Sleepless night/slow start

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  Don’t forget to send me your pictures for a chance to win a PALE DEMON ARC!

I’m really glad it’s Friday, but it’s one of those Fridays where the weekend only brings more stress, not less, because I’m taking two days off when there’s a pile of virtual work sitting on my desk.  Ouch.  I’ve got ten hours to shake the feeling, and I will shake it.  I just have to remind myself that I have scheduled plenty of time for everything, even weekends.  The birds that flew in this morning to check out my water feature helped.

I’ve been working on my waterfall/bird bath for about a month, spending a weekend on the dirt, one on the plants, and two on the water itself, and though it’s not pretty yet, it is FINALLY holding water.  The upper fall was leaking, dropping the water level by a gallon an hour.  Turns out the lip of the upper pan was directing a small bit of water to run underneath the pan itself, thereby emptying it drip by drip.  After trying to modify the pan lip, (disaster) and tape to catch the drip and redirect it (effective, but not long-term) I finally ran a screw through the lip to give the water something to run off on into the lower pan.  It worked, and there was no water loss last night.  A fish tank heater should keep it ice-free through the winter.   And today, I had my first avian visitors.  The stress is falling away already.  😉

Rough draft is almost turned into first draft.  New Guy is still a little rough, but he’s in there.  I’ve got about two days of work, and then it sits for a bit before I go over it one last time.  Next is Book eleven rough draft.  (Crap, eleven?  Already?)  Plotting is me away from my desk with a clipboard and about 30 sheets of paper.  Very relaxed, very spontaneous.  Timing is perfect.

And now I have to go chase the neighbor’s cat away.  My birds have flown.


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32 responses to “Sleepless night/slow start

  1. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    I’ve taught my dog to chase away cats exactly for the reason you just described. We like to try and see how many birds/bird species we can have in our garden. I hate it when the neighbour’s cats case/kill them. 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend and happy writing today. I hope that you are still on track for NaNoWriMo. 😉

    Have a great day ma’am,


    • Hi Alyssa. Oh, I’m going to be a week or two behind you guys. I still have the rewrite to finish up today, and then I’ve got a week of plotting, but we’ll see how it goes.

      I hope you have a great day, too!

  2. blackbetty

    Love the water feature, I just started gardening for real this year and discovered I love it. I didn’t even kill any of the plants-amazing! Just entered my pumpkin, almost forgot with all the halloween plans I had with the kids, but I got it in. Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. marley smith

    hah. we’ve a hummingbird feeder under which Little Black Evil Demon Kitten will sit and stare, trying to hypnotize the birds into flying into her mouth.
    i’ve been wearing possible Halloween costumes to school to try them out for the last month, and am now just starting to bounce in my chair with excitement.
    oh, PS, i’ve been re-reading all the previous novels in anticipation, and am wondering if there might be a possibility of a excerpt from Pale Demon, for, did you say, the end of the year?

    • Hi Marley. I should have some excerpts of PALE DEMON available near the end of the year, yes. Not long now!

      I once had a praying mantis lurking under a hummingbird feeder. Kind of creepy.

  4. kirsty

    Hiya, just a quick question me and my daughter hav been carving pumpkins for tomorrow and were left with all the seeds and since you grow ur own i was wondering if you can tell tell me when im supposed to plant the seeds as i want to try to grow my own to,
    thanks, hope ur having a good halloween. xoxoxoxo

    • Hi Kirsty. Actually, you might be better off just buying a package of seeds. You have no idea what you’re going to get with the seeds from a field pumpkin. However, if you’ve kept the seeds, you can roast them. I always do. 😉

      1 cup of seeds spread out on a cookie tin (one with a lip, preferably) with 2 Tablespoons of butter and sprinkled with salt in a 350 degree oven for 20 to 50 minutes (depending upon how much moisture needs to be baked out of them) makes a great nibble treat. Just bake until very lightly brown, stirring them occasionally.

  5. kirsty


  6. What a great idea for the birds instead of the usual bird bath. I have no doubt that by Spring you will have the feature well planted and inviting. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and a great Halloween. Enjoy all the kids.

    • Hi Marsha. I’ve used waterfalls instead of bird baths for a couple of years now because running water attracts birds better and with that big reservoir I can more easily heat the water in the winter without having to top it off everyday.

      Hope you had a great Halloween!

  7. Maryellen

    Happy Halloween, Miss Kim! Enjoy your weekend and your bird friends! 🙂

  8. Alake

    One of the most relaxing things I know is the sound of a small waterfall. I’ve in mind to make one of this Japanese structures where a bamboo pan tilts when is full of water, making a “clunk” sound. The squirrels around here don’t come close because of my dogs. It’s a shame, because I’ve always loved them. But hey, the walnuts from the walnut tree are safe (and delicious)! Don’t mind the birds. They are more stubborn and less fearful. They will wait till the cat is asleep!

    About the previous post, I feel sympathy for your work lost.
    That’s so maddening and frustrating. It has happened to me few times and I wanted to kill the computer. Or myself. Or both.

    Fortunately, I have the videogamer syndrome. So every fifteen minutes or when I’ve just finished something big or complicated, I’ve the habit to save. But, in spite o this, some Excel’s spreadsheets have gone to… Have been lost! With a very, very tiresome inform to repeat.

    Ivy/Rachel playing Pool? Thanks for the mental picture. That has just sooo many possibilities. The pencil possessed me and you got me drawing all the afternoon until my friends came looking for me. 😀

    I wish you luck with that memory lane and Happy Halloween!

    • Hi Alaka. I’ve seen one of those clunking fountains. It looks nice.

      I’m not really sure why I lost four hours of work. I, too, make a practice of saving every few minutes with the control s buttons, but when I accidentally told it to close without saving, it reverted back to the last time I actually closed and saved the file. Errrrgggg.

      Yup, Rachel plays pool. It’s a reminder of Kisten to her.

      Hope you had a great Halloween!

  9. Robin

    You truly are an amazing mulit talented woman!! I would love a water feature of some kind but just don’t dare try it myself. But then again maybe I don’t need anymore birds in my yard. The Robin’s are lovely for cleaning up grasshoppers coming over from the nieghbor’s weed lot but they tease the pup mericilessly because they know she hasn’t got a shot in h e double toothpicks of catching them. The pup however in her infinite optimism does not see it this way. 😉

    • Hi Robin. I’m not talented, I’m just old and have a lot of stuff I’ve tried in the past. -laugh- I really enjoy providing water, especially in the winter. The down side is that people who let their cats roam fail to put water out for them, and they all come over to my house.

  10. JanisHarrison

    ‘Round here, Halloween is being eclipsed by the Great Redecorating Project. The painting is done, the new kitchen flooring is ordered & installation scheduled, and the carpeting ordered and on hand in the local warehouse but the installation is not yet scheduled. Our immediate work is to re-install cover plates, drapery rods, drawer and cupboard handles, etc. We are not yet back in residence and the house still looks both torn up and unoccupied from the street, so have arranged with neighbors to keep an eye on it during H’een. My daughter is the one who makes a Very Big Deal of this holiday, so she will bear the standard for the family this year.

    I need a new gargoyle! I had a pottery one, but it got left outside over the winter and shattered. New one will be glazed, I promise. Or sheltered.

  11. Have a great Halloween! The tot went as a fairy-witch with bat wings. I had one of those insane mommy-moments and decided that instead of making brownies for the class Halloween party I’d make miniture candy apples. So, I was up until midnight making 36 black and red miniture candy apples. I used crab apples so they’d be tot-sized and I used twigs from tree as sticks instead of dowels so they looked extra spooky. They kind of look like giant cherries. I hope they go over well at their party.

    Have a safe and happy Halloween!

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  12. Violetta

    The cat is going to have so much fun!!!

  13. Frederique

    Have a wonderful Halloween Kim and family (and fans too).

  14. a.mcbay

    Try buying a big bottle of cyan pepper and sprinkle it around your bird bath and any plants you want to keep the kitties out of. They hate the stuff. I hope this helps!

  15. Vampyre

    Howdy ma,am,

    So you’re starting a birdie buffet for the neighbor’s cat? My Fuzzy cat would love that. How do the pups feel about tresspassing kitties? Would they leave the birds alone?

    Happy Halloween, hope your wekend is all you want it to be, see you Monday.


    • Hi Vampy. Unfortunately the water feature is still outside the fence, which will be remedied in due time. Till then, the dogs just sit and quiver. 😉 Hope you had a great Halloween!

  16. jenniffer

    I absolutely love the weekends. Its my time to destress and do things that I actually enjoy doing. Like reading or carving my darn pumkins. I really am excited about Pale Demon. I just got done reading BMS in like a week so that didnt sustain me long enough. Maybe I should consider slowing down to read. BUT I JUST CANT HELP IT! Thanks for all your hardwork! Now go and enjoy a little relaxation!!