Chapter one, page one

This new book’s file color is a tan/brown sort of a shade.  I wasn’t able to get into the store to find brown paperclips, so I’m using yellow.  I’m the queen of procrastination, but I refuse to put off actually writing because I lack the proper paperclip.  Now, mind you, if I go shopping this weekend and find brown paperclips, you can be sure I’m going to switch them out.  (It’s like a sickness, I tell you.)

First chapter is in the fire-proof safe, and I’m on to the second today.  This book feels different than the last couple.  Rachel is happy, and though she generally is, there’s no one gunning for her this time, and she can relax and take the offensive.  It’s a different kind of writing, and I’ve been enjoying it.

Guy is off getting the tour t’s, and though I’ve not seen them, he tells me they are fricken amazing.  We managed to get the price down a bit by going with one ink color and very basic shipping, so I hope they are in the range of more of you out there.  I’m looking to put them up for purchase on Monday, but we’ll see . . .



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35 responses to “Chapter one, page one

  1. Judi in NJ

    yyiiippppeeee! Tour t’s!!! Go “Guy” Go!!! Have a great weekend! Wooty!

  2. JanisHarrison

    Seattle’s library system has just debuted a new online catalog (and client services) system. While stumbling around in it (the format is WAY different) I looked up your name of course, and discovered that SPL has Pale Demon on order already, and that I could place a “hold.” I’m #13 on the list! I’ll be able to read it possibly before the end of March! Yayyyy!

  3. I can’t imagine finding paper clips in all those colors. Maybe on line somewhere, but not down here for sure. Since Book 12 is probably the last one, I’m getting both excited and scared. I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy.

  4. Stef from Germany

    T-shirts. : ) I hope that i’ll be able to get one this year. I guess my sister wants a shirt too, soo we would at least order two. ^^
    If you don’t do international orders.. we’ll just keep up creating our own hollows fan shirts. XD
    Anyway.. yeah! shirts!

    • Hi Stef. We do international orders all the time! Except there’s this one guy I think Guy is going to stop shipping to. He is always mean to him, as if that will speed things up. Every. Single. Time.

  5. mudepoz

    Yes, T-Shirts! Just in the nick of time, my last one is covered in coffee. Oh. Wait.
    Never mind.

    A fire proof safe?
    Mud, in the city the mouse build. Oddly, it’s in the high 70’s, sunny, and NO humudity. 😉

  6. Stephenie

    Oh! Exciting! My favorite time of year is hearing about how you’re oon the next-next-next book! And I love your organizing techniques. I just had a meeting with my writing teacher and we discussed ways to organize my rather chaotic writing style. If I could have a modicum of your planning skill I’d be in much better shape.

    I can’t wait to see the tour t-shirts either! I will definitely be getting one since I am definitely coming out to see you this Spring. I’m ridiculously excited about shirts and freebies and such.

  7. Amanda in Tampa

    So I am confused is this book 10 or 11???

    • Stephenie

      This next book she’s just started should be book 11 if I can count (which is up for debate)

      Pale Demon-9
      2012 Book-10
      2013 Book-11

    • Amanda in Tampa

      got it! so we don’t have a name for book 10 either? I think that is why I was confused. I thought we were talking about book ten and I was worried I would have to wait till 2013 for it!!!!

    • This one is book eleven. I’ve got a name for ten, now, but am not ready to share it. 😉

  8. Maryellen

    Please excuse my ignorance, Miss Kim. But when you say the chapter is in the fire-proof safe, do you mean it’s in actual paper form or on a flash drive? I’ve always been curious how the pros manage the manuscripts.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Maryellen. Actually, it’s in a fire-proof file cabinet where I keep a paper copy of my contracts, my notes for every book, and every manuscript that my editor hasn’t seen or I’m still working on. I also back up my computer files on an external hard drive every night and shove that in the cabinet, too. And even with all that, I lose work about once a year or so because of my own stupidity, but it’s a day’s work, not a week’s or month’s, or year’s.

      I have a friend who emails her work to herself every night so that there’s a copy of it in someone else’s system. I don’t think she uses paper and ink as much as I do. It’s all a personal decision.

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Tour T’s? First time I saw that I thought tortillas! I must be hungry.

    If you can’t find the brown paper clips, you could just buy some brown spray paint and make your own. If you do, I want to see pictures.


    PS Have a great weekend…painting those paper clips. Oh bake them in the oven to dry them faster. 🙂

  10. suzannelazear

    May I ask some random writing questions? (I know every house will probably have different ways of doing things but inquiring nurotic writers want to knwo…)

    How much time do you usualy get to edit after you get your editorial letter? How much time to you have do do the copy edits? About how long does this all take for you?

    Do you have much time between one book being due and them wanting to see part of the next or now do they just assume it’s all fab and not ask for sneek peekies…

    Do you think I can find a plot in the bottom of a pecan pie? Okay, maybe not ~grin~

    ~The over-caffinated Suzanne

    PS, BTW, yesterday the tot bought “Dick and Jane and Vampires.” Seriously. It’s just what it sounds like, a book in the style of “Dick and Jane” with a Vampire added to the plot. A good way to ensure that kids grow up to read paranormal, lol.

    • Hi Suzanne.
      How much time to I get to edit. . . . It has varied over the years. For normal edits, I use to get four to six weeks. Once I had three weeks, and it came with a box of chocolate as a bribe. (grin) Lately, I get four weeks to several months depending. I’ve never had to ask for an extension on time, and I’ve never turned in a manuscript late, and I think that figures into their decision. (I hate being rushed, and I will work like the devil herself to avoid it.)
      Copy edits are different, and I usually get a week or two on depending upon the book schedule.

      I’ve had three editors from three different publishing houses, and none of them have ever asked for a sneak peek of what I’m working on next apart from a synopsis of the proposed work occasionally. They usually asked for that before the contracts were signed. I like giving my editor a story she hasn’t seen before so I know if all my hints and herrings are effective.

      Very cool on the Dick and Jane book!

  11. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Sorry I didn’t get over to comment yesterday, I was a sickie lol. Thank you so much for posting the link to your writing style. I’m going to go through this weekend & hopefully it will help me get more organized. So, thanks!

  12. jenn t

    cant wait to see them just a quick ? when will you be putting up the first chapter? i have been freaking out wanting to read it everyday i check to make sure you havnt snuck it in there on me

  13. Niko

    *jumps up and down in excitement* YAY!

  14. JCinBama

    Hi Kim,

    This is my first post in your comment section and I was wondering, and you may have answered this before and I missed it, but why do you color-coordinate file folders and paperclips together? Superstition, force of habit, or something like that?

    • Hi JCinBama. Not superstition, no. I like color and texture, and I can’t be creative with them much while working on the computer, so I go a little overboard with the color coding, I’m afraid. It does help me organize and find stuff I’ve flied though. I used to even organize my sticky note colors, but not so much anymore since I’m generally only working on one book at a time now, but when I had three going, it helped me keep tabs on everything.

  15. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    OOoo, tour T’s! Can’t wait to see ’em. Have a great weekend.

    • I can’t wait to show you, Mendi! Maybe tomorrow. I have to wait until Guy is comfortable he can start to process them, and I have a list of gottas for him today as long as my arm.