Slo-o-o-o-ow but steady

Yesterday was one of those days where I try to take three ideas and mash them into one coherent, smooth chapter.  It’s confusing and frustrating on the best of days.  Three different files open on my desk all day until I finally pushed back at ten, but it’s done, and I can move on to the action.  Today should be very fast as I race to the end.  I’m still not happy with the chapter I worked with yesterday, but all the pieces are there.  Mostly.  Something still feels like it’s missing.  -grin-

Don’t forget to take pictures of your pumpkins!  Costume contest is going full out.  Costume contest.


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26 responses to “Slo-o-o-o-ow but steady

  1. Alake

    Although you were running out of time, I’d give it a rest. Sometimes you need some distance, fill your head with other things. Do something funny for the sake of doing it, like watching a movie. You know, when you look at something with new eyes, things fall into place.

    Sometimes I end at late hours in the night (or early in the morning) finishing something. I get struck with it and realize I’ve made a mistake, because I was too tired to see it. I wake up fresh and rested and I’m able to finish it right and in half of time!

    What would be missing?

    • Hi Alake
      That is excellent advice, and why I never work on the weekend. My best ideas always come when I step back.

      What would be missing? Ah, that would be the five hours of work I lost due to “stupid human” syndrome by hitting don’t save instead of save Wednesday and having to recreate an entire morning’s work. Something is gone, but the chapter reads okay. I might remember it when I go through it one more time . . .

  2. I’m so curious what these three ideas are that you’re mashing into a chapter – the kind of ideas that are stored in different files… Can you say? Or is it a spoiler?

    Love the pumpkin! …Is that the Donnie Darko rabbit? 😀 That’s one of my favorite movies – particularly because of the way it bends around ideas like time and destiny – a mad world, indeed. 😉

    Have a good weekend – and especially, have a Happy Halloween!!

    • Hi Tiffany. One version has old guy in it. One version has new guy in his place. One version has no guys, and Ivy playing pool. One version has Ivy reading magazine and Rachel playing pool by herself. All with pros and cons. I was balancing everything in my head to find the most effective way to work it. I don’t have this big of an issue most times, but this was a pivotal point.

      Not sure about the rabbit. It’s an entry.

      Happy Halloween!

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Is that pumpkin going to be the new burning bunny? If I knew how, I’d like to make a burning bunny pumpkin.


  4. Violetta

    OMG! I just can`t wait to read PALE DEMON!!!

  5. Stef from Germany

    Costume contest is going full out?

    *panic attack* I can still send costume pictures until november the 13. right? I just got back home today and we have to take new pictures this weekend. D:

  6. Meredith

    Hi Kim,

    This is my first time commenting on anyones blogs. But I wanted you to know that you do an awsome job, and I really love the Hollow series. LOL in fact I love them so much that my baby girl is named Ivy Morrigain. So again thank you for the wonderful work you do! Please keep them coming, can’t wait for Pale Demon! HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!

    • Hi Meredith. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book that much! What a beautiful name. 😉 I hope she has the best of both characters in her.

      Happy Halloween!

  7. Viola

    Oh, I entered my pumpkins too! I love the bunny ^^

  8. Love the pumpkin!!! Gave me laugh which was well needed after another horrendous 12 hour day in the office. Looks seriously cool! 🙂

  9. Joelle

    The best to things to mash are potatoes – lol. As I read your post though I had the image in my head of you, potato masher in hand and a bowl full of ideas with the caption “would you just come together already?!?” :> Love the Bunnicula pumpkin.

  10. Sebrina

    Glad you managed to get your three ideas smooshed into one 🙂

    If it’s any consolation, I seem to be at the other end of your spectrum: manic insomniac writing sessions. I love it. I gladly give up sleep for my muses to keep me awake. Even the one that keeps throwing wrenches into my ideas, and plots by telling me “um, no, actually this is what happened.”

  11. Cathy

    KOOL pumpkin! – show off…

  12. jenniffer

    I really love that vampire bunny pumpkin! I still have to carve my pumpkins!

  13. sandra

    I like the idea of red haired pixies. I had never even thought about it before. It makes sense to me. I hope you know I wasn’t nitpicking with my comment the other day. No disrespect intended. =)

    • None taken, Sandra, and I will admit that I am a little sensitive right now. There are going to be so many complaints about the graphic novel not living up to everyone’s internal vision, and I don’t want to hear it. I’m sorry if I jumped down your throat.