Last day for costume photos

Tomorrow is the cut off to enter your photos for a chance to win one of the nine ARCs of PALE DEMON.  We have ‘finally’ caught up on the  back load, so if you sent your photo in and it’s not up, send it again.  (unless you sent it yesterday)  Keep in mind that if you failed to tell me what category, it might be in one you didn’t expect.

We had an amazing 400+ entries this year, and I’m going to have fun this weekend trying to pick my favorites.  I need to give a huge burning bunny Kiss-Kiss to everyone who resized their photos for me.  Thanks, guys!  You’re the best!

Winners announced on Monday!


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25 responses to “Last day for costume photos

  1. Jenn

    I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to enter the contests this year. But it looks like you had some amazing enteries to pick through!
    I hope you had a great weekend. lol I got bit by the story bug & spent mine doing research & an outline! Now if I can just get unstuck we’d be all good.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Val-OH

    Aaaaah!! I want to win soo freakin’ BAD!

  3. Liz

    I completely agree Caitlin! It’s worth the drive. I’m driving to Sacramento on 3/10… told my hubby if he had to go into work for any reason and can’t watch our son I’m getting a babysitter for the day. He asked if I was really going to drive all the way to Sacramento (2 1/2 hr drive) on the off chance that I’ll actually get through the line of people to get a book signed by an author. I said heck yeah… it’s not just any author, it’s Kim Harrison… my favorite author and I’ll get my book signed because I’ll be one of the first people in line 😉

    • Caitlin

      I love it!! I’m actually getting a few of my girlfriends together and we’re turning it into an old fashioned road trip. I need to find out what time she is going to be there because I want to make some stops along the way and maybe hit up a few other places in Cincy while I’m there. The drive to Lexington would be shorter for me but then I thought why not just go to Cincinnati and maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of Jinx or Rachael somewhere. lol And there’s probably a bunch of others thinking the same thing, so it will probably be very crowded 😦

    • Hi Liz. I’ve never turned anyone away, though there have been times when I’ve had to limit the personalizations. Hope to see you there!

  4. crap i just realized i sent it to mlharrison and not to vampcharms… yeah well it was worth a try haha. good luck to everyone else!

  5. Amanda in Tampa

    I am so excited about Pale Demon!!!! I can’t wait until the first chapter is available to read. I am currently re-reading BMS… love it!!!!

  6. Tracy

    Hi! I’m a big fan. I only found your books about a month ago but I’ve already read all of the hollows books. My family has missed me.

    On the Pale Demon book page it says you’re going to post the first chapter late 2010. Well, I was thinking…it’s getting late in 2010…maybe you could do me a solid and post that? Or, if you think I’m being too pushy or that it’ll be too time consuming, you could always just send me the arc directly. I’m not picky. A simple signature and a personalized, hand drawn pixie should be fine. Ya know. Whichever.

    Really happy to have found your work. It might not match my humor exactly, but I can identify with it. It resonates with me. Thank you for hours of happy reading.

  7. Mel from OR

    Thanks Kim for your advice the other day. It was very helpful and provided insight into the whole process. I’m very new at this and I’m always wondering if I’m doing this right. I have to say, I’m incredibly impressed that you take the time out of your packed schedule to reply to your blog comments and Facebook posts. Thanks again for your time.
    Looking forward to seeing the winners from the contest. Cheers!

  8. Stephenie

    Oh boy! I have a lot of work to do tonight then! I love looking at all the pictures from the costume contest! I got a lot of people to do it with me last year, but not this year… 😦 Maybe next year again!!

  9. They all looked like they had so much fun! I think that’s one reason I love Halloween so much. You have a hard job choosing the winners. Have a great weekend.

  10. Stef from Germany

    I’m so excited! I also picked my “personal winners” and i think they’ll win.. but who knows. ^^ The entries are really cool this year.. it was fun getting here every day, looking at all the new pictures.

    So.. good luck to everyone who participated! : D

  11. Caitlin

    Okay, totally unrelated, I know, but I’m just so excited to say that today I officially put in to have Feb 25th off! I am driving 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 209 miles to come see you. A road trip only seemed appropriate to get this book XD

    see you soon!

  12. Yasmin

    Have a good weekend, Kim! And have fun, picking the winners! I picked mine and it sure wasn’t me. But I’m planning for next year, just in case.