Pirates and closeups of funny dogs (no hats)

My agent has had several articles in the past month about electronic pirating ranging from what the UK is proposing to do about it, to professionals giving their opinion on the morality of it.  But his post Tuesday I thought one of the best.  (But I’m a category kind of girl, and the parceling out of shades of badness appeals to me.)  As far as where I stand on the issue?  Well, I think it’s rather stupid to be giving your credit card information to a crook in the first place.  Duh….  They are doing something illegal.  Why would they care about keeping your financial information secure, if not parceling it off to someone else for their benefit?  Here’s the link to see where you fall, if you fall at all, on the scale of one to seven.  Seven Types of Pirates: Which Are You?

And if you want to ignore it, here’s a close-up picture of Xander.  I just wish I had a funny hat to put on her and a way to pipe in the theme song for Benny Hill.


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  1. Nancy Ruhland

    When I buy a new cd, I usually copy it to my ipod or to my computer in case some thing happens to the original. Sometimes I like to listen to my music on the move or driving on long trips. I cannot see how this would be piracy. I am merely copying the music for my own use and not to sell to anyone. When I buy a book, I read it, sometimes more than once, as in the case of the Rachel Morgan series and lend it to friends who usually end up buying their own. When I go on holidays, I love to bring books with me but they are very hard on the luggage limit. So I use an ebook reader, which means I have to buy all my fav books again but if my reader changes the books may not be compatible. If I have downloaded the ebooks on my computer I may be able to put them on my new reader but if the format is wrong, I can’t see any thing wrong with converting the files I have to a suitable format. Would that be considered piracy? I realy don’t know. I would think it only applies if you sell to someone else.

    • Hi Nancy. I put music I’ve bought in CD format to my ipod, too. That’s not piracy. 😉 Not sure about the e-books since I’m not getting a good feeling for what you’re actually doing, but if you’ve purchased it from legit sources, then you’ve purchased it.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Hmm, you’re making me think?!? 😉 Who am I kidding, I like discussing these things and even -gulp- examining my own place in this issue. In terms of downloads, I don’t fall on this scale. I believe strongly in paying for my music, my books, etc. because I value what professional artists bring to the world. I’m even one of those people who chose to pay $10 for the Radiohead and NIN albums which were both released on the artist’s websites and offered there for “name your own price, including $0”. (Interestingly, a survey estimates the average price paid for Radiohead’s In Rainbows was approx $2.26). However, I am guilty of related infractions. Like making a music video, for fun, using things I didn’t create. Or posting a link to someone’s youtube video which displayed an ad for a website which may or may not be a 6 flag offender. *blush* Is that an assisted 6 with a dash of 1? a 0.6? Does it make a difference? …I removed it from the post. Now I’m thinking about youtube in general, and pictures in the sense that Marsha brings up below. Some of these things are harmless, and others less so. Or is that just me justifying? Darn conscience. Can’t we just look away and cue the Benny Hill theme song while the destruction plays out? 😉

    Have a good one!

    • Just to clarify, because there’s all kinds of stuff on youtube, I mean that I’m thinking about the stuff that might violate copyright laws.

    • Hi Tiffany. It’s a mess, yes. It’s up to the individual to make a difference, but it’s the individual that makes long-lasting changes. When artists can’t make a living with their art, and publishers can’t afford to send their talent on tour or take chances on new talent, when all we find on the shelves is Nora Roberts and John Grishim, what a sad state that will be.

  3. LISA

    I guess people forget that our NAVY was started with pirates, oh I’m sorry “privateers.” (wink wink)

  4. Frederique

    I have been called a pirate a lot but I think they mean it in the ren faire kind of way *smirk*

    Cute pup 🙂

  5. Chelikins

    My husband would love you. He loves Benny Hill… I mean LOVES!! I got him the whole collection last year for Christmas and he didn’t care about anything else after that.. lol! 😉

  6. @Marsha: Well, when using images and other contends, I try to link to the source – which is the only thing I would add to your condition to not make Money.

    To the pirate thing: one could put me into category 3 or 4 anyways. If I bought a computer game once and played it on Windows 98, and now there is a new release for Windows 7, I do it like they say for (e)books in category 3.

    And for the philosophical Part: in a Restaurant I have to pay after eating, if everything was okay and tasted good. For books and music this is rather complicated, but the workaround I use is lending Books from friends and listen to music on the radio. If I really like it, of course I buy it (As all of the german versions of the Rachel Morgan books).

    But for software this can be impossible without pirating: Lets say I used I toolkit for GameDesign to build a free fan game to the first Book. But after the first scene on the street, when trying to model the pub, I noticed that this tool was not as good as it seemed to be. If I would have paid for it, I would have spent money on software, that was not worth it. So this is quite a deep and difficult topic, I guess 😉

    • Don’t know what to tell you, Luttz, but you can’t legally make a game out of my books, anyway. The rights to that are usually tied in with the movie rights, and I’ve not given them to you in the first place.

  7. Well I was planning on giving you a break from my comments for awhile- I feel like a stalker sometimes 🙂 I’m sorry, I can’t. You’ve become sort of a cyber friend. I read the story and I must admit to some guilt. I have used pictures and drawings I find on line to make cards or banners for friends without thinking whether they are copyrighted. I guess I fall into category 1. I think if the picture is on the web, it must be OK to use as long as I don’t make money on it. Benny Hill? she must have been on one of those pure energy puppy runs that always make feel so old.

    • Let me tell you, Marsha, it was hard to make up the world book without lifting stuff from the internet. And it would have been easy, too, because you just google a form, and six different versions pop up.

      Benny Hill was actually a British comedian, rich on the light sexual humor. And now I feel old because I know who he is. -laugh-