Last day to order for Christmas

Today is the last day to order for pre-Christmas delivery on the Pale Demon Tour shirts.  If you’ve ordered one already and haven’t gotten in, it’s probably because they are printed in batches upon demand, and most are being shipped out today or next week.  🙂  Info to order is at the website here.  Mailbox If you’re going to order by snail mail with a check, it would be helpful to email Guy so he can get your shirt into today’s print run in time for Christmas delivery.  This is the last printing before the end of the year.

I’m also very pleased to let you know that the freebies are in and are available for the price of a SAS2E. (Self-Addressed-2-stamp-Envelope.)  If you purchase a shirt, you get one of these in the package, but a SAS2E will get you one as well.  A standard business-size envelope will do, but please put TWO stamps on it.  The cord makes it oversize on the width.

I really like them this year, and as you can see, they are a replica of Rachel’s conference badge.  (The back side has the tour dates.)  In case you’re wondering, that is a cat in the corner, wearing shades and a witches hat–a good example of why I don’t draw anymore and stick to writing.  -laugh-

Just as a side note, we got hit with ice and several inches of snow and phone lines are down, but I’m snug and warm.  The dogs are not happy about snow being up to their chest, and I shuffled around the yard this morning to make paths to their favorite places out of the wind where they can sniff with minimal freeze-age.


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24 responses to “Last day to order for Christmas

  1. I can’t wear T-shirts, but I think the badge is really cute. So is the little cat on the badge. You can’t blame the hairy children, you did take two southern bells and put them in snow country. I’m sure they will adjust, and they will probably thrive in the summer.

  2. Yasmin

    We got the snowmobilers to make paths for our miniature horses and a good time was had by all.
    Glad you are doing well despite the fact that winter has hit.

  3. Dominique

    Can I just state that after having over 20 inches of snow fall this weekend (Twin Cities) and seeing my poor Bassett Hound trying to sniff his way to his “spot”, I will never again judge anyone else who caters to their pets in any way. My dog gave new meaning to the word “bottoming out” this past weekend. Shovel away, my friend.

  4. becca

    hey there kim
    loving the freebies,there fab!!!
    with being in the uk can i send a sae and put a international money order in for the stamp price,as i cant put our kinda stamps on the return envelope if not i can put a couple of $’s in instead,whats best hunn??
    love that you do that for the doggies so cute,my cats even pampered shes a house cat,wont climb any where even meows at you to pick her up to take her upstairs.!lol
    hugs and warm wishes

  5. Placed my tour shirt order when you first announced, Kim. Can’t wait to get it!

    You spoil your pets, shoveling them pathways.

    My old cat, Butch (so named because he was way too pretty and needed a tough name) used to love the snow. He would high step his way out the back door until he found a patch to sit and eat snow. Even though he was a pound kitty, he looked an awful lot like the Norwegian Forest cat.

  6. Niko

    Love the badge, Kim!

  7. Got my burning bunny pin the other day!
    Can’t bring myself to preread the Harper chapters – I have to wait for the entire book.
    Will there be a new charm for the bracelet to go along with the new book?

  8. Melody

    Ooh the furbaby snow path plowing. Always a good time! My dogs do their part as I’m shoveling by licking the little snow walls on either side of the path.

    I can’t wait for my tour shirt and freebie! But what I’m really hoping is that the Ohio weather and the baby in my belly cooperate so we can come see you, Miss Kim, in Cincy! If baby Abilyn comes on or before her due date we will be making the trip down to introduce her to the family that same week. February might just be my new favorite month!

  9. Judi in NJ

    Yipppeee!! I’m so excited!! Even more so since I’ve already ordered shirts and I don’t have to do anything extra!! (I would have – believe me – but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to) 😀

    Snuggle in and and take care in that crazy snow! Poor little poochie babes…nice day to stay in!

  10. Stef from Germany

    We had lots snow last week but now it’s just freezing and all the fluffy white stuff is gone. :-/ Unlike Aleix and Xander, my dog loves to jump around in the snow. He has a lot more fur to keep him warm though. : ) (he’s the one on the right)

    The freebies are nice. 🙂 It’ll get a special place in my book shelf next to my splat gun. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂 The cat looks cool!
    And now i’m just hoping that the shirts will arrive before christmas. 🙂 Shipping to germany takes at least a week. But i’m quite positive.

  11. Stephenie

    I love the freebies this year! I’m so glad I have something to look forward to with finals starting this week. Especially since I gave my boss the wrong schedule and now he’s going to go all frazzled-old-man on me and his little combover’s going to go awry! Post finals reading extravaganza!

    My dad used to go out into the yard and clear paths and big spaces for our beagle. She hated to walk in the snow. I always used to tell him he should take her hiking in a baby bjorn she was so much his child.

  12. Lisa

    send some of that snow my way. im in PA and my area just has a dusting.