let you know when very cool things come through, like tomorrow’s (hopefully) addition to the sneak peek of Pale Demon when the second chapter becomes available.  Tomorrow is also the release date of the mass market of Black Magic Sanction!  Whoo-hoo!

But today, I’m back at my desk, trying to put this plot back together.  I thought I had it, but realized I was being too complicated, and when I simplified it, it fell apart.  I’ve been doing a lot of handwriting-scratch on my clipboard last week.  It’s looking good, but I’m not . . . quite . . . happy with it.



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23 responses to “Dude, I ate too much

  1. Tala

    Kim, hi!
    Wow, the second chapter of Pale Demon it’s very cool new!

    And, about “Twas the Night of The Solstice…”, which I translated in Russian – I do it rhyme 😉 Our Russian KH Community named it rap =)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Lesley

    PD chapter two tomorrow?! AWESOME! I’ve been trying to predict the attacker…is it the coven? Is it someone after Trent? Is it the mysterious assassin from the back cover text? Can’t wait!

    Ack, unraveled plot. How frustrating. Good luck!

  3. I also am having chicken for dinner and it is fantastic.Keep on finishing for the second chapter of Pale Demon hope you get what you want completed.Jenks 12 days till Christmas was so funny!Though Christmas is over still visiting family members and far friends.Rereading A Fistful of Charms for the sake of Jenks being human size.

  4. Marcie

    Since I’ve been a bit preocuupied here, I just read your poem and song. Jensk’s 12days of Christmas had me laughting so hard, totally awesome. The poem was wonderful too. Al still can’t get her, I see. She is just too quick for him. 🙂

    BTW, I’m rereading your series again and I just finished reading Every Which way but dead. The perfect book for the Christmas season. Now I’m off to read A fistful of Charms again and have Jenks be big again. Oh I can’t wait!

  5. Marcie

    I’m right there with you Kim. I ate way too much! But I somehow managed to loose 3 pounds prior to Chriistmas so hopefully that is all I put back on. Now that would be my awesome Christmas present. 🙂

    Hope you got what you were wanting for Christmas. We no longer get gifts for me or my husband, instead we decided to just get for the kids. We do however get something for the stocking. it is usually hot chocolate and chocolated covered cherries for him.

    • Very cool, Marcie. I’m hoping I managed to keep my weight stable through the holidays, too. One more to go.

      I did get something nice for the holidays, yes. Both Guy and Thing Two managed to surprise me. And that’s hard to do.

  6. chelikins

    Glad to see you had a good Christmas. Did you get something you were surprised with? I talked my hubby into a new couch .. we went today and ended up with this AWESOME chair and a coffee table too.. lol!

    MY visit to KY to see my family was wonderful. I have a date set with my sister to do your Cincinnati book stop! I am excited!

  7. JanisHarrison

    My dad set the family overeating record at our Christmas Brunch: we lost count of how many waffles he ate! Then it was Glorified Chicken & Rice for supper, which is a very rich dish. Too rich for my tummy, so I “made do” with baked potato, steamed yams (add a little lemon juice & zest with the brown sugar or honey), and Brussels sprouts. We haven’t had cheesecake, just pie: apple pie, pumpkin pie, then sugar cookies, peanut brittle (homemade is the only kind to eat), chocolate truffles…I must walk, and walk, and walk some more, and actually plan and cook some meals now. Sigh. Our kitty went through his Christmas stocking excitement, and was delighted with his new mousie–he’s easy to please. A happy Hobbit party it was for us all.

  8. Marsha

    I ate far too much as well, and I still have half a pan of homemade lasagna in the fridge to tempt me. I am going to go home and put it in the freezer. Man it’s hard to start eating right again after all the pigging out. I have complete confidence in your ability to whip the manuscript back into shape in no time.

    • Hi Marsha. Yep, I gotta start easing back on the caloric intake myself as well. I just wish it would behave as well as the manuscript, which is back on track now.

  9. Stef from Germany

    Did Xander and Aleix get christmas presents too? : )

    Hm.. i haven’t gotten my Tour T’s yet. I was so hoping for them to arrive before christmas. No problem though.. i already told the sis that her present might arrive a few days later. ^^
    And now.. i’m waiting for chapter two!

  10. Limz

    I feel your pain about the food.Its so good but oh so evil sometimes 😦
    Good luck with the plot!

  11. Maryellen

    Ugh! I’m with you on the whole over-eating thing. Mini chocolate-hazelnut cheescakes. I think I ate about fifty of the little buggers! Oh- and my sister made mashed potatoes with REAL BUTTER! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I had butter?!? Or potatoes???

    Anyway…keep working at the plot line until you’re happy because if you’re happy, we’re happy. We can wait if we have to.

    Hope you have a lovely day, Miss Kim. Stay warm!

  12. Niko

    I’m sure it will turn out beautifully in the end like it always does! Good luck, Kim! 🙂