So when is chapter two?

I want to thank you guys again for all your positive comments about chapter one of PALE DEMON.  😉  Man!  It felt good to finally start sharing it.  We should have five chapters released between now and Feb 22.  Yay!

We also have planned a wallpaper and a special offer for the electronic version of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD, so keep checking back for when those will be available.

My work went good on Friday with that unplanned chapter I realized I needed.  I still might tweak it some more, but Trent is there, and I feel better about the pacing.  Today I have a four page transitional chapter to write, and then I should be right back to my original plotlines.

Four pages is a very short chapter for me.  (They are usually 15 to 20) I think I’ve only done it about three times in the entire series.  But again, you gotta know when to break your rules to clue the reader in that THIS is important.  For breaking rules to be effective (breaking the rules to effect pacing and jar the reader) you have to hold to your rules most of the time.  I know, it sounds confining and stiff, but you have to look at the big picture.

People like patterns, we feel them even if we don’t see them.  Patterns that authors have in their work are part of what make up their style or voice, so if you’re a new writer and you keep hearing people say you need to take time to develop your “voice,” this might be what they are talking about.

Just as an aside, I made maple candy last night.  OMGosh, it is my best batch yet!


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41 responses to “So when is chapter two?

  1. Jenn

    Maple candy huh? Wanna trade recipeies? I have a lot of sweets for you to pick from! I just got a really really good one for what we call Banoffee pie. It’s banana & toffee. Extremely yummy! And I think Guy can eat it too!

  2. jisha

    Thanks for putting up chapter one, Kim!!! I loved it!!! I normally can’t have enough of Trent, murdering brimstone runner and illegal bio-drug lord though he is *grins* , so putting him in the preview looks promising. I just can’t wait for February, ’cause putting up 5 chapters in the meanwhile is going to be a slow torture!!! 😀

  3. Anne

    Kim, I love that you’re keeping up a blog and allowing the readers insight into your working/thinking process, and how you manage to work on a series and keep up a blog regularly and respond to all your fan comments is beyond me!

    I’ve always been meaning to try that maple candy, and I think I will once the weekend hits again!

    And good to know that Trent’s been worked into that chapter. ( :

  4. Maryellen

    Five Chapters?!?

    You’re going to spoil us, Miss Kim. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

  5. kerryP

    Hi Kim, the chapter was great! Thank you for the preview. I comment rarely but wanted to say that I am a pretty avid reader – about a book every 4 or 5 days. I love reading and I have a fairly good idea about what I like when I read. But until I started reading your posts, about your writing process, I often did not know why I liked things. I admired an authors dedication and knew they had a finely honed skill but the level of “scientific process” that went into it was beyond me. Now I know more about how you write I find myself even further awestruck by a writers (and particularly your) skill. I still often don’t know why a sentence or a chapter really strikes a chord within me but to know that it was planned, really adds to my pleasure. Thank you for sharing. So now I also know when I see your short chapters – pay attention! Happy Holidays

  6. Sabrina

    It might be a bit early for this but I’m going home for Christmas tomorrow and my parents still don’t have internet.
    Sooo, dear Kim, I wish you, your family and all the people you hold dear a Merry, Merry Christmas! Have fun and joy with lots of good food, good drink and, of course, carefully chosen presents that come straight from the heart. Enjoy love, family time, friendship and the wonderful spirit of Christmas!
    Love, Sabrina

  7. Hello Mrs. Harrison, 😀

    I couldn’t comment yesterday, but I’d just like to say that I think this is going to be a very interesting book. And, if there’s lots of Ivy in it, you have me hooked (I’m a groupie, what can I say? ;))
    Thank you for sharing!
    Dude, how are we going to wait till February?

    Have a good day and happy writing! How’s your current project going?

  8. Oh Jeez.
    I love you Kim. 🙂

    So good to hear that Ivy will be on the trip, too. You said that I going to love book nine. Now I really can’t wait to find out. ^^

    Thank you sooo much to share this incredible story with us. It’s a gift. Really. And you still have the best characters ever.

    Best love from Germany

  9. Candace

    Every year you mention this maple candy, and every year I tell myself that i’m gonna try it and then I chicken out and I don’t lol.

  10. Kim, i’ve found a way to keep me occupied until Feb22. I ordered the first four (i already have the rest). I will reread, uh, for the third time? It will be a second read only for the last one.

    This is what do you to me 🙂

  11. My chapter breaks shift as my story grows; their length determined by what action is taking place.

    An E-book version, huh? I love my Kindle but I also have certain books I prefer to read in paper (like yours). Hang on to your rules, Kim, and know that they’re only there as a reference point.

    • Hi Jeannie. Absolutely! Rules are there to break, but if you break them too often, then no one can understand what you’re doing, and confusion should never be confused with innovation.

  12. Stephenie

    The more writing classes I take the more I can see those patterns and a particular author’s voice. It’s both exciting because I’m gaining skills as a writer/reader and because it’s fun to pick out author patterns! It’s also really sad though because I’ve found that some of my favorite author’s while being great storytellers, are not great writers. The more I learn the more I appreciate all the work you do and all the rules you set for yourself. They really show as excellent writing! I think my teacher’s would approve! 😀

    I’m excited about ebooks! I think I’m getting a Nook from my rentals, so I’ve got a huge list of ebooks I want. Having the whole Hollows series together in one place would be really helpful since I’m always lending them out to people.

  13. Maria (Germany)

    Well, short chapters would definitely be something altogether unusual. Even if you’ve had some in the previous books, I can’t remember them. And really, long chapters and thus just 15 to 25 in a book, is so much better than reading a book with 70 chapters.. thats just annoying.
    Yeah, long ones are your thing (nothing ambiguous here) – and one short chapter every other book is nothing we can’t overlook 😉

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter of PALE DEMON (a few days, we can live that long…) ’cause the ending of chapter 1 is just cruel! It’s like throwing us a bone and snatching it back just bevor we can reach it. It was good though, reeeeeally good..

  14. Marcie

    Oh five chapters, yeah!

    You know I never relized it was patterns that made me go “Huh, what is up with this? It’s not like her/him books before. It’s different.” It has happened with two authors and I found out later that both authors are deceased, and someone else it finishing the writing for them. I know the one said she was writing a few more books, but that someone else would be in charge of the proofing and getting them into print. Those few books did feel like her, but the next set was different. I’m guessing the other person continued the series on her own then. The other author just changed dramatically from one book to another book. Upon researching it to find out why, I discovered he was deceased. Another author decided to continue his series also. I am curious as to how that happens. Does an author have another author finish their series for them? Or was it just something that happens because of popularity? Another author offers to conitinue it for the agent (is that the right person). Just curious about that and you probably don’t know anyways. But that pattern thing explains what I picked up the discouraged me from getting any more books. It was not the same at all.

    I’ve never had maple candy before and your recipe does sound delciious. What does it taste like that I may have had before so that I can compare it? I’d like to try to make the candy after the holidays, but if no one else in the family is going to like it, then I won’t. Guess I could try it and see what happens, right? They’d just tell me not to make it again. 🙂

    • JanisHarrison

      Hey Marcie, yeah. My comment on this is sort of in the same vein. Have you read Stieg Larrson’s The Girl Who trilogy? He had projected a long series but, tragically, died unexpectedly. There is a fourth story that his life partner and his parents are squabbling over. I think the partner wants to finish and publish it. I hope it gets done — and yes, I expect the “voice” to change a bit, but I hate to leave the girl standing in a towel, opening her door.

    • Marcie

      No I have not read that series. I”ve just started reading again since having kids so there is a lot out there that I’ve missed. V. C. Andrews was the one author I used to read and she passed away prior to me having kids. She picked someone to finish her next several books and they were just like her. Hope that happens for you.

      Then Robert Ludlum he did the Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum. He passed away and the the new author has picked up after those, but he is very military technical in style and well I fell asleep reading it. Ludlum had a very good balance of gibing you enough military information to get you buy, but made it interesting too.

      The fantasy type books seem to have grabbed my attention now with Kim’s being at the top of my list.

    • Hi Marcie.

      Yup, that does happen, especially when an author doesn’t want to continue a series and the publisher does. I really don’t know the legalities of it since I’m not planning on handing the Hollows over to anyone. When the story is done, it is done.

  15. Coyote in a box

    Intense love for the maple candy. Oh, and FYI, you say that every time. *grins* I’d still like some! Please don’t bar me from it for that!

    • Hi Coyote! But this time it is the best I’ve ever made! I’m going to be hard pressed to keep any aside for you. We’ve gone through half a box already. Okay . . . I’ll hide the rest till you get here. And the buckeyes.

  16. Marsha

    You know that is really true. I have a few authors that I read religiously and occassionally I have been into one of their books and thought they were written by some one else. I think a lot of the pacing and character developement becomes sort of subconcious to the reader, but we somehow notice when it changes.

  17. Niko

    Totally jealous on the maple candy front! I’m craving some- I might have to make a batch when I get my next day off. 🙂

  18. David

    Concerning your writing rules: yes, rules serve a purpose, but my dad used to say, “Rules were made to be broken.” Have you ever heard that saying?
    David, Crystal River, FL

  19. Lisa

    I soooooo loved the first chapter. I can’t wait for the release YAY! I’m going to have to start my re-read soon (I read so much that I have to do that with every new release in a series so that I am wholely sucked back into the story). I so love all of these characters, and was extremely happy to see Trent looking yummy – and of course am happy to hear that he got written into the newest one too 🙂

    Thanks Kim so much for your great writing and the way you keep in touch with your fans, it means a lot!