Pale Demon Tour cities up at website

I’ve got some great news for you who are looking for tour cities!  I’ve got about 90 percent of not only the cities, but the stores as well!  Down below is the short list.  All I ask is that you don’t email me with suggestions for that TBD date.  I have a pretty good idea of where I’m going, but don’t want to say until I know for sure.  😉   And take note of the event in Houston!!!  I’ll be signing with Patricia Briggs!  I’ve always admired her work, and I can’t wait!





  • 2/22: Schulers, Lansing, MI
  • 2/23: Borders, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2/24: Books & Co Dayton, OH
  • 2/25: Joseph Beth, Cincinnati, OH
  • 2/26: Joseph Beth, Lexington, KY
  • 3/1: Des Moines Public Library  (with Beaverdale Books)
  • 3/2: St. Louis Public Library (with Left Bank Books)
  • 3/3: Hastings, Lawton OK
  • 3/4: Barnes and Nobel 7:00, Tulsa, OK
  • 3/5: Murder by the Book, Houston,TX  with Patricia Briggs
  • 3/6: Book People, 2:00, Austin, TX
  • 3/7 Barnes and Noble, San Antonio, TX
  • 3/10: Sacramento Bee Book Club
  • 3/12-3/13: Tucson Festival of Books


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180 responses to “Pale Demon Tour cities up at website

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  3. Ann

    Yes Ann Arbor, Mi I live only 20 miles from Ann Arbor

  4. NocturnalVixen

    Yay! Ohio made the list! TWICE! I’m so psyched, I wasn’t able to go last time. I will walk if I must! lol


  5. Mindy Lou

    I’m so excited!!!! My personal goal that I hoped to accomplish within the next 2 years is to go to a signing and get a photo with you and an autograph or two. I never dreamed that it could come to a reality so soon! I am so blessed that you will be coming so close to me in Iowa. Words cannot express my excitement – I’m looking forward to meeting you. Next steps (more important than requesting the day off) order tour t-shirt (when available) and get a burning bunny pin to show my support. Please express a giant THANK YOU to your people that booked the signing in Iowa.

  6. Amanda in Tampa


  7. Theresa

    Hi Ms. Harrison instead of going to Des Moines on March 1st you should go to Auburn, Washington cuz that’s my b-day;) I’m just sayin…

  8. Derrick

    We would love to see you in Dallas, it’s between Lawton, OK and Austin, TX. Just a stone throw away (when you look at it from a map-ha-ha), Aw Kim, you can’t blame me for wishing! Can’t wait to read the newbie. Continued success. -Derrick

  9. Marnie

    Well Rachel is coming to the Bay Area, I think you should too Kim!

  10. Jan in NoGA

    NO where in the Southeast? Come on Kim, you’re HUGE down here!

  11. Amy

    Here’s hoping you make it back to Anderson Books in Naperville IL again. It was wonderful to meet you last time, I guess I have to go back to Cincy, the mother-city to meet with you again.

  12. Sheyla

    Why not Florida 🙂

  13. so gald you’re coming to MI again. I hope to see you either in Lansing or Ann Arbor again.

  14. Courtney

    Oh, no Maryland, DC or Virginia dates. Sad. It is great that you are doing one with Patricia Briggs as well. I love both of your works. Wish I had the means to get to Houston for that weekend.

  15. Lody

    You should come up to Boston! We would love to have you here!!

  16. Elaine

    Tink’s A Disney Whore! (I cursed that loudly once at work when a fixture fell on my foot and everyone looked at me like I was insane) March 5th is my 22nd birthday, a Saturday and I live in Texas… only 3 hours and 49 minutes exactly from Murder by the Book… and my Fiance is actually considering the drive! We moved here a year ago and the only larger city we’ve been to is Dallas- which is only 2 hours from where we live. ::IS SO EXCITED!:: I’ll have a few months to read up on Briggs’ work as well… I’m currently reading Brent Weeks’ Black Prism 🙂 EeK!

    • Wow! You guys should make a “date” out of it and add something else on besides little old me. -grin- Oh! You’ve not found Patricia Briggs? OMGosh, she’s good.

  17. Lisa

    Missed you not coming to Austin last tour. SO glad to see that you’re going to be back!

  18. I sure am delighted to know that you’ll be coming here to Awesome Austin Texas!! I got to meet all those fabulous authors on the Smart Chicks Kick It! tour that came through in September ( )and this’ll just be the icing on the cake to meet you!!

  19. JanisHarrison

    What? No Seattle date?

  20. Shadee

    Washington would love to have you again!

  21. Karin

    please please pleeeeease have a signing in Charlotte again! Or somewhere closer to it… I’ll skip school/work to make it to one. I’ll even bring cookies (or cake)!

    • I’m sorry, Karin. I thought the Charlotte was a given, but something cropped up, and it didn’t happen. That’s why I hate mentioning anything about the tour until it’s solid.

  22. Mary

    Please tell me that’s another Rachel morgan book??? I love the hollows !!! And if it’s not then I still can’t wait to see what you have written!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

  23. Jill Bryan

    yeah, coming to see us in Houston again! Was awesome to see you last time with our tour shirts on! Will be there with bells on!

  24. Stephanie

    Just curious…why is Houston such a hot spot? It seems that every time my favorite authors go on tour, Houston is always on the list. (This is me being jealous)

    • Maryellen

      Don’t feel bad…hardly anyone really good comes to Orlando either. Guess the Mouse House isn’t conducive to reading 😦

    • Danielle

      same here. i live in Minnesota. we never get anyone here.

    • David

      Well besides the obvious (size of the city and location), I think it’s also the book stores. I know Murder by the Book gets a constant stream of authors at their store.

      I went to the Patricia Briggs signing this year and I thought the turnout was fairly large. I’m afraid what a Harrison/Briggs signing will look like.

    • Hi Stephanie. It might be because Houston has a bunch of author/event minded bookstores who have built themselves up as good places to host an event. A publisher won’t send their author to an unproven store. There has to be a history showing they know how to seamlessly run an event with the space and employees who know how to run one. It takes time and dedication on the store’s part.

  25. Jody

    Hey Kim! Can’t wait for the new book! Would love to have you come to Canada. I’m throwing my vote in for Edmonton, Alberta. Really, it’s not that cold…ok it is.

  26. Marsha

    No where near me this time…hopefully I can catch the next one.

  27. Fran

    Come to Florida!! 🙂 I’m tempted to drive 12 hrs to see you but it would be nice if it was closer. hehe

  28. Maryellen

    Miss Kim– if you ever make it to Orlando (we have great theme parks I hear!), you can stay with me. Hell, I’ll even vacuum for ya! 🙂

  29. Sandra

    OMG! YES! so glad that you’re coming back to Houston… it was great meeting you last time 🙂 and you’re coming with Patricia Briggs! so freaking awesome…2 of my favorites authors!!

  30. Stephenie

    Oh Boy!! Des Moines! That isn’t so far from me… muahahahahahahahaha!!! I have no idea what day of the week that is but my classes can wait. Poo on classes!

  31. Daisy

    Not even close to Colorado… That sucks I wouldn’t mind a couple hour drive. None of my favs ever come even close to Denver… 😦

  32. Kim

    I can’t wait until February for the book…it’s too far away.
    Please add NJ to the book tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sara

    Holy shit you’re coming to Oklahoma? No freaking way!! Too bad it’s Lawton, there is absolutely nothing there…well, I did stick to the outskirts, but it didn’t look like there was a Lawton proper. Maybe going in to Lawton will prove me wrong. :p

    Anyway, I’m so there! Sweet! I’m bringing all mah books! Even if it means circling around a few times to keep from holding up the line too long. That’s ok, right?

    Austin, TX is a pretty awesome city. I’d take it over living in Oklahoma City any day of the week. You should be able to find all sorts of things to get in to there on your off time. Don’t forget about the bats! And don’t listen to the people on the bat hotline, go just before dusk so you don’t miss out. On the one, and only, night I had available while in Austin to see the bats, we listened to the bat hotline about what time to be there and missed *everything* even the boat tour was finished when we showed up. Jerks.

    • Sara

      Ha, just looked at Lawton on the google map, apparently there is a city there! :p Hope no Lawtonites will be angry with me. Driving through Oklahoma is scary enough without locals holding a grudge. 😉

    • JanisHarrison

      Sara, Oklahoma isn’t scary. What’s scary is a white woman driving thru Arkansas with her black husband. We literally drove AROUND Ark.

    • Hi Sara. Excellent! Hope to see you there. Ah, about the off time? There is no off time. -grin- It’s properly called recovery time. -laugh- Though I would like to see the bats.

  34. Amy

    Please come up to Columbus, OH for the TBA date!!! You are sooo close but never make it up to see us in Columbus!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Nick

    Ok wait the RWC I do understand that I’m reading a book with a female lead but I’m going to have to go to this convention ? Lol any women fans I can tag along with lol

  36. Jenny

    I haven’t posted for months and months but I had to on this one. I am so excited you are finally coming to Oklahoma!!!!! YAY 🙂 I’ll have to get a burning bunny for the occasion.

  37. Nick

    Some where on the east coast I can drive to lol I don’t mind another Nj to Nc drive again but I can’t get to Texas lol

  38. Michelle

    Yay! SOOOOOOO glad your coming to Saint Louis!!!! Can’t wait!

  39. Heather

    I wish you would come to the Los Angeles area!!

  40. Sian

    That would be cool! I everyone that wants to goto Ohio, and is in PA, or NY, and we all get together and have a road trip to see Kim! We could all chip in for gas! XD!! Anyone like the idea? Email me:

  41. chelikins

    yea haw!! You will be in Cincinnati on the 25th! I have that as a three day weekend. I might just be able to make it this time 😉

  42. Sian

    No fair! How come your not coming to PA?? The closest you get is Dayton, OH, which is 4 hrs away!! 😦

  43. Emily

    Sad that I have to way until July for Comic Con to see you, but if that’s how long I have to wait, I’ll wait. Need my books blessed with your sig. 🙂

  44. amanda

    Southern Cali maybe? Sacramento is about 8 hours from me….that’s an unfortunate no-can-do 😦

  45. Sweeeeet – Tucson! Only 2 hours away! You seriously need to come to Changing Hands in Tempe though!

  46. John

    Woohoo! Finally an author I like makes it to Sacramento! Can’t wait!!!

  47. Alisa

    Any chance of coming to the Los Angeles area? I missed you in San Diego this summer (due to my son’s Allstar game- grrr) and I would love to attend a signing- I’m a huge fan 🙂

  48. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Right now I really miss living in Dayton. I don’t see why they can’t drive the short 45 miles down to Cinci though. Looks like there wont be any joy for me unless the TBD turns into Charlotte or Atlanta or closer.

    Ohio is a 12 hour drive, and that’s about as close as you get this year. That’s too much for me. Other than that, it looks like a great tour. 🙂 I’ll miss you.


  49. mudepoz

    No. Damn. Two of my favorite authors, in one place, a gazillion miles away. I didn’t even go down there when Cera finished her championship.
    Though, I do a bunch of friends down there, and it’s close to my birthday.

    Fun Page:

  50. suzannelazear

    You’re in Tuscon on the tot’s bday. It’s not that far from where my parents live. Hmmm…

    Too bad the book festival is the weekend *after* the Tuscon steampunk con. The tot and I could have had one big, bad, bday weekend.

    Take care.

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  51. Kaysie

    D: One CA stop on a Thursday? Looks like I’ll be taking vacation days and a trip to Sacramento. lol

  52. Julie

    I second Christine–I wish you would come to Florida too!!!!

  53. Keana

    see you in Ann Arbor MI 🙂

  54. Jenn S

    Are you going to have anything in South Carolina? How about the upstate? Would love to meet the awesome lady who write these wonderful, exciting novels!

  55. Elizabeth

    I vote TBD should be Chicago! We would love to have you AND there is a production of “Dracula” opening that weekend at one of our cities lovely store front theatres!

  56. Maria

    Hello Kim,

    I read all your books in 2 weeks, so absourbing. That says a lot because everyone else was waiting on Black magic Sanction to be released. I have read the series twice, I pick up a new book and I just can’t get into it enough to keep reading. Your books have everything mystery, horror, intrigue, romance and much more. The series is the best I’ve read.

    I hope you will continue the series for many years, it will be a sad day when it’s over, nothing will ever compare.

    I would love it if you came to Northern Virginia sometime.

  57. Tucson is totally doable 🙂 I’m thinking Kylie and I may see you there!

  58. Sherry

    How about the south! Please come to Charleston SC my husband is addicted to your books. I never seen anyone read that fast! Possibly Georgia or some where close we could drive to because you have a fan in GA/ Tallahassee FL too!

  59. So glad you’re coming to Ann Arbor! I’m marking my calendar right now!

  60. kelly m

    How about somewhere in new york?

  61. April

    No Washington??? So sad.

  62. SoozyQue

    I know NJ smells, but we need love too. Probably even more love than places that don’t smell. I promise we’ll be on our best behavior if you can find it in your heart to visit us eventually! 🙂

  63. Mary

    I hope Seattle is on your list. Your books rock !

  64. Oooh…I see nothing north of the border! So I vote the TBD should be a jaunt north…Toronto is lovely in freezing cold February 😛

  65. Julie

    We’ll miss you in the San Francisco Bay Area!

  66. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Do you know if you will be coming to Canada again for the YA tour? I sure hope so!

  67. Joelle

    Marking calendar on the wall, on the computer, in the blackberry, in my notebook, posting a post it note on the cork board, and having a back up note with my sister in case all else fails to remind me. lol. But not likely that I’d forget it anyway. Thinking I’ll get there early this time to grab a seat. The cover is very intriguing love how she is wearing white this time.

  68. Carol

    Yall need to come to Alabama, the shoals area in the northwest corner would be lovely, if you could ever swing it! Otherwise its ROAD TRIP, and i love those to!

  69. Jeff Becker

    You should come to Denver or somewhere in Wyoming! I’ve got just about everyone i know reading your books 🙂

  70. Kelly

    I second the twin cities!! I really hope to see you here in MN again this year Kim!!

  71. Shelly

    Hey Kim so happy about the new book! I was having Rachel withdrawal! I sure wish you was coming to Ga or Tn! Hopefully you can schedule one. 🙂

  72. sandra

    Can NJ or NYC be put in there?

  73. Kim

    I know you have fan in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area that would love to see you. Would be even better if you could come to Maple Grove MN.

  74. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!
    It’s been a long, patient wait but you’re finally coming back to St. Louis and I can’t wait! And I love Patty also, should be an excellent evening.

  75. Niko

    I will be there in Cinci! One question though- when do the tour shirts come out? I didn’t get a chance to get one last year. 😦

  76. Seriously? Again no dates in New York? Come on Kim! I want to meet you and grab some autographs then enjoy Pale Demon on my train rides.

  77. evelyn

    Hmmm…a trip to Ohio from Albany, NY. NOW that would be a birthday present to myself. I just might consider it. I’ve got four wheel drive and I know how to use it too!!

  78. Im super excited. If im still in oklahoma come march im so making the trip to lawton. But im super tempted to make the trip to houston.

  79. Sabrina

    So sad that you won’t be coming to PA. 😦

  80. christina

    I wish you would come to Florida sometime 🙂

  81. I’m hoping you add a Twin Cities date. St Paul (and Mpls) can’t wait to see you again!

  82. Stef from Germany

    Tour dates! I’m so happy for everyone living in the US to be able to meet you.
    Maybe one day.. you’ll come to germany. XD Who knows.. might happen..

    Is it really only three months more or less.. untill pale demon comes out? wow.. I’m really curious about the tour shirt..

  83. Nancy H

    Hi Kim,

    Please tell me you mean Des Moines, IOWA!!! I would take the day off work to meet you! How exciting!


  84. Yasmin

    I’m thinking ROAD TRIP! I live in western NY. Ohio is not THAT far away 🙂 Though in Feruary, I’m always lucky if I can get my car out of the driveway.