Had a great idea Saturday

I really like my weekends.  The two days of pushed back from my desk give me the proper time I need to reflect on what I’ve been doing the last five days.  And as is wont to happen, I had a great idea Saturday that has kept me thinking all weekend.  I’ve got just the last 100 pages on my rewrite, which should fill up the rest of my week nicely, but now I’m going to have to work a bit harder to stay within my personal deadline to fit the new stuff in.

Sliding a new character in at last moment is tricky, but it comes with its own joys as I discover things about said character as Rachel does.  It’s how I build characters, unlike some authors who write everything down and build a character before they ever reach the page.  Both ways work, and both ways have their own perks and downfalls.  With my on-the-fly method, I have to be a lot more flexible when I’m writing, especially this close to the end.

My new guy is fitting in really well, but he’s going to take a lot of work before I’m happy that he’s evolving in the right way.   Today should be fun as I go back and tweak him before moving on to the new chapter I realized I need to write.


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24 responses to “Had a great idea Saturday

  1. Jenn

    Another new character? And introducing him this late in the book? You never cease to amaze me! I hope your last 100 pages + new stuff works out so that you’re finished by Friday!
    Good Luck!!!

  2. Ha! I totally picture a deviously cute grin on your face when you say “…And as is wont to happen, I had a great idea Saturday that kept me thinking all weekend.”. 🙂 It’s fun to imagine what you’re stirring up!
    I like the flexible approach you take. It’s so fascinating how you seem to somehow give your characters their *own* wheels and then stand back and watch them turn. “Hmm, yes I thought so….but ah, what a surprise!” 🙂 Seriously, how do you do that? -lol- Besides being infinitely more creative than I am. 😉 Like new guy’s evolution – I’d be so tempted to decide what his role would be from the get go. Were you always able to give your characters this kind of latitude for self-evolution? (If that’s even how you would describe it…) Or was it something that developed over time as your writing methods became part of your own style?

    Have a good one! 🙂

    • Hi Tiffany. I can say with all certainty that my method for developing characters is probably the one thing that has not changed much since I picked up the pen the first time. Everything else has evolved as my skills have shifted, but not that.

  3. Violetta

    Don´t you love when the story just writes itself? I just found your blog today and i’m very happy i was wright. When i read your books it gave me the impression you were having fun with it, not wrighting to sell… as some authors are. And the thing i love the most about them is that you never force your characters. They just live, act and grow as they are, your stories run like water. Thanks for loving what you do.
    Greetings from Mexico!

    • OMGosh, Violetta. When you say the story writes itself, I have to hold my head and cry. 😉 Even on a good day, the story needs to be hammered out into existence. But I’m still having fun. The challenge is what brings me back.

  4. Alake

    What you say rings so many bells…
    It’s the same as drawing. You can sketch the whole thing, plan where the light is going to come through, what range of colors are you going to use to give the picture cold or warm sense, outline the main concepts… Or you can just draw a line, a random shape, and feel where it wants to go. It can end being part of a mane, the pleat of something someone is wearing, raging flames in a bonfire or waves of the sea.
    Or as in music. You can create a melody perfectly harmonic with maths or just cry your heart out with what you feel and later see where you fit it in a song.

    When the muse throws a stone in the sea of the subs conscience, we don’t get to know what exactly is until we dive for it.

  5. Marcie

    A new guy for Rachel, hmmm. Very interesting, although I’m still on the Rachel/Ivy relationshiop going further.

    I have found it very interesting to know what you go through to write a book. I knew all the periels or rewrites that you have to do. I always though it was a lot simpler, but then it is a work of art when you are done. Guess that is why you are the writer and I’m the reader. It does shound like you are having fun even adding a new character this close to being finished with your book.

    BTW, I did preorder Pale Demon over the weekend but had to cancel it as I order Black Magic Sanction at the same time. They would not ship that book out till February. I could not wait that long! So once BMC is in my hands, I will order Pale Demon. 🙂

    • Hi Marcie. Yes, it is work, but I love it, even on the bad days.

      Thank you for the pre-order of PALE DEMON (that you’ll be placing again) They keep track of stuff like that, and sometimes, it makes a difference in how much promotion they give a book. Thank you!

  6. Indy

    New guy or not…I’m still not giving up on Rachel & Ivy. ;)~Indy

  7. Lisa Garrett

    If there’s a new guy, what happened to Pierce? I liked Pierce…:(

  8. mudepoz

    Is this the character you were going to cut, or someone that bounced out of the woodwork?

    • Hi Mud. This is the new guy that showed up in my head about a month before I started my rewrite. I had a few issues that I was struggling with, and he didn’t fix them, but he did give me a place to go.

  9. The story has a life of its own at times, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to “meet” the new character, Kim.

  10. Marsha

    I can’t see myself ever getting so comfortable with the writing process that I could go back in and add a new character at the stage you are at. Oh my Gosh you are getting close to the end. Book 11 is next for you isn’t it?

    • This is the part I both love and hate, Marsha. it was good before, and then I rip it all out to make it better. I do the same thing when I’m knitting. Guy just rolls his eyes.

  11. Maryellen

    Sounds like the bunnies are hoppin’! Color me happy! 🙂

  12. Yasmin

    Umm..gotta love new guys.;-)