Heavy workload, but it’s Friday!

I’ve got a heavy workload today as I try to meet my week’s goal of pages, but I should be able to make good progress once I push through the chapter sitting open on my desk.  This week was not bad, now that I look back on it.  I made some major decisions and worked to see them start to unfold.  The next couple of weeks are just going to be “fixing” what those changes broke, and perhaps a new chapter or two to move the story along.

It’s the ending now that I’m mulling over in my mind.  It is so very logical, but not satisfying, and so I’ll be working through the next 300 pages with the thought of that in my mind, looking for the slightest clue as to how to handle the end differently.  This new guy might play into it nicely.  yeah . . .  He’s more than just pretty. . .

Happy Friday, guys.  It’s supposed to be a fabulous sunny and 72 all weekend in my area, and I hope you have weather just as nice.  I’ll be in the garden for one last push.


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28 responses to “Heavy workload, but it’s Friday!

  1. Marguerite

    It’s pansy planting time here in California, and I found one called “Halloween” that I thought you might be interested in. Can you guess what color they are? Yep. Black. Well, if you look really hard in the sunlight, they have deep deep purple edges, but overall, they actually look black. I bought a couple of inexpensive pumpkins at the local discount store, cut the tops off, filled them with potting soil, and planted the Halloween pansies. Fun.

  2. Shanda

    Ha ha Kim. This “character” seems veryyyyyy intriguing. I wish you could tell us some details of him so when the pieces of him show up in another of your series, we’ll be able to see the connection. But that would ruin the affect waiting for us in the book. On another note, I’m ready for PALE DEMON. Awesome cover!!!

  3. Jessi

    can’t wait to hear more about the guy who is more than pretty

  4. Mel from OR

    Happy Friday! I’ve been reading your blog all week. It’s been fun hearing about your creative process. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Judi in NJ

    Have a great weekend, Kim! You deserve it!

  6. mudepoz

    Doggy Agility! 🙂 (Lend me Xander, I could probably keep up with that pooch!)

  7. JanisHarrison

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and harvest/fall festivals to all who will attend! So glad so many of us seem to be having a “last hurrah” of warm weather — well, anything above 90 is just too much of a good thing, sorry, folks. We here in the Pacific Northwest are having very typical autumnal weather: quite cool, rain, a bit of moderate wind. So I have to stay in and read, so that’s not all bad, is it? {:-)

  8. Frederique

    The weather here has finally settled down which is good because I have an archery lesson tomorrow and my witches tea party on Sunday. <l:-)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. LISA

    Fall Festivals all weekend long!!! The hardest part is deciding which ones to go to!!!!!

  10. NiNi

    Glad you are making so much progress with the book. Have a great weekend! It’s going to be in the 80’s in the Hollows. One last bit of warmth before it turns truly cold.

  11. Rebecca

    Enjoy your garden time! Hopefully the writing goes well today. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be that nice all weekend and I’m stuck working and going to a bridal shower. Makes me sad.

  12. Rachael M

    TGIF!!! It’s supposed to be warm out today before turning cold again in Ohio. =)

  13. Marsha

    Have a great weekend. It sounds like you have great weather for getting out and finishing up that Halloween decorating. We are going to be around 90 angain this weekend. *sigh* I want to move.

  14. Jenn

    Happy Friday to all! It is the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and of course, I have to work OT!
    Good luck with all your work today Kim & I hope you have/had a fantastic weekend!