Halloween 2010

I had a great time watching the tricks-or-treaters this year!  Even tried my hand at carving my own burning bunny.  😉  I think he turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.  I can honestly say that I have never seen so many innovative costumes.  Wow.  I was totally impressed.  354 days, and counting.

The costume / pumpkin contest runs until November 13th, so you can still send in pictures.  I have a whopping amount sitting in my in-box right now, and they will start to go up tonight.  😉  I have to thank everyone who is taking the time to resize their photos to within a 400 by 400 px dimension and dropping the size down to 50 KBs.  It takes me almost an hour every night to update a dozen pictures, so any little thing to speed up the process is extremely helpful.  This year’s contenders


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21 responses to “Halloween 2010

  1. Jenn

    I’m glad you had fun watching all the kids come to your place this year! We did too…and yes, the costumes were pretty inventive lol. I had this one little girl who stood out, plain & simply because she had to bounce on her toes the entire time & her pigtails bounced right along with her.
    Your burning bunny looks great! We did 2 this year, I’ll try to send them in to you!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. SeattleRobin

    I just got a look at the page from the graphic novel. Looks fantastic! I loved the colors and the pixies are great.

  3. How fun that you’re making your own birdbath/water feature! I like making things myself, too. Even (or especially?) the problem-solving parts where you have to figure out how to make something unexpected work. Nice idea, by the way! And speaking of making stuff, I love your pumpkin! 🙂
    354 days… I have a guess. No, two guesses, but I’m not sure! What is that a countdown to?
    So did you figure out that chapter you mentioned – the one where you had three or four different versions of a pivotal point? Just curious. That they might be using the pool table again is intriguing! Yeah – I totally volunteer to resize those incoming pictures for ya, so that you can spend your time getting all that and your book 11 plotting worked out. 😉
    Have a nice day, Kim!

    • 354 days until I can start decorating again. 😉

      The chapter I mentioned is stagnant, but I’m hoping it comes alive in the next rewrite. It was frustrating losing all that work.

      You have a great day, too.

  4. Marsha

    I didn’t get a chance to enter this year since I had a dog who took ill and wiped me out for October AND November. I’ll have to wait for Pale Demon with everyone else. I’m glad you had a great Halloween.

  5. JanisHarrison

    Been out of the loop a few days, but checking in and catching up today! I was at my apt in the Sr Housing Bldg, so no trick-or-treaters. I spent a very pleasant weekend cleaning my own little place, then viewing several hours worth of vids from the library. Smuggled the cat to my place too, to rescue him from loneliness and paint/carpet/vinyl outgassing. He’s been catching up on his snuggles. I will go view the contest submissions soon, and looking forward to it.

    I have a conventional birdbath which all the critters enjoy, and bird feeders which feed more squirrels than birds, but watching the acrobatics sort of compensates. Maybe someday a “water feature…”

  6. We had 4 little trick-or-treaters last night and I was ecstatic, this being our first Halloween in our new house. Our old neighborhood never had any children; for 10 years I’d prepare bags of treats but no one ever came. So 4 is a good number: a tiny football player, a skeleton, and 2 witches.

  7. mudepoz

    I love to look at pics of your contest. Well, any costumes, but the pumpkins and silliness is out of this world on your site.

    My waterfall, after 16 years, still runs under the rubber. I wish the rubber would degrade so I can redo it, but with all the plants I put in on the hill, it makes a spiffy rock garden. The racoons took care of my fish, and the herons decided they were too big. The deer use it as a bubbler. (Yes, a Milwaukee term:)

    Most of my trick or treaters were wonderful, I put a bowl out, the dogs tend to knock kids down, and crating them isnt’ fair. I don’t have a doorbell, so I watch from inside, with a bowl on the steps. It wasn’t until the end an older kid took all the candy. Ah well.

    • Hi Mud. I know what you mean about not wanting to crate your dogs because of visitors. It’s their house. For Halloween, though, my pups went in the back room for a couple of hours. They were quiet and less frazzled, and I didn’t worry about them running into the street.

      Sorry about the greedy guts. There’s one on every street.

  8. Antonio

    I almost ran out of candy on beggar’s night. I had more kids in the first 45 minutes than I’ve had in the previous 3 year’s combined. I was in a panic. I called up friends and family who live nearby, to see if they had any extra candy to hold me over. Let me tell you, it may be easy to “take candy from a baby” but just try getting any from their parents on Halloween! I thought I was going to end up giving away fruit, spare change, re-gifted Christmas presents…

    Me: “Here, honey, happy Halloween!”
    Kid: “Is this a wallet?”
    Me: “Real pleather, never been used. Here…take a PopTart too.”

    I JUST made it by the skin of my teeth. I had barely enough candy. How about you? Did you have fun this year? (I turned “29” again today, so it’s been a busy weekend) 😎

  9. judi in nj

    Happy Halloween, Kim & family! LOVE your pumpkin!!! Wish I took pics of mine before they caved in on themselves. The spring weather last week just did them in. Hope your Halloween was fun! Trick or Treating was a little chillly, but really? Who cares??? It was great and as usual ended with me: C’mon guys – next house! And my boys: Mom! Can we PLEASE go home now?? 😉 I have a feeling in the next couple of years things will balance out, if not reverse themselves completely. Have a great week!! p.s. I adore the way you take special care of our feathered friends. (Your waterfall is fabulous!) You know I have a soft spot for birds as my Jenks steals my heart every day. She says: “Good girl, Jenksie.” And she is. Ah…it’s love.

    • Thanks, Judi! I hope you and yours had a great holiday, too. I think I can guess the ages of your boys by the complaints. And yes, it will turn around. -grin-

      You have a great week, too!