It’s frosty today, and the second time that I’ve seen my breath when taking the dogs out in the AM.  Frosty and cold, but it’s warm at my desk, and I can watch the bird bath steam.  I had my first “bathers” yesterday, which was fairly fast considering it took over two months to lure them in at my last water feature.

Either city birds are less suspicious, more desperate for water, or I am getting better at designing spaces they feel comfortable at.  Either way, the sparrows and chickadees had a good time.

Today I’ll be working on some PR I need to move over my desk, but I’ll be trying to decide if I’m going to plot out the next book or do another light rewrite on the latest one I just finished.  It’s going to get another rewrite before I turn it in regardless, but I’m not sure if it needs to perk a little first, or if it would be better to do it now while everything is fresh in my mind.  I’ve got a few issues that need hammering out . . .

Good luck to all you NaNoWriMos out there!


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20 responses to “Frosty

  1. City birds, eh. Yep – I think I know what you’ve got here. (I’m an expert urbornathologist, after all 😉 ). City birds, they know a good thing when they see one. And what you’ve created here is a bird spa. Heated circulating water? Don’t be surprised if they climb right in there and take a seat, spreading out their wings on the warm sun-heated rocks you’ve lined this baby with. Heaaaaven! -lol- They don’t mean to scare off the wildlife, acting this way. Honestly, once they’re in this position, especially in a heated water, they can’t be bothered to move for anything and are quite vulnerable to predation. Anyway – that’s the sitch, I think. 😀

    Have a good one, Kim!

  2. Stephanie

    I passed over the 4,000 word mark today, so I am still on track…but then again its only day two. I am having fun with my characters, so you have fun with yours too!

  3. Marsha

    We are going to get frosty weather this coming weekend! Yay. It has been a very long and hot summer. I can’t wait. At least until my feet get too cold.

  4. Alake

    Frosty indeed. In the mornings, I’ve been scraping off ice of the car since last Friday. We have fewer birds here. Lots of them migrated a month ago. Bugs they use to eat are dead because of the cold.

    I didn’t know either what NaNoWriMo was. Never go to sleep without learning something new!

  5. Hello there Ms. Harrison!

    I envy you and the frostiness. It’s so hot here, I am not fond of summer. Though, yesterday we had a rainbow around the sun, it was beautiful and apparently a very rare phenomena.

    I’ve had two good days NaNoing… I’m not quite sure what happened but I have over 16,000 words under my belt already. I know this pace won’t last, so I’m trying to make the most of it, lol. I’m aiming for 20k tonight (though in truth I suspect it will be 18K).

    Good luck with your work!


  6. suzannelazear

    I’m passing on NaNo this year. I’m teaching an online class and doing edits on 2 projects. Yeah, I’m good, lol for the month. Maybe next year.

    To those doing NaNo — good for you. Just do it. I sold last year’s NaNo book. Maybe this year it’ll be you!


  7. Rosalie

    I’m also doing NaNoWriMo for the first time 🙂 Yesterday was fairly unproductive, or un productive, depending on how you look at it. I wrote around 2,000 words, but it ended up being more of a sort of free write 😦 Hopefully that will get all of the junk in my mind on paper and out of the way though. I’m sure no matter what you do today, in the end all of your fans will enjoy it 🙂

  8. Maryellen

    “A few issues that need hammering out…”

    cough-cough- AL and Rachel -cough-cough


  9. Jenetta

    Wow, you even got a woodpecker to come visiting! In Seattle we have a forest right outside our door and our neighbors downstairs have charmed all the birds so we have tons around all the time. I love this time of year when it starts to get frosty and the air gets crisp and cold. Best time of the year in my opinion. 🙂 Good luck with your PR today. Curious, what is NaNoWriMo?

    • Hi Jenetta. Yup! It’s a yellow shafted flicker, and it was a surprise to see him at the water.

      In a nutshell, NaNo is a month-long, writing extravaganza where you try to write 40,000 (?) words. The emphasis is not on quality, but quantity. It is a useful tool to show new writers that they can push past the mental blocks they have and finish a project. There is a lot of encouragement along the way, with teams and such, but you can do it on your own, too.

  10. Yasmin

    Hi, Kim!
    I’m doing the NaNoWriMo thing for the first time. Thanks for wishing us all luck! Right now my plot is “they fought the bad guys and the won” But it’s a start, huh?
    Working on my Halloween costume.
    Have a GREAT day!