December Snow

I try not to see omens, but it’s hard when I’m in rough draft mode and my mind is loosie goosie with jumping from thought to thought.  I’ve made no bones that I’ve missed the snow, and just because you’re in Michigan, it doesn’t follow you’re going to get any of the white stuff.  Today, though, I woke up to a dusting on the first of December.  Very peaceful.  And not enough that it needs to be shoveled.  That’s nice, too.  Winter wonderland?  Bring it on!

Frog update: He’s fine so far.  I saw him yesterday

Page count update: Got 27 pages in the last two days in the file cabinet.  If I keep this up, I’ll be one very happy camper.


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29 responses to “December Snow

  1. Jenn

    Morning Kim!
    We had snow falling yesterday morning, but today it’s actually still on the ground! I hope you’re enjoying your snow and so are the pups…

  2. Kim Harrison

    I just wanted to say thank you very much. Your books have inspired me to write one of my own, I’m half way done with the rough draft and as i’m sure you know. It’s a slow and grueling process, but very satisfying. I hope to soon join you in the ranks of published author’s and maybe even meet you some day. Congratulation’s on page 27, work hard, show no mercy! Lol.

    Thanks again,

  3. Mmmm – that does look peaceful.  I hear ya on not taking the white stuff for granted – you never know what the season will be like until it arrives, but it’s true that each one has its beauty.  Winter Wonderland has to be one of my favorite holiday songs.  *hands over steaming cup of hot cider*  Now that it’s wintery, your fountain reminds me a little bit of a snow man. Except he’s all warm and cozy when it’s cold outside.  I love that feeling. Have a good one, Kim.

  4. NickinColoma

    Ms. Kim—-Long time no talk. Oh well we all get busy. Love the new T’s got one on order. Yes it is snowing good in Grand Rapids. May get up to 5in. Stay Warm—–NickinColoma

  5. Tami

    Its pretty here in Cape Canaveral!We are still wearing shorts,grin!

  6. JanisHarrison

    We had snow the Monday before Thanksgiving. Temps went DOWN from freezing for a couple of days, and Seattle was a miserable place to be. Our new mayor and his cadre did their best to keep the streets safe and open, and I think were pretty successful. Three days is about my max for the stuff, and I was so happy to see things start thawing Wednesday night. By Friday it was all gone, and I was glad. Snow belongs on the ski slopes and up in the mountains, not on Seattle’s hilly streets!

  7. Marisa

    It’s snowing in Ohio as well! I won’t lie I’m pretty excited.

    I like vampyre’s name idea, may I suggest Rana (meaning frog in spanish) or Umbridge (frog face from Harry Potter)?

  8. mudepoz

    Everyone gets so excited about the first snow. Which gets covered with carbon, makes it difficult to collect branches for classes, and for puppies to get housebroken. 27 pages. *Swoon*

  9. It is snowing here in Dayton, Ohio also…very peaceful…I need a good book to read while I am waiting for your next book…any suggestions?

    • Mmmm, I’ve got a page of my favorite authors on my website at the links page, but Mario Acevedo just came out with the second in his series, WEREWOLF SMACK DOWN. Urban fantasy from a guy’s POV.

  10. Maryellen

    Hey Miss Kim–what’s all that white stuff on the ground??? I’m a Florida gal – we don’t know from that here! 😉

    Congrats on adding 27 (!) pages to the file cabinet. Keep writing. little camper!

    And BTW, do you REALLY have to end the series? Why can’t it just go on and on? Are you getting tired of it or is it due to contractual agreements? Just curious… Have a great day! 🙂

    • Thanks, Maryellen. I was sore by the time I pushed back from my desk last night. And yes, I need to end it. I want to stretch my writing muscles, and the Hollows is set as far as style and pace. I need to get out, at least for a book or two. Trust me, my editor would love for me to agree to more, and that she’s not pushing me into it makes me like her even more. There is nothing uglier than a series that should have ended three books ago and didn’t.

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    Careful what you wish for. I like to visit snow then go home. It’s nice for about 3 days then it’s time to go.

    Glad to hear the frog is doing OK and your work is going well. I got my new paneling up yesterday. Thanks to my brother-in-law. Today we go carpet shopping. I’m thinking brownish. The mess TYPO makes wont show so much.

    We need an unofficial name the frog contest. I’ll start with Jayne after the character from Firefly. He was always froggie for a fight and often leaped before he looked.


    • Vampyre

      …or if not Jayne, Little Al?


    • Maryellen

      I like this idea, Vampyre! Little Al it is!

    • JanisHarrison

      We just got new carpeting, it’s a color I’d describe as White-bread Toast, with a subtle coloration change making little open squares. Be sure to get CLOSED CELL underpadding, which will not permit moisture to penetrate to the flooring underneath. And get yourself one of those mini shampooers and a jug of pet boo-boo enzymes, so you won’t worry so much about Typo’s boo-boos.

    • Hi Vampy. I work from home, so I love it. 😉

      Congrats on the new paneling! I bet it feels good.

  12. West

    Snow is such a beautiful thing. We hardly ever get snow here in Louisiana. Good thing too. Southerners really don’t know how to act or drive in the snow. I’m glad to hear your “guest” is still doing.

  13. Niko

    It’s snowing in Cinci, too- I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it *is* December.