The tree went yellow, overnight

It’s going to be a rough couple of days for me as I try to cram as much work through my desk as I can, so I’m glad I had a great weekend to sustain me.  It was a fabulous couple of days, weather-wise, with temps in the high 70s, low 80s, and sun, sun, sun.  Saturday was taken up with cross-country.  (Out at Portage for the huge invitational they had there) and then Sunday was mine, mine, mine, with lots of digging, rock moving, and plant planting, with a little bit of waxing leave with my mom thrown in.  With Guy’s help, I now have a nice little mound of dirt and plants to look at outside my office window.  It’s not done yet, but I got done what I wanted, and the rest will fall into place in due time.

And here’s the weird thing.  As I was putting this piece of landscaping together, I was seeing bits and pieces of other landscapes I’ve worked with over the years.  The basic plan of the dirt to give the eye something to rest on and travel over came from the very first ten yards of dirt I had dumped in my corner yard in my first house, the foundation for a handful of firs and daffodils to help block a stop sign.  The rock wall I built to hold back the dirt and create interest was from my most recent landscaping projects just a few years back, when I was desperate to tame a steep hillside and create a little balance.  The bird bath and waterfall (which won’t go in until spring unless I find one prefab I like on sale) was from my first house in SC, built to bring in the birds.   I will be planting crocus thick on this mound, again, an idea that has its beginning elsewhere in space and time.  Bits and pieces of the last 20 years, culminating in a small ten by twenty bit of earth.  It’s sort of like how a story is made, using ideas sparked and skills honed in the past.

Or maybe it’s just a hunk of earth with some plants and rocks. . . .  😉


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  1. Wow! It sounds like you got a lot done. I find myself unwilling to move when falls arrive here. We’re getting close to freezing point at night these days. *shivers*
    On Saturday, I accompanied my little sister to see a play. She’s just starting college and had to see Don Juan for a class. We had a good time.
    Besides that, I spent most of the weekend writing. I managed to ready my novel for Beta readers. Now I just have to write some blog posts in advance and I’ll be already for my first NaNoWriMo.

    I do think stories are made from bits and pieces of life. Or a pile of nonsense. 😉

    • Hi Aheila. I got a tremendous amount of “wannas” done. It was one of teh last few nice days, and I was going to take advantage of it!

      It sounds like you had a great weekend too.

      mmmm, I’m starting to think about the next rough draft. If I can hustle my rewrite, I’ll NaNo with you guys.

  2. What a cool picture of your tree! The black branches look great against the sunny yellow leaves.

    I like how you’ve described combining different landscape projects at different houses into one. Cool pieces to choose too – stuff from times you’ve planted things to create beauty, function, motion, balance, foundation, and maybe remind you of love and life. Really, that’s so cool that you plant things in a way that they’re not just beautiful, but also full of ideas. The way you described this planting makes me think of unity – combining houses, and also the unification of time, space, and matter. (I happened to read something along those lines this morning, so I couldn’t help but think about it when I read your post). 🙂

    Well, it is a sort of holiday (or two) after all, so maybe there’s a good chance you’ll find your bird bath on sale and ready to journey out of the home improvement store and into your garden. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

  3. JanisHarrison

    Yes, suddenly anything deciduous is deciduating. Rereading WWBC, think I can barely wait for the p/b of “Sanction,” not to mention Pale Demon and the Hollows World. We are having the entire main living area of my dad’s house repainted, and new carpet in the living/dining area. The big bedroom and the hallway are done, and we have stripped the bathroom. Now we are in the process of unloading the kitchen and living room (I use “unloading” very appropriately) and it’s getting difficult to live here. We transported Daddy (including his bed) to my sister’s house and although he doesn’t want me to I may very well transfer myself and the cat to my little apartment “for the duration.” I think it might almost easier to simply move! Best wishes on your success in work today.

  4. mudepoz

    I didn’t have the luxury of designing gardens to my own taste for the most part. Silly clients. But for my last three homes, the gardens are always the same. A large horseshoe shape, with tall grasses in the back to keep dogs from playing chase, and a small veggie garden between the central curb. The veggie garden is edged with cobbles, but it’s been rock, or reused brick. Many of the plants have been with me for over twenty years, from when I worked in a botanical garden.

    Memories. My waterfall was dug by three of the Tall Dudes students when we first moved in. One of the kids, an honors student, drank too much and drowned in a lake. His memorial.

    Tall Dude used to run cross country and later coached it. (I am thinking that is what you meant) His knees are shot. Mine are not. If humans were meant to run, there wouldn’t be couches.

    • You might be surprised at how many drowning victims they pull out of the lake with their zippers undone. (Friends don’t let friends pee drunk?) Sad and tragic, but true. I once lived near a lake that had an average of one death every weekend in the summer. That’s just stupid.

      Your Tall Dude sounds a lot like my Guy in the leather jacket, coaching and all, but it’s his achilles that are blown out.

  5. Frederique

    Archery practice went really well. I got moved to the 20 yard line from the 10 yard line 🙂 I LOVE it!

    I’m glad you had a great weekend and I’m also a little jealous of you having trees who’s leaves change colour. Here in socal we get either green or no leaves.

  6. Sandra

    Hmm… That home made brick wall sounds like an interesting idea. I may have to steal that from you and use it on my small garden next to my new gazebo.

  7. Antonio

    Okay, Miss Professional Author–I need to ask you about this sentence:

    “…and then sunday was mine, mine, mine, with lots of digging, rock moving, and plant planting, with a little bit of waxing leave with my mom thrown in.”

    What the hell is “waxing leave” about? Was it painful? Does it involve a glue gun or a bedazzler? Is that something you can do alone, or is it normally a group activity? I’m trying to understand the sequence: First, dig, then move some rocks, then after some “plant planting” you finish up with some wax leaving. And why the hell is your poor mom being “Thrown” into it?! Seems a little disrespectful if you ask me.