No birds

It’s been about three days, and no birds at my feeder!  I think they are all hunkered down from the cold.  Soon as we get into the 20s, I bet they will show up.  Bird bath is holding water really well, though, and it’s running.  😉

Work is going good and if I get the time, I should hit about 20 pages by nightfall.  I’ve got the dialog all written out, so now it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.  I’m not liking the previous chapter too much, but it’s rough draft.  I’m also thinking there isn’t enough Trent, and I might go back and see if I can’t work him in sooner. . . .


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  1. SeattleRobin

    The badge freebie looks neat! I dunno if anyone else mentioned it in comments a while back, but the Kindle ebook for Pale Demon is available for pre-order on Amazon. I clicked for my copy a week or so ago.

  2. Jenn

    Ok, we got more snow last night & are getting more today! It’s already up to my knees! I know that Saria got hit too which means so did Port Huron. How are you?
    No birds huh? Well my squirrels were out yesterday begging for peanuts! Hopefully your birds are not far behind.
    Happy Hump Day!

  3. Stef from Germany

    Am i the only one who doesn’t like Trent that much? Tzz.. less Trent, more David i say. : ) Ore a bit of David at all.. what about the pack tattoo?

    Found a woodpecker this morning, who fell out of a tree right infront of me. He didn’t fly away and just crawled up the next tree, didn’t look hurt though, so i stopped myself overreacting and didn’t try to catch him to bring him to the vet.
    I do have a feeder behind my apartment. : ) They normally need a few days to find / accept it.

  4. Hey Mrs. Harrison,

    *Alyss sighs at the idea of more Trent* The Trenties would be pleased.
    Is this the spot where we can put in some requests? 😉 I’d please like tons of R/I moments, a kiss would be nice, a bite even better, lots of Bis, some coffee, milk but no sugar and for you to disregard all of the above because what you can write is a hundred fold better than what I can come up with! 🙂
    Good luck with writing Mrs. Harrison! We’ve finally had rain here. It’s been so dry…

    Have a great day and happy writing as always,


  5. Shamika

    There is never enough Trent unless there is somehow a whole
    book all about him ; ) Besides of course Rachael he is my fav character along with Big Al. I cant wait for the sneak peak of Pale Demon to be out!!!

  6. Frenchie

    I will always agree with more Trent lol!!!

  7. Val-OH

    I love me some Trent but don’t forget about my main MAN Al! BWAHAHA!!

  8. Niko

    MORE TRENT! (Isn’t that always my rallying cry?) Anyway, how’s the frog?

    And p.s….. More Trent! 😉

    • Val-OH

      Yay, TRENT! But what about Al?! I love him.

    • Sue, Chicago

      Niko, You beat me to the question. I was wondering about the frog, as well! It has been pretty cold here in Chicago, and I assume it’s probably just as cold over there in Michigan, so I hope that the heater is keeping the frog nice and toasty!

    • 😉 I’ve not seen the frog for days. It’s too cold to poke his nose out. Brrrr.

  9. Amanda in Tampa

    I definately need more Trent! I loved any parts I read with Rachel and him in them from BMS. I usually read them multiple times and they make me smile. Sometimes it was confusing… like when he tried to kill Rachel in her backyard, but I can forgive as long as Rache can. They just need to get over pushing each other away and tell each other how they REALLY feel!!!! More TRENT!

  10. missy

    Trent is secretly in love with Rachel…..
    And the birdies just have to figure out the seed is there.
    It sometimes takes 2 to 3 days,then they’re all over.

    I always put out seed when its cold out .when it snows,I have postcard worthy shots on some amazing birds,and I live in nyc .

    • Hi MIssy. I wish it would only take three days for the birds around here to find my seed. It’s been up for six months, but they can find so much food naturally that it’s going to be deep winter before they come scarfing at my feeders. I did have a nuthatch at my suite, though. That felt pretty good.

  11. Stephenie

    😦 Poor birdies. My parents cat has gone missing; he’s indoor/outdoor and he’s really friendly. They were getting so many calls about him being at peoples houses they had to take his tag off. We’re pretty sure he’s living in someone’s house now since he’d come home every night before that and he was a farm cat before he came to us. He’s made of stern stuff! I’m sure he and Rex would get along!

    I’m excited for more Trent. I’ve missed him in the last books.

  12. Lisa

    I love some Trent, so please feel free to add as much of him as possible 🙂

  13. ARC

    More Trent! YES!

  14. Antonio

    I remember in the first book when Trent murdered Francis(car bomb) and the scientist Yolin Bates(bee venom, i think), and later when he tortured and murdered the lonely werewolf, Brett, for info he didn’t even have. Later, he tried to kill Rachel as well.

    Trent’s a great character…a great villian. But, I can’t help thinking he’s a lot worse than Nick as far as villian’s go in this series. Judging by his popularity in relation to Nick, I can’t help but be cynical in thinking Trent’s popularity with reader’s is mostly due to his being described as handsome, rich, famous…I wonder if Nick was described as ‘gorgeous and rich’ if readers would swoon over him as well. Let me ask you though–how do you see Trent as a character in relation to Nick? Is Trent a villian?

    Thanks 😎

    • Stephenie

      I disagree. I think that Trent’s popularity is due to his vulnerability and motives. Like Rachel he falls into a gray area; he does terrible things, but in the name of a good thing. He follows his own set of morals. At least for me his money has nothing to do with his appeal outside of it allowing him to run his empire.

    • Lisa

      While Trent has done his share of bad things I think deep down Trent has a good heart. He just doesn’t put up with any crap and is trying to keep his business secret. He’s different than Nick, Nick is driven by his selfishness and his desire to look out for number one. I don’t think it has anything to to do with money or desirability, I think it’s Trent’s personality and ability to care that makes us love him so!

    • Robin

      I always feel like Trent keeps his cards close to his chest letting very few see who he really is and is motivated by the big picture of feeling responsible for an entire species and how to do the most good working within a corrupted system. Nick acts like he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve but is insincere and is motivated by what’s best for Nick (please hit the k hard) and isn’t worried about whether or not the system is corrupt as long as it benefits him. Trent is willing to put his personal comfort behind what he’s sees as his duty. Nick’s personal comfort is what drives him as a person. Trent respects Racheal’s power, what she can do, her sense of right and wrong, even when he doesn’t agree with it, and finds it attractive (you know he does). Nick is threatened and envious and feels the need to one up her. (That’s how I feel but then again I already said I’m a Trent fan). 😉

    • Val-OH

      Hey, Antonio! In my opinion Nick is harder to forgive because he was in a actual relationship with Rachel they went on dates had sex even told each other that they loved one another… And for him to turn on her like that after sharing those things is just unforgivable to me. I really like Trent but I’ve actually been enjoying getting to know Al more and more as the books go on. You probably don’t get that at all! But there it is.

    • Antonio, as your mate, I urge you, don’t antagonize the Trent Fans. Though I’m not one of them, lol. 😉 I’ll have your back if they decide to riot.

    • Antonio, that sparked a lot of interesting debate. Thanks!

  15. Robin

    Also a devoted member of the Trent fan club. More Trent and sooner is a-okay with me too. Our weather has become seriously manic. Thanksgiving morning it was 0° and this last Sunday it was in the 50°s. My poor plants are so confused I’m afraid they’re not gonna tough it out this year.

  16. Maryellen

    I find that interesting- I usually begin with dialogue when I write as well. 🙂 Great minds and all….

    And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I’m reconsidering my bid for a Rachel-Al hook-up in favor of a Rachel-Trent go-around. But my heart will forever belong to the demon…is that so wrong??? 😉

    • Val-OH

      Maryellen I totally feel you on the whole Al thing! Trent was my #1 for a long time and Al just came out of the mist and drop kicked him into the #2 spot. What a MAAAN!

    • Maryellen

      EXACTLY!!! I think it might be the goat’s eyes…or the British accent….and after reading BMS (you know the part I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! 😉 oh yeah…

    • Hi Maryellen. I’ve been writing dialog first for a long time. It keeps me focused. Mmmm. Al and Rachel. Really? -grin-

  17. Sandra

    Glad it’s going well. By the way…. in my opinion, More Trent is Good Trent. By all means Trent away! Just Trent it right up. You’ll get no complaints from me. Happy writing!

  18. blackbetty

    There’s no such thing as too much Trent, so please add away!!
    Our gigantic dog pulled down my bird feeder and mangled it beyond repair, guess I should have hung it higher. Poor birds.

  19. Yasmin

    As long as you’re writing, I’m okay with whoever you’re writing about. I’m not a big Trent fan but the only male my BFF loves more is Jenks, so she’ll be happy.
    Hope you meet your goals today and your birds soon re-appear. 🙂

  20. Aine

    I’ve got to agree with that one wholeheartedly. There is no such thing as too much Trent. ❤

  21. Cristina

    That is so cool.There can never be enough Trent! Love him.:) Hee.