No shirts, but lookie what I found!

Guy has the PALE DEMON TOUR shirts, and they are fabulous!  I really like them this year, but I say

that every year . . .  (grin)  I’m not going to show you until Guy is ready to process the orders, because people are getting snarky about their shipments, and he is just not finding the time to get these things out the door like he used to.  (We aren’t caffe press.  Everything goes through my front door twice, once in, once out.)

But  . . . while I was looking around in the background of my drama box, I found a link to Literary Escapism who had the cover for the next Madison book, SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES!  Isn’t she beautiful?  I knew they were going to do something different for the cover this time, but I hadn’t actually seen it until late Friday.  Shiny!


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32 responses to “No shirts, but lookie what I found!

  1. Jenn

    Woohoo! Very shiny & nifty & just plain beautiful! *grin* It looks absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Hopefully from your hands in Toronto???

  2. Wow! That just might be my new favorite bookcover of yours [which is (was?) the German edition of the Truth series…maybe tied with the Pale Demon cover]!
    I don’t think I’ve mentioned this to you before, but I love the title you chose! The movie version of the book you reference scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid! I’ve got to read the Bradbury story… 🙂
    Please send a tip o’ the hat to Guy. …It’s fun to swear in Brittish (dodgy wanker!!, etc)…so maybe he can blow off some steam like that. 🙂 Seriously, that sucks that people are getting snarky.
    Have a good one!

  3. JanisHarrison

    I know the Madison Avery series is classified YA, but I may just have to get into them also…That is one gorgeous face, the expression is wonderful!

  4. Jer

    GREAT COVER!!! Can’t wait. Thanks for ALL your time and patience! We really LOVE writing and responding with you.

    Just a side note, I have been voting for you. The Hollows Series is number #1 on re-reads!! You are close to #2 on favorite vampire author!!
    Vote for your favorite vampire author…
    Vote for series worth re-reading…


  5. Marcie

    Awesome book cover and I can’t wait to read it. Sounds like a lot of work for you two, but we really appreciate the time you take for us. Looking forward to seeing both shirts.

    So when does the preview into Pale demon come out. I’m so ready to read the teaser. 🙂

  6. Indy

    Beautiful!!! The question is, did you manage to find tan paperclips for your next book? I’m a color-coder myself, so I know how important that is. 🙂 ~Indy

    PS – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Judi in NJ

    Gorgeous cover!!!

    And WHO dares get snarky with “Guy”???? <<Thumbing my nose & bobbing & weaving<< Kids: leave this man alone – we are lucky he & Kim go through the trouble for US each year. Count your blessings, chickies….something else to be grateful for on this site.

  8. mudepoz

    She does look more mature. It matures her attitude. Dying must suck.
    I’m really looking forward to the book.

  9. CrystalG

    Hey Kim,
    When is the new Madison book coming out? Can’t wait for next year to come.

  10. suzannelazear

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my crazy questions. 🙂
    I am having book two angst, lol.

    I *love* the Madison cover. Beautiful! (I hope the cover fairy is as nice to me as she is to you, lol).

    I can’t wait to see this years shirts. When diging out the winter coats I found my 2008 shirt, the one I grometted and studded and punked up for when I saw you at BEA in Los Angeles, lol.

    • -nods- I had book two and some of book three written before I ever got a contract, so I sort of skipped that, but it is an anxious time.

      I’m glad you like the cover. Thanks!

  11. Antonio

    😈 I wish you guys did sweatshirts/hooded sweatshirts. T-Shirts are hidden underneath warmer clothes this time of year. What i REALLY want is bookmarkers and MAGNETS–that graphic novel pic of IVY taking her helmet off, for instance.

    Can i guess the title of Bk10?

    ‘Le Streghe'(The Witches)(1967) is probably too perfect. It was a Dino De Laurentiis picture…’Where Eagles Dare’ could be ‘Where Demons Dare’…’Everafter’ sounds similiar to ‘EverAfter’…’Coogan’s Bluff’ could be ‘Demon’s Bluff’…’Million Dollar Baby’ could be ‘Million Dollar Witch’…’Escape From Alcatraz’ is too spot on I suppose…There are so many great titles you wouldn’t have to change: ‘The Dead Pool’…’Unforgiven’…’In the Line of Fire’…’Absolute Power’…I’m going to go with my two favorite guesses:

    ‘Changeling’…becomes “Demon Changeling’.
    ‘Where Eagles Dare’…could be ‘Where Witches Dare’.

    Whataya think? Did I even come close? 😆

    • JanisHarrison

      Terrific creativity, Antonio. I don’t go to many movies…are those also Clint Eastwood titles?

    • Antonio

      Thanks JH. Yep, those are all CEastwood titles…his movies are on AMC seemingly every weekend(grin).

    • Hi Antonio. Sorry. We’re kind of going for the Band t-shirt look, so it’s short sleeves and thin fabric. But yes, I see your point.

      Nice picks for the title. I’m not saying if you’re close or not. -grin-

  12. Staci

    Any clue/hint on the t-shirt release? I love all of my shirts from the Hollows!!

  13. Niko

    Love the pic! I’m planning to read #2 once I’m done with exams in a few weeks- hello graduation!

  14. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I was just about to ask about the next MA book. That cover looks great. I think she looks a little older, more mature and confident. Looking forward to reading it.

    Right now I’m reading the “Fire and Ice” series by George R .R. Martine. The first book, “Game of Thrones” is going to be made into a series for HBO. Each book is epic in content and length. They’re very good.

    I had an incident with my plumbing few weeks ago. As a result, I’m getting new carpet wall panels and base boards. Weee!


  15. Marsha

    Yes she is very beautiful. The photographer captured a somewhat wicked look this time.