TBD is now KY

That is, Lexington, KY on the 26th!  I think the tour is pretty much set now apart from the PR that is going to go along with it.  This one is going to go PDQ.  (Way too many acronyms this morning.)

I took some time yesterday and built a new page at the website revolving around the summer release of the first Hollows graphic novel, BloodWork.  Most of it is old posts from the drama box, but seeing it all together, you get an idea how long it takes to put one of these together.  Enjoy.


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31 responses to “TBD is now KY

  1. mudepoz

    Sheesh. Old eyes, small thumbnail. It’s gorgeous though.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the link. It’s fun to match memory of scene to quote. Though I was looking for Jenks quotes:)

  2. It’s nice to see how you let us “tag along” with you while you created the graphic novel. I’m looking forward to holding it in my hands.

  3. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    This week bowled me for a duck (cricket term, your a duck if you have no runs). I’ve been driving round like crazy.
    And of course then there’s NaNoWriMo in which I’m an ML. It’s harder than i thought…
    But, I’m on 62k words. Yes, yes i’d love your job if it’s up for offer. 😉

    The panes were great, I think that was one of my favorite day posts. lol. I loved it.

    Have a great day ma’am, good luck with everything!
    Hugz for the weekend!


  4. Lisa

    Omg I forgot about you letting us write some lines for those panels for the graphic novel! I went back and read everyone’s and it really cheered me up! You are cool Kim and don’t ever change!

  5. chelikins

    OMG Lexington!! I already have plans that night or I could go to Lexington instead of Cincinnati on the 25th. I could have seen you and my family! All my family is back there! 😉 Anyways.. enjoy Lexington. Kentucky is beautiful.. and yes I am bias!

    • chelikins

      Also forgot to ask… when will you know the times? I already told my friend that got me hooked on to you that she was going with me to cincinnati!

    • Hi Chelikins. Maybe next time. The weekend events are USUALLY around two, and the weekday events are USUALLY around seven, but do check back.

  6. Stephenie

    Rats. I was holding out hope you’d be coming to the University of Iowa to do a reading (but I knew it was a long shot) at least you’re coming to Des Moines! I’m really excited about the graphic novel. I can’t wait to see Kisten again; the friend who originally got me into the series is pre-ordering me a copy from the comic book store… which will make the first purchase I’ve ever made from a comic book store… as well as the first graphic novel I’ve ever purchased. Books with pictures in them confuse me sometimes and I forget to look at the pictures and miss the point entirely… 😀

    Is it Pale Demon, or Book 10 that has the Trent/Rachel roadtrip? I know you mentioned it at some point (or I had a really vivid hallucination about it)

    • Hi Stephenie. Cool. I hope you like the graphic novel. 😉 It’s very much like a comic book, but longer.

      It’s PALE DEMON that has the Trent/Rachel road trip.

  7. Gail S

    Hi Kim, I haven’t been around for awhile but I have a really good excuse: Hubby had spine/neck surgery and 6 weeks later I got pneumonia, which I’m still recovering from. I’m crazy excited to see the tour schedule is out for ‘Pale Demon’. I’m planning another road trip and have at least three cities to choose from! I’m so excited. Honestly I need the added incentive to get healthy;) I’m also excited about ‘Blood Work’, it looks fabulous from what you’ve shown us. Hope all is good your way. Happy Thanksgiving. ~Gail-St. John, IN~

  8. Can I officially volunteer to be a roadie when you come to Michigan? Something super cool to look forward to in an otherwise blah Michigan winter 😀

    • You gotta have the t-shirt. -laugh- Actually, Colleen, it’s just an honorary title. You don’t have any responsibilities apart from smiling for the “family photo”

  9. Newportgirl

    I can’t wait to get Blood Work!!!! I am so excited that it is coming out and I will be buying it the minute it hits the shelf at the book store. Your books excite me and my husband laughs and says that is exactly why he loves me. I will admit I am a huge book nerd and I am proud!! ~laugh~

  10. Antonio

    Hey! On that new BLOOD WORK Graphic Novel page, you reprinted all our attempts to write dialogue for that first unfinished panel of artwork you showed us all those months ago. I forgot about that! 😆 That was fun. I think Alyssa’s attempt is still my favorite(laugh). Cool page! 😎

  11. Lisa

    OMG! I cannot wait!

  12. Danielle

    Yay your going to be at Lexington, KY. I am sooo glad that you are finally going to be near me.

  13. RebeccaC

    *sigh* too far away!

  14. I’m so excited that you are going to Lexington! I can’t wait for Pale Demon and the Hollows Graphic Novel!

  15. Melanie

    My friend and I have traveled to Cinci a couple of times for your book signings. I am beyond thrilled that you are coming to Lexington this tour! Can’t wait to read Pale Demon and I look forward to meeting you again!