and now it’s rainy. ;-)

I’m sort of liking this rain we’ve got going, though waking up in the dark still lacks the appeal it did when I was growing up.  But there is the plus of being able to sit inside a warm house and watch the busses go by without having to worry about getting out to the stop in time.  Guy started a tiny fire in the kitchen for me, and that was really nice to drink my morning tea at.  It’s already out.  Just three little sticks, and that was enough.

Though I’m pushing my luck by saying so, work on the website is going nicely.  I’m remembering the tricks of working with Dreamweaver.  Last year was a mess as I was totally rewriting the site from FrontPage, which is good, but FrontPage hasn’t written any new extensions (whatever those are) for about five years, and a lot of servers are having trouble working with it now.

The more I work within different art programs, the easier it gets to figure things out, and the help button is actually helping.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  I think maybe that’s what’s going to happen in 2012.  The stars line up, and the help button on your computer actually helps.  It’s the dawning of a new era of peace. -grin-


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  1. It’s been raining day and night for a week here and I do have to go out to get to work. That totally changes the face of my morning.
    At least, I’ve got two awesome interns to supervise when I get to work which is a nice change of pace in a mostly “game for preschoolers” day. I’m also a mentor for two off-site interns. All at once. *pats her forehead*

    And finally! Someone with a realistic theory about 2012!

  2. Margarita

    Hello Kim,
    Nice to know that even with all that you have going, you make the time to relax. Gardening is so wonderful for the soul, and pets are god’s special gifts to us. I dearly love my own little zoo (two cats three dogs) and the happiness they give me each and every day. Gardening is another part of my life that I love. To plant the seeds, water and watch them grow into beautiful plants. And to know you had a hand in their showing is such a grand feeling. I do not claim have a green thumb, mine is more of a lime to an avocado green. But I give it a try.
    Love your Hollows series, your Truth series, and even the Princess series (short as it is). Happy to learn you created all three. Keep them coming…take care.

    • Hi Margarita. With all I have going, I have to plan for my downtime, or it doesn’t happen. And gardening is the perfect fix. I saw a perfect saying in a catalog, I’m trying to modify for a writer. It was something like, “I’m so busy, I don’t know if I found my rope, or lost my horse.”

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work. Thanks!

  3. Angie

    I’m replying to the last post about questions on Halloween website theme/design (didn’t look at all of the replies on it, so sorry if I’m being redundant!! lol).

    I’d say it’s a tie between bats, skeletons or spiders with webs.. or heck, maybe all three? 😀

    I’ll put a msg on Facebook, too!

  4. Stephanie

    I’m totally diggin the new look on the website. Also, by the way…I am on book two of your Truth series, and I am totally diggin it too.

  5. theweightofsilence

    I’m excited to see the new page once it’s done, it will be fabulous!

    It rained here in MN at the end of the week last week, and there was some really bad flooding in the southern part of the state and over in WI. It was crazy… whole towns shut down from the river flooding :/ I’m hoping you’re not getting that much rain!!

  6. Jessica

    Something that ACTUALLY does what it is suppost to do? Wow. It’s like reading “Brave New World” for the first time! (first Literature I ever read, I was like 10…didn’t understand it really until I reread it in High school.)

  7. Cathy

    i wouldn’t mind some rain…our weather has been a mess! it has been over 100 degrees for the past three days in L.A.!!! not liking it one little bit! Rainy weather is the best…you get to but the fireplace on, drink spiked coffee and read a book. cant wait for the rain

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    After seeing all the suggestions for your wedsite, I thought of combining them. Have a gargoyl wearing a scarf, drinking a cup of hot cider while sitting on the head stone with a pile of leaves t the botton.

    It’s probably more work than needed or too complicated to do. Oh you could have Alex in her sweater looking up at him! 🙂

    What ever you decide to do will look great.


  9. Wait, you do your website *yourself*? ~blinks~ Wow. I am in awe. (It sounds so much cheaper, lol.)

    I’m looking at all this complicated stuff in just hiring someone. People who update versus you update it yourself, them hosting it, or a third party, and all these things that make my head spin.

    I’m pretty sure I could handle basic updates, but I don’t think I could design a site myself. well, not one I’d deem pretty, lol.

    Have a good day.


    • Hi Suzanne. Yup. I do it myself, and I’m so glad I started small. It just kind of grew. And grew. And grew. A lot of writers are not going for a website, but holding to a more interactive blog with pages and such. It’s a good option, and very easy to navigate.

  10. Rebecca

    The rain was amusing to me. I picked up some hours in the office on my day off, and am jetting at 11 so my fiancee could mow the lawn… guess he’s not doing that! Glad everything is going well with Dreamweaver.

  11. Jenn

    Now, let’s not go over board here…a help button that actually helps? lol
    Do you remember those Staples commercials with the easy button? Well my friend has one of those except it’s a bullsh*t button. Now, that’s a great button!
    It’s supposed to rain here today & be sunny & nice for the next couple days. I hope it comes your way!
    Have fun with the web design!

    • When I used to work as an operator for 411 and relay service, we had the drawing of a button that went around the office to reach whoever needed it. It said: Pound with fist to eliminate client.
      Customer service can be very demanding. *laughs*

    • Hi Jenn. I know! Imagine a help button that actually works, but I’ve had a lot of success with it, and I don’t know why. Maybe they are finally fine-tuning their programs to know where us poor humans have difficulties.