My chair

Let me just say that I have about four heated dog beds scattered around the house.  Little dogs and cold floors don’t mix, and both Xander and Aleix appreciate the extra warmth, mixing and matching their beds with no particular claim on any of them.  However . . . when I moved one of the heated pads that they were previously ignoring up onto Guy’s chair yesterday, it became the “place to be.”

Aleix isn’t mad in this picture, but she is thinking, trying to find a way to get Xander to jump down so she can be there instead.  She’s a wicked little thing, and has even resorted to whining in another room or enticing with a toy to get Xander to move.   Xander usually goes to check it out, whereupon Aleix takes the warm spot, one she probably was ignoring until Xander got in in.  Xander doesn’t care, which I think hilarious.


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  1. Marcie

    I like the heated beds for your furry friends. I have a bed for mine, but it’s not heated. That’s okay because she has a double coat and would probably roast. Willow loves her bed though and will come to me and stare at me when she believes it needs cleaning. LOL. She’s a big puppy though as she is a greater swiss mountain dog. She’s got a very big heart.

  2. Alake

    I prefer bigger dogs, but because some circumstances I find myself living with two knee-high furry things called Rita and Robin. Don’t look at me, the name came with the dogs. Rita is younger, but is the unquestionable leader of the pack. She does the same with toys to get Robin to move. Sneaky girl she…

    Thanks for sharing this funny moment!

  3. Sheyla

    Adorable! And making them heated beds must be nice for them. Mine doesn’t need one since we live in FL.

  4. Oh my gosh, Aleix is such a little devil! -lol- And how sweet and funny that Xander isn’t even bothered by it. But also – wow! Supposedly it takes a very high level of cognitive functioning for Aleix to be conciously performing Jedi mind tricks on Xander like that! It shows an awareness of thought itself (Theory of Mind in Animals). Too bad she’s evil. 😉

    • Hi Tiffany. I’m sure she’s doing it intentionally. She did it again this morning when Xander got the choice seat in front of the fire. Aleix brought out her favorite toy, the one she never shares, and just whined to get Xander to play. The fire slid and scared Xander off, and Aleix was up there in two seconds flat.

  5. Violetta

    Love the chair 🙂

  6. jamie from Nashville

    …that’s why i’m a cat person. ;->

  7. Marsha

    Maybe the chair already smells like Guy and the girls feel comfy and safe sleeping there. My little brat doesn’t resort to trickery, he just yaps until I cave in to get him to shut up. It’s worked as long as I’ve had him.

  8. NiNi

    Dogs are great!

    Our dog Claire is allowed to sleep in our bed, but not allowed up on the couch. Mind you, she has her own doggy bed that lies on the floor right next to the couch. If one of us decides to nap on the couch, she does everything in her power to not let this injustice occur. Ranging from putting her head on the pillow & looking sweet, to pretending like she desperately has to go outside. We are just pawns in her world (& wouldn’t have it any other way).

    • I can’t agree with you more, NiNI. Dogs can read our body language almost as well as we can read theirs. You can tell our species have been together for a long time.

  9. Men are so easy to distract; and Aleix knows just how to trick him – cutie pie! I have 3 cats: Pollyanna is the middle child at 6 and rules the roost; Billy, the love cat, is 11; and Chevy, at 3 is our Halloween cat. They take turns at the perfect sleep zone throughout the house, mostly sunny spots during the day and the back of the couch at night.

  10. JanisHarrison

    Reminds me so much of Fanny and Aloysious-the-Pooh, 2 marvelous cats who shared 13 years with my daughter & me. There! I have another book to write: The tales of Fanny & Pooh.

  11. Maryellen

    Aleix sounds like a girl after my own heart! More power to her! 🙂

  12. Indy

    Puppies are just comical. Our 3 certainly have their moments…the latest is Gizmo actually chasing his tail. He did it on Sunday, and then again on Monday. We got the second time on film, and posted it on facebook. Chairs also come at a premium at our house, too.~Indy

  13. mudepoz

    I like the chair too. I have a friend who has a few dogs (OK, I have a LOT of friends who have lots of dogs) If one dog is playing with a particularly desirable toy, another dog will grab a less desirable toy, play with it, shake it in front of the other dog, until stupid dog drops great toy, and snatches less interesting toy. Of course, smart dog leaves toy for the desirable, usually smelly, trashed bone, and trots away.

    So, did you want to keep Guy off his chair?

  14. Jenn

    LoL! That’s very cute 🙂 Oh, and I like the chair a lot too!

    • Jenn

      Are you getting these winds?! Holy cow! Our neighbours mother had a tree fall into her house! She could see the sky through her roof!
      Hope you all are safe!

    • Hi Jenn. We’re getting the winds from both ends. I got them here in MI, and I found out that there were tornados taking down houses near my SC digs as well. Sheesh!

  15. Yasmin

    LOL Alpha bitch at work 🙂 Nice of her to resort to trickery rather than my broodmares “move or die” tactics.

    • Hi Yasmin. Aleix is alpha, but she’s also more timid than Xander, so we have to watch them close to prevent any backlash nipping. By rights, Xander would make the better Alpha Aleix is sort of insecure.