Need less slow, more steady

I’m working on rough draft today.  My grand total of new November material looks like it’s going to be about sixty-eighty pages.  That’s not where I wanted to be by now, but I had a lot of PR and a few personal issues crop up that slowed me way down.  Not to mention the first ten days were lost to a quick rewrite to book ten, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I don’t expect my pace to get any faster for a while, but if I can work smarter, stay focused, I should be able to get back on track.  A month of solid writing with no interruptions will get me far.  (Dreamer, I’m a dreamer.  Something is going to show up.  I’m expecting two things, actually, so I’m a hopeless dreamer.  -laugh-)  But the ideas I’m working with are exciting, and the plot is solidifying.  It’s been harder this time because I am constantly thinking forward to the last (?) book, making sure I have everything in line and haven’t painted myself into a corner.

Oh, crap, it’s December tomorrow.  How did we get there so fast?


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  1. kate

    Good Morning, Ms. Harrison, I actually just discovered your series. I just finished book one and about to start book 2 as soon as I log off. I am looking forward to the read. I am hooked on Laurel K Hamilton’s series and I see myself becoming hooked on yours. I am very thankful for writers like yourself, you keep my imagination going and that is a gift all in itself. Yes and I agree November flew by and it is Dec. 1st with snow on the ground out here in Indiana. I do want to tell you that I appreciate your work and Happy Holidays 🙂 !!!

  2. Dreaming is never hopeless – anything is possible… 🙂

    That is such a great chair, but the way – I love the detail in the woodwork on the legs and the back. Those are some chill baseboards too, by the way!

    How exciting that you’re weaving the threads for the last two books! Wishing you a productive writing day and lots of focusing energy.

  3. Shelene

    The dreamer line…kind of reminds me of Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. That’s what I’m kind of thinking of when you talk about beginning on the rewrite of a new book.

  4. mudepoz

    Santa, I want one of each:)
    Happy Hanukkah everyone reading this on Wed.

  5. Heya Kim, didn’t you say something about Freebies at the end of November? 😉 I want to place an order soon! hehe. Here it’s snowing and marvelously white and quiet and peaceful – i love it!
    Have a great week!
    amy aka aimee from germany

  6. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    🙂 I would love to know where November went. I can’t believe that it’s the end of the year. And, I have been working for three months now. Time flew by, which means that I’m having fun… Right? lol.
    I read yesterday’s post today as well and I have to say, the chair is lovely! Well done! I’ve always found it very satisfying to see things come together, and having my finished project standing in front of me.

    Have a great day ma’am and happy writing, I hope that things are well on your end and with your family.


  7. Marsha

    How in the world will you deal with having written the last book in the series while we are just getting into Book 10 or 11? I think I would have a very,very hard time not spilling the beans about something. I hope you will let us in on your next venue when you get there. There has to be another one doesn’t there? I can’t imagine you not writing at all.

    • Hi Marsha. I’m kind of used to it by now, but if you ever see me at a signing, and I get a spacey look during the Q&A, that’s me trying to remember if I’m giving anything away. I gave a big one away last year, but no one at the signing recognized it. Phew!

  8. Stephenie

    Last book is such an ugly phrase… just keep writing. I would sorely miss the Hollows. Use other four letter describing words such as: next, best, test… and so forth. 😀

    Well, I’ll try not to become extremely saddened, so instead I’ll go make some food and hope the gas burners will warm me up since the powers off and we have no heat. It would have been nice if our neighbors tree had come down when they said it was… a week ago.

    • Hi Stephenie. Stories were meant to have an end. If they didn’t, I’d still be writing the Truth books, and as much as I liked those characters, if I hadn’t stopped, the Hollows would never have been written. I am not afraid of endings.

      Hope you have heat soon!

  9. becca

    hey kim
    long time no howde,well lots happening new job…plz dont laugh but iam a dinner lady at my two boy’s school at the moment they think its so cool(yes bliss isnt it 6yr old and 3 yr old)just wait untill there older ;-),lots of birthdays in the family and my boys friends partys!!a few deaths i must say,one hit the hubby hard was his grandad(dad side) very sudden no warnings and the other was his nan(mum side)kinda of expected but still sad.and we have lots of SNOW!!!!woooohooooo yup snow in the uk and its not december yet its great.
    have you and ‘guy’ had snow yet?
    do you have a offical release date for PD?oh and any word on when and how we can get the freebies this year.
    toodles kim

    becca in the snowy uk

    • Hi Becca.
      Congrats on the new job! You get to watch kids in their natural environment, how cool is that?

      Mmmm, snow in the UK? Wonky weather.

      PALE DEMON is scheduled for the 22 in the US, so maybe a month after that? I’m not really sure now, because Eos has merged with Harper Voyager in the UK, which might mean nothing, or it might mean a more timely release . . . I’ll let you know when I do.

      Freebies are on their way here as I write this. Slow. . . .

  10. Antonio

    “Dreamer…you know you are a dreamer…Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!” (Supertramp) 🙄

    I asked you last year, when you were visiting Dayton, if you were preparing for the end of the series…if you had goals and wishes for the characters and storylines, and if you prepare for it in the same manner as you do when you sit down and plan out a new book. You said “no” you hadn’t done that(yet). When you say your writing with one eye on the end, do you mean that you “do” have a firm idea of where you are going…or is it about where you “don’t” want to go? Or, is it that you are so close to the end, that everything you write portends future endings/climaxes where before there was always a door to a new future, new possibilities? That must be difficult, especially when there are so many characters in a long-running series. Be good… 😎

    • Hi Antonio.

      See, that’s a two-fold question for me. I have definite ideas for the plot, but the characters are a different story. I’m not so sure about them. Now that I’m reaching the end, the character endings are firming up. It won’t be hard for me until I write the last page. Then I’ll cry.

  11. Yasmin

    Time flies when the hungry readers are snapping at your heels?
    I refuse to whine…I’m just re-reading and MAYBE branching out, though what can equal the fascination of “living” vampires I do not know.
    Work well and wisely

  12. I’m sure it will all come together beautifully. My husband and I can’t wait for Pale Demon to come out in Feb, we’ve read all your other books and are saddened to hear that you may end the series at book 10?

    • Stef from Germany

      Oh god, no! As far as i know.. there will be 13 – 14 books.
      I would be sad if there were just two more books to read. 🙂

    • JanisHarrison

      I think it’s 12 or possibly 13 books, Kate. Black Magic Sanction is #9, Pale Demon is #10 (coming out Feb ’11) and Kim is beginning to write #11, I think — not including the Graphic Novel, which is Blood-something, I think. It won’t be out for a while, but it’s “in the can.”

    • Val-OH

      I thought she just finished up #11 and is now working on #12 (which she has implied there is a new love interest).

    • Thanks, Katie! I love hearing about husband/wife teams both enjoying the books. But I’m not near done yet. I’m looking at 12 or 13 to end the series, so there will be a few more coming. It just feels close to me because I’m writing rough draft of 11 this month.

  13. Niko

    I’m sure it will turn out just as wonderful as all the rest. And if you want to dedicate a full 200 pages to Trent, well, I won’t complain… 😉