Thanks, guys. ;-)

Thank you, everyone who posted yesterday.  😉  You guys are too cool.  Unfortunately I can’t get everywhere, and much of where I go is determined by the stores in your areas.  (As in if they are known for hosting events in the past and have employees who know how to run them seamlessly)  I’m sorry if your city isn’t on the list.  I’m excited to be going to so many new places, and I can’t wait to get out.

Someone mentioned the tour ts.  Now that we have most of the cities, Guy is moving forward on them again, and we should have something for you by mid November.  For those of you who don’t know, these are the shirts that you might see at a signing, much like a band T.  If the store is set up for a Q&A, we always have a “family portrait” of my roadies that goes up onto the website.  Sometimes I have as few as four roadies, but sometimes I have a good two dozen.  Pictured here is Powells from 2009’s tour.

Mud made me aware of a very cool website at good reads where you can post your favorite Hollows quotes and vote on the rest.  I lost a good twenty minutes there this morning.  (Did I really write that?  Damn, that’s pretty good!  -laugh-)


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22 responses to “Thanks, guys. ;-)

  1. Jenn

    Those quotes are great! Really brightened my day…and for the most part, I could place the scene in which they belong *grin*
    I can’t wait to see what you & Guy come up with for the t-shirts this year!
    I hope you have an amazing Thursday.

  2. Yay! I started singing a whole other Mama’s and Papa’s song on Monday, and it worked! -lol- Well, sort of – Sacramento or Tucson aren’t so far. 🙂

    I read the blurb on Pale Demon on the Harper site – it sounds SOOO good!! Speaking of which – from hilarious, to sexy, to profoundly thoughtful – those are all really great quotes!

  3. Mel from OR

    Haha! I love that you chose to post a picture from Powells. I unfortunately couldn’t come to that signing, thanks to my mother-in-law coming into town that night. Oh, well, I’ll catch you next time.
    Oh dear that quotes website is addictive. My favorite are Jenks references to Tink. Those are just classic.
    I have a writing question. What do you do when you are writing a book, but suddenly are blessed with an awesome inspiration about something that you are planning for the sequel or there after? Or something that should go in a different series? Do you stop and write it down before you forget?
    Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Mel. If it were me, I would write a page or two to remind me of what I wanted to do, but no more. I always write sequentially, but I know several authors who jump around in their manuscript, using the excitement of what they want to write now keeping them motivated. That doesn’t work at ALL for me, and I like building the story as it happens so I can better watch the flow of emotions in creating believable relationships. Find what works for you, and good luck!

  4. Amanda in Tampa

    Hmmm, I guess I will be visiting my pops in Cincinnati around…uhhh I don’t know 2/25! Hee hee.

  5. Connie

    You’re going to my city! I’m so happy! 🙂

  6. Marsha

    Wow, you must have a lot of people out there who read the blog but don’t usually comment. That was a lot of replies! I spent way too much time today looking at thos great quotes. I’ll have to go back and pull out one of my own.

  7. Marcie

    I didn’t get the chance to respond yesterday, but I did see that there was no PA. So dissappointed, but maybe next year. Hopefully near Harrisburg, PA would be nice. 🙂

  8. Stephenie

    Oh yay! I was going to ask about those today! When do you find out if there will be a Q&A… is there a way to get a picture with you if there isn’t a Q&A? So many questions! I’m excited to go! I’ve never been to a signing before!

    I’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a decade later) and I think the only reason I like Spike is because he reminds me of Kisten.

    • JanisHarrison

      I too watched “Buffy” (the whole series) long after the show. I liked Spike, too, even if he’s probably about my daughter’s age — and I’m no cougar. But I like that build…I’d probably be dismayed to see a more recent picture of him. Time is hard on most of us.

    • Hi Stephenie. The tour is coming together really fast this year, so I might know fairly soon, but yes, unless we are totally swamped and I am low on caffeine, I will always say yes to a picture. (Some stores will let me set a chair by mine, and then I don’t have to keep standing up)

      Spike reminds me of Kisten, too. I swear, he was trying to be Spike until he found his own identity at the end.

  9. Antonio

    “Whew!” 178 Comments yesterday. I think people like you–they really,really, like you.

    I had to get off that “Hollow’s Quote Page” or I would waste half the day. You know me and Kim Harrison quotes. I think I have a couple pages of Jenk’s quotes around here alone.

    Speaking of quotes–Can I ask for ONE quote from Pale Demon? A line or two? Doesn’t matter the context, something you like. Just something for us to mull over a bit? 😎

  10. Judi in NJ

    Yippee!! NYC for RWA! Keep us NorEasterners posted, please?? Can’t wait for the tour t’s!!! It’s become a birthday/early Christmas present to myself every year. weeeeeheeeee!