Comfort and Joy

So I’m out doing a little shopping this weekend, and Guy and I found ourselves in a pet shop.  There are these little rawhide candy canes that are just the right size for Xander (Alexi doesn’t like them) and the only time I can find them is in early December, so I stock up for the entire year.  We slowly perused the shelves for stuff we really don’t need, mourn the loss of our fish tank, gone about a year now, and taunt ourselves with the idea of getting a canary.  (I breed them for a couple of years and we sort of miss them.)

So what did we walk out with?  A tin of Superworms for the frog overwintering in my pond, and a hermit crab heater to stick to the side of Mr. Fish’s tank.  Betas can survive the winter without heat, but they don’t enjoy it, and I’ve been looking for something to warm him up with for two years.  Oh, by the way.  Those candle warmers don’t work.  (rolls eyes)

Their comfort, my joy.  😉



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  1. JanisHarrison

    I just went looking for a paperback of Black Magic Sanction at THIRD PLACE BOOKS, my favorite indie bookstore here in the Seattle area. I was not comforted, nor filled with joy, to learn that the Mass Market p/b will not be out until January 20 of 2011 but that they are accepting pre-orders (sigh).

    No signing visit from Kim this year, no p/b of BMS ’til late January. Well, at least I’m on the first round to get a crack at Pale Demon thru the library.

  2. have to admit I wrap the presents for my dogs. They get the biggest kick out tearing into those packages. I can’t put them under the tree though because they can smell the goodies through the paper. The cats, not so much. I so glad your resident frog isn’t going to starve this winter.

  3. JanisHarrison

    I admit that I spend as much time thinking about Oliver-the-cat’s Christmas prezzy as I do about the ones for the human family members. (They’re easier–they all like gift cards!)

    Oliver came to us as a “stray” who selected us. We learned, his first C’mas with us, that he knows all about kitty stockings and prezzies in them. He kept fixing us with these Looks: “Aren’t you forgetting something? You’ve opened yours, now where’s mine?”

  4. mudepoz

    My betta’s have this terrible habit of giving me googly eyes when I’m at the computer. 2 sets of fish eyes, 3 sets of dog eyes, all with the very clear message:
    FEED US! We are all suckers.

  5. Sue, Chicago

    Isn’t it amazing how the pets of animal people live better than their people? Even your “adopted” wild frog gets special attention! I’ve got an adorable, white-eared squirrel that climbs the brick walls of my building and visits outside my window every day. I’ve taken to putting fruit and nuts out there for him. But I discovered last week that he’s a fickle creature. He came for his daily lunch, but brought with him a hunk of bread that someone else must have left him!

  6. becca

    hey there kim
    its still super cold here at the moment and the footways and roads are like ice rinks!!-9/-10’c today/night brrrrrr!! 😉
    you know i love you right kim…..well it looks like not so much…..ive tracked down a ARC of pale demon(yes drool!!!)and they want £71.95 plus £8.95 shipping yes thats pounds!!!!!!!love you hunn but wow could never afford that lol hummmm maybe i dont need that kidney after all hehehe…looks like youve made it big as an arthor then if ‘they’ charge a bomb for an ARC…..i can dream though
    hugs to you and yours
    warm and christmasy thoughts to you and all the gang

    *****oh and ho ho ho to all the fans love ya!*****


  7. Kneosha

    I have a little female betta and man has she got a personality! When i come up to the tank she starts wiggling and going bonkers until I feed her. When I got her I wasn’t even expecting to get her I just went into petsmart just to look around and when I walked by the betta shelf she looked right at me and started wiggling and looking just adorable so I got her tank and let it season for 24 hrs and then went and got her. Bettas do like it warmer, when I change her water I always make the water a little bit above room temp and she seems fine with that. I hope your frog makes it through winter!

  8. So I guess Mr. Frog knows he’s found a haven from Michigan winters, huh? Have Xander or Alexi discovered him yet? Is he going to find his way into Rachel Morgan’s world one day?
    I haven’t shopped for my kitties yet. I’m a last minute kind of shopper myself.

    • Getting him into the Hollows might be fun! That’s a great idea. The puppies haven’t found him yet since he’s outside the fence, but the raccoons have. It’s a very deep pond, so unless the coon goes swimming, he’s okay.

  9. Stephenie

    Awwww… Heaters are nice! We went shopping this weekend for Christmas collars, but the only thing we could find only had 4 sleigh bells on the collar. We ended up getting a stuffed Quail toy for our male GSD. We rescued a quail that had been hit by the car earlier this year and he really wanted to ka-chunk it 🙂 So we finally found a toy one he could!

    I love the Holidays!!

  10. Maryellen

    Hey there, Miss Kim!

    I know exactly what you mean. We just had new furniture delivered on Saturday which was exclusively purchased TO MATCH THE DOG. Yeah,…>sigh<…I know…

    I loved Friday's post, by the way. My husband and I are both writers/creative types who at times need to apologize for interrupting the conversations we are experiencing in our heads. That sounds so weird, I know, but I think other creatives can relate.—Or maybe its just us! 😉

    Have a lovely day, Kim!

  11. Niko

    Sounds like a good day for the pets!

  12. Joelle

    I can picture the frog swimming around and ribbiting all winter in ‘his’ pond.

  13. Yasmin

    Superworms? That’s almost scary. Like if you leave them in the pond too long they eat Mr. Frog.
    Enjoy your day!