Pale Demon Tour T’s!

The Tour T’s are in! This year, they are based on a petroglyph that Guy and I “found” at the ancient village in the Petrified Forest while researching the book. It struck me enough that it figured into the story itself. (Seriously, how could a bird eating a man not get a writer’s imagination going?)

So here it is, available until February 14th, 2011. Cut off for orders will be that day.

Wearing one to a signing gets you into a “family photo” at the bookstore and bragging rights. We only make these available until the tour, and then they are gone, which makes them extremely limited. And they are pretty cool conversation starters at the office, too. The dates listed are not necessarily accurate in this picture, so do check out the event’s page to see if I’m coming near you.

We like to make the shirts available for the holiday gift giving season, but we can’t guarantee Christmas delivery. (If you PayPal before the 15th, chances are really good.) Guy worked hard to bring the price down from last year despite rising shipping costs. We’ve tried to make it simple, and all prices include shipping. (Priority mail shipping in US and Canada.) Here’s the details:
Unisex size. (I wear a med to large)
Size          USA and Canada       All other International
SM-XLG        $19.20                               $24.41
2XL                 $21.20                               $26.41
3XL                 $23.20                              $28.41
4XL                 $25.20                              $30.41
5XL                 $27.20                              $32.41

Sorry, no discounts on multiple shirt purchases since they will be going out in individual packages. (Trust me, it’s cheaper this way. Weird but true.) These are printed upon your order, so please allow for extra time at the printers. So, to order your Pale Demon Tour T . . . THREE THINGS WE MUST HAVE.

1: PayPal the correct amount to Guy at

2: Tell him the sizes you want in the notes area at PayPal. PLEASE!!! I’m begging you to not forget this. If you do not tell us, you will get whatever size Guy thinks you are. (And he’s not good at guessing.)

3: Make sure your name and address are correct at PayPal. We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.

4: Any questions at all, email Guy, and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email. I don’t want to listen to him complain about John Smith having one name for his address, going by ThunderGod on his regular email, and TwoCute for his PayPal. It makes for a very stressful day trying to match them up.

5: You can snail mail monies in as well, but I suggest you don’t wait until last minute, especially if you want it for Christmas:

There it is! If you have any questions, email Guy at

JoBeth, Charlotte, NC, 2010


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36 responses to “Pale Demon Tour T’s!

  1. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,
    I just had the oddest dream. I was in San Fran siting across a table from you but a different you . We were talking about some movie.

    I said something like I’ve been waiting to see it and decided to wait until I was in San Fran. For some reason only dream logic knows, we pinky swore to go see it together.

    How silly is that?


  2. Cool t-shirts, Kim! Hey – that could be a Hall and Oats band t! 😉

    How cool to hear you went to the Petrified Forest to research the book! That has totally got my curiosity stirring… Was it research, like to see/smell/feel a place where a scene will take place in PD? (It totally reminds me of how you’ve described the ever after!) Or is there something about the history or geology of the place that has a significance to the book?

  3. Elaine

    Kim! I’ll probably send my payment through the ol’ snail mail. Would you prefer Check or Cash? 🙂

  4. Mudepoz

    Absolutely apropos of nothing other than a very early Clint Eastwood and Mr. Ed 🙂

  5. Hello Ma’am,

    Two thumbs up from South Africa! Very nice. 🙂 I like the bird eating the man, lol. Something in the line of: Take that you nasty beasty… lol.

    Have a super day!


  6. Oooh! Pretty shirt! Love the graphics. And I see that you’re doing a book stop in Tuscon? How exciting – I need to double check your tour dates, then convince hubby that we need a weekend trip.

  7. mudepoz

    *I* like it! Much harder to get dirty when it is already dirt colored. *Tap* ordered.

    *Back to worm races.* Oh, yes, really. Even on FB:)

  8. Lody

    Hiii love the shirts! Def gonna have to get one! Do you have anything coming out like the key last year? That was so cool 🙂

  9. Judi in NJ

    EEEEEeeeiiiii! The shirts are hot!!! Yayay!!! Super excited and going to order mine now!! WoooHooo and a wooty woot!

  10. JanisHarrison

    So exciting! And I want to know all the whys about that image! Unfortunately the Dental Grinch put a kink in my discretionary spending (for a couple of months!) so I think I’ll just satisfy myself with a Burning Bunny pin…

  11. Marcie

    Those are cool! I love that you used tan instead of black. The bird eating the man is definitely a conversation starter. i think my husband would love it, although he’s never read any of the books. He just like unusual things. Wonder what that says about me? lol

    I’m also getting ready to send you one of my books BMC for you to sign. I figure I might get it back prior to Christmas.

    • Hi Marcie. Thanks! It was a tough break from the black, but the tan/green worked better with the feel of the stone we were going for. I’ll be looking for your book.

  12. Staci

    Ordered and VERY excited. Can’t wait for the book now so I can ship it to you for signing. I’m getting quite a collection of your signatures, and proud of every one of them.

  13. Stephenie

    I LOVE the shirts!! I like that the shirts are always a teaser to the book, and I get excited to read and find out what in the world the shirt has to do with book. And I so forgot that yesterday was Monday!! I missed the Madison cover! I think it’s a really interesting change from the first two. I still need to read Early To Death, Early To Rise… Maybe the library has a copy.

    I wonder if I can convince my rental-units to buy me the shirt for X-mas… my original short list keeps getting longer… ah the wonders of college.

    • Stephenie

      lmao…. Well, I’m glad I love this shirt so much!! I looked at the larger picture and found that the Iowa abbreviation is IO instead of IA… which is a common mistake… but living in the former capital of the state I should get lots of comments! More oppourtunites to evangelize the Gospel of Kim! lol

    • OMGosh, Stephenie. It’s even wrong on the real shirt. (rolls eyes) It is, what it is . . .

  14. Indy

    Love ’em!!! Plus, I also like the fact that they are not black. My closet has way too many black & gray t-shirts in it. :)~Indy

  15. Niko

    Whoo! I’m off to order mine now!

  16. Jenn

    Squee! They look great! Can I guess who’s being eaten? Let’s see…it’s gotta be Nick & a curse that Rachel created that went somewhat awry? Or Al just got really pissed off at the witches counsel & it’s one of the members being eaten?