Moving Forward

I didn’t get my expected 20 pages yesterday.  The 9 pages of dialog only came out to about 17, which was kind of shorter than usual, but I did get 7 new pages of dialog down for the next chapter so it sort of evened out.  I’m expecting 14 pages of text from it, and I seem to be making progress.  If I’m lucky, I’ll hit 200 by the end of the week, which will put me back where I want to be.  (UUURRGGGGG. . . .)

I’ve got this annoying song worm in my head that just won’t go away.  Bing Crosby and Doris Day singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”  I love duets that weave in and out and come together.  It doesn’t help that it’s, ah, cold outside.

OMGosh, I just saw a jogger go past my window wearing nothing but shoes, shorts, hat, a flimsy long-sleeved shirt, and a VERY pained expression.

Dude . . .


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  1. Alexis

    I never understood why people jog during the winter. Isn’t that what gyms are for? Lol.
    Maybe he want’s to feel like a bad ass, haha.

  2. Mel from OR

    That jogger must be related to my husband. He wears shorts and t-shirt all winter long. Oh and did I mention Chaco or Birkenstock sandals? When the temperature dips under 32 degrees he puts on a sweat shirt…. Oh yeah, he’s crazy. But I love him…. Besides he puts up with my multiple personalities…er…I mean all the characters in my book that sometimes speak out loud.
    Yeah for progress!!!! Glad things are moving along. It’s nice to see that even published authors sometimes have to push themselves forward.

  3. JanisHarrison

    Checking in from the library. My phone (and ‘puter) service are out until Friday at the least. Hellacious wind-and-rain storm over the weekend put the whole region in a muddy mess, the a local wind “vortex” created some havoc in our neighborhood. Power was out from 12:40 am to 8-ish pm on Tuesday (that’s 20 hours, folks.) Talk of the bird bath, feeders, etc., reminded me that a neighbor sets up a heat lamp near her hummingbird feeder when it gets cold. We have at least one pair of rubies who don’t migrate and she worries about them.

    February. Sigh…

    • Hi Janis. We still do not have phone service, out all week. I’ve been very patient because it’s not like my power is out, but this is getting ridiculous. Sorry about the computer. It’s sort of like missing your arm for a week.

  4. Jogging in the snow? In shorts? There was a time (long, long ago) when I jogged but never did I wear shorts in winter; I’d have looked like a blue and white candy cane!

    I am fascinated by your writing method of dialog first. Is it that the dialog grounds the characters for you? It does for me, often allowing them to fill a scene. Sometimes this helps me “see” what’s going on around them.

    • Hi Jeannie.
      I’ve been writing dialog first for years, and it’s what works best for me. I’m still surprised by what happens when I write, though. It never stays the same.

  5. NiNi

    If you have time for, or just NEED, a good laugh – check out the Will Farrell/John C Reilly parody of the David Bowie/Bing Crosby version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’. I always thought the original was very surreal, which makes this parody completely absurd (to say the least)! A song worm with a visual! A glow worm?


    Kim, your my jogger. I open my window to the drama box and see the blazing amount of work you produce and organization that has me committing one of the 7 deadly sins. You run in shorts, madam!

  7. Thank you so much for showing us how you write dialog, it works very well for me when I’m wanting to put some idea down on paper fast. Yesterday was definitely T/R day, I’ll have to rally the I/R fans to counter-attack : ) I hope your frog is OK, I’m worried about him.

    • I’m kind of worried about him, too, Marsha. I’m sure he’s fine. If the raccoon didn’t get him. I’m so glad you are finding something useful in my ramblings!

  8. Cathy

    There are still aftershocks on yesterdays blog…..
    i was busy at work and didn’t get a chance to read it. and today to my surprise there it was! i like Trent and i believe he is terrified of Miss Morgan. which makes it more exciting!!! Love Trent and i know Pale Demon will have a lot of him!!!! Can’t wait…maybe we will find out if there is a difference in “elf” intercourse. hum?

  9. AKR

    That’s funny …. =D
    So much that I felt compelled to post on your site ….. 🙂
    I was sitting in my colleague’s office, and listening to some Christmas music …. as our work day winds down ….

    “Baby it’s cold outside” … is one of my faves, and we were looking at the Glee version of the song …. (so it was funny that you should mention it) ….

    Sorry to say I’m in Trinidad**, and its anything BUT cold outside ….
    It’s the usual hot and today a little wet …. overcast but not too rainy ….

    I hope the writing keeps progressing nicely … because my sister and I are eagerly awaiting the rest of your series ….

    One of your two Trinidadian fans 🙂

    **Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    An island in the southern Caribbean, just north of South America …

  10. suzannelazear

    At least the song worm isn’t “We’re the pirates who don’t do anything…” (You gotta love the Veggie tales, lol, nothing like singing that under your breath at work).


  11. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    The jogger could’ve been the American version of me, lol. My plotting mate and I went for a 4 mile run in the rain. I was hyperactive and gave a very good argument as to why it woudl be healthy. By the end of it she called my bluff. lol.
    It was fun while it lasted…

    Good luck with your writing!


  12. Stephenie

    Jogging is no fun. I teach swim lessons that’s my form of working out and I get cold just looking outside!! Brrrrr! I can’t even imagine writing dialogue first. It is SO challenging to me. I think my fiction writing workshop really helped my dialogue. Has dialogue always come naturally to you? Or is it something that you work really hard at? Your dialogue is definitely some of the most natural “sounding” dialogue that I read.

    • Hi Stephenie. I can’t imagine not writing the dialog first, but since there are very few times that Rachel is entirely alone . . . it works for me. Dialog flows out for me, yes. It’s my favorite part.

  13. tish

    My song worm is ‘Forget you’ by Cee lo Green. :^) Although…I do like yours.

  14. Stef from Germany

    I just know the version with Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews (Baby it’s cold outside)

    I don’t get those people, jogging wheter it’s freezing, raining or hot as all hell.
    Oh.. on my last comment: No! I didn’t mean i want to see David with Rachel. I just would like to have him back in the story, i like him very much just the way he is. (and you made it very clear, that he refuses to have intercourse with anything other then weres or humans)

  15. Joelle

    Well that confirms it for me …… joggers are a bit crazy. 🙂
    I dream of the day when I work out 20 pages, or 17 pages or heck at the moment even 8 pages of writing in a day. The term -Song worm- stirs up a funny, funny visual in my mind.

    • I totally agree, Joelle. Nuts.

      As for the page count? That’s 8-10 hours at my desk you’re looking at, and two weeks of prep work that makes it go faster. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get there!

  16. Maryellen

    Re: song worm-

    At least it’s a good song. Mine are always something inane like the “Hot-Diggity-Dog” song from the Mickey Mouse Club.

    Re: Crazy dude with a pained expression-

    >> shakes head in wonder <<

    I hope you stay cozy and warm and have a lovely day, Miss Kim! 🙂

  17. Getting a song stuck in your head is absolutely no fun. I once got “Another Postcard (with chimpanzees)” from the Bare Naked Ladies stuck in my head for weeks! I couldn’t get that chorus out of my head. It was stuck on loop, and so was I. A friend told me that if you listen to the whole song then follow it up with something completely different, it will go away. The power of suggestion perhaps, but the theme song from Wonder Woman got me back on track and out of that vicious loop.

  18. Antonio

    KH: “OMGosh, I just saw a jogger go past my window wearing nothing but shoes, hat, a flimsy long-sleeved shirt, and a VERY pained expression….Dude…”

    He wasn’t wearing ANY PANTS?!

    That would give me a ‘pained expression.’

    News article this morning in USAToday: “A Wisconsin postal carrier said he wanted to cheer up a woman who seemed ‘stressed out,’ so he delivered her mail in the buff. In hindsight, he said that probably wasn’t such a good idea. He was arrested days later and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.”

    KH–was this guy you saw carrying a mail bag? Maybe the US Postal Service is trying something new this Christmas. “Same Day Holiday Delivery–No Pants!”

    • Antonio

      PS–I didn’t get a chance to comment on the replies to my post yesterday. Stephenie, Lisa, Robin, Val-OH, and my bud Alyssa…great, thoughtful opinions…well said. 😉

    • mudepoz

      ANTPNIO! *Yes, this was VERY close to my house. I wasn’t going to bring up what we had jogging around…*

    • Oh. No. That is awful. Though I have a few postal carries that I have been kind of leery of over the years. My suspicious nature getting the best of me. I think delivering mail gives you a weird outlook, maybe.

  19. mudepoz

    There is a point where “cold outside” doesn’t cover it. Nor, obviously, the clothes on your jogger!

    At some point, could you, if you have it, put a bit of your initial dialogue (from an older book) so we can compare it to the finished product? Is that presumptuous? I’d find it interesting to see that particular development.
    Thanks either way.