Never too old for toys

I’m not one for knickknacks, but every so often, something speaks to me of an event or an idea that slipped knowingly into my psyche to help make me who I am.  When I find talismans of such ideas, I snatch them up and hold them close.  I don’t share them much, but this one I will since it might mean something to a few of you out there.  I know I totally geeked out about it when it showed up in the box unexpectedly.

It’s not the symbolism of the unicorn that sparked in me, though when I was 14, that’s about all you would find on my walls.  It’s this SPECIFIC unicorn.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this is a replica of the unicorn in Blade Runner, and it means a lot to me.

This movie seeped into my thoughts when it first came out, and has remained, showing up in the oddest of places.  The word runner used in the Hollows, Rachel’s name.  Trent’s name was originally Tyrell, but I thought it too much when I realized what I was doing, and so I changed it.  -grin-  Runners, though, I kept.

I’ve got a new touchstone to remind me of the questions that that movie raised, questions I’ve still not answered to my satisfaction even after almost 20 years.  And that’s a good thing.  (And a damn fine movie)


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  1. What a cool touchstone to a great movie! Thanks for reminding me of this movie and all the questions the unicorn implies in its ending – it’s been fun having that buzz around in my head today. Even how the meaning seems somewhat different in the original version than it does in the director’s cut with the unicorn dream added in. But either way, I love the whole idea of an origami unicorn, in itself: something special that is made out of something ordinary, stuff we might otherwise throw away even. Along those lines, one of the things I was thinking about is the way Deckard picks up the origami unicorn with it teetering on the horn, with him (possibly) wondering what is real. So maybe even if the unicorn means he is a replicant and the dream is a standard implant, it has already become something else – there is another unicorn in his dream – and that has come to mean something to him. Which is so very human…and such a cool paradox. 🙂

    Q: Thinking about this movie got me thinking about robots/automatons -are they an inspiration for your concept of undead vampires?

    Happy Friday! 😀

  2. Jenn

    You know…I don’t think I’ve seen this movie…now I’ll have to go rent it. The unicorn is beautiful.
    I hope you had a fantastic Thursday & that your weekend is even better!

  3. Hello Mrs. Harrison, 🙂

    I keep symbols as well. Toys for lack of a better word which grounds me when I touch them. For me, a tiny wooden elephant. The unicorn is beautiful though.
    For interest, 😀 today – Friday, I’ve had my horse exactly a year. There’s some new photos of him here.
    It’s been a good year with him. 🙂

    Have a great day Mrs. Harrison and happy writing!


  4. roxy

    Lovely!! Bladerunner has meant alot to me, too. Besides all the metaphysical issues, Harrison Ford is so yummmmy in it! I will definately have to re-read the Rachel books to look for Bladerunner items.!

  5. JanisHarrison

    First, to Wahya re yesterday’s post: Duh to me. My daughter took college-level Anatomy & Physiology for her massage therapy program. A&P was constantly in our conversation for months. How could I forget? Yes, it is a tough class. My dd impressed the resident docs she was working with at how much she learned/knew. She made and used flash cards (on a ring) and constantly reinforced her new knowledge by recalling bones, ligaments, and muscles as she glanced through medical reports as she filed them…

    I love that your unicorn talisman came to you. It was one of the most memorable parts of Blade Runner, where the thug in the background of the scene picked a piece of paper? foil? out of an ashtray and made a tiny origami figure while contention surged around him.

    • Rick

      Close, it was a foil backed gum wrapper. I’m not sure if any gums come with that type of wrapper any more. Gaff was played by Edward James Olmos in one of his very early roles.

    • Hi Janis. I’ve always been fascinated by origami. I can make a box with a lid from paper, and a star. And last night, I dreamed I took my paper unicorn apart and tried to figure out how it went together.

  6. wow i LOVE THIS. What coincidence that I recently finished a logo design with this very unicorn in mind 🙂 Bladerunner is one of my favorite movies – I hope this lucky charm stays with you always!

  7. Sarah Worrel

    Blade Runner is my favorite movie. Very cool little sculpture. It’s funny to find out what inspires my favorite authors.

    I enjoyed hearing you talk on the panel when you visited the Johnson County Central Library awhile back.

  8. Rick

    For those who want their own unicorn like this, it comes in the Blade Runner Ultimate Collector’s Edition box sets (along with a Spinner toy and several other items).

    The Blu-ray picture is truly jaw-dropping, especially when compared to the fairly badly mastered DVD release that preceeded it.

  9. Sara

    Ugh, I *love* Blade Runner! It took me ages to finally get around to seeing it (last year) and since then it’s been on my “to buy” list. I don’t purchase many dvds, but that’s definitely one that deserves to be on there.

    Ever since watching it White Zombie’s “More Human than Human” strikes a deeper chord and earned regular rotation on my playlist.

    Still searching for “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, but no book store around here has a copy. I’d like a nice old one with bent pages and “that smell.” You know the one – only older, used books have it. It’ll be a happy day when it pops up.

  10. Wow. Now I have to go watch Blade Runner again. 🙂 I *love* SciFi movies. I grew up around them, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I saw Blade Runner for the first time. Isn’t that odd?

    Your unicorn is beautiful. I’m jealous. 🙂

  11. Kylie Ru

    Oh wow! That’s beautiful! I’ve only seen Blade Runner once, and I can’t remember much of it.

    I kinda get that way about Little Mermaid stuff. Whenever I see Ariel stuff, I immediatly enter into an internal battle whether I should get it or not, and when I chose not to (it’s usually because I don’t have any money on me and looking forlornly at it doesn’t work) I get so very sad that I have to leave it. I’m currently trying to find an Ariel porcelain doll I found once at walmart and couldn’t get. One day, I will find it, and she will be mine!

    Have fun, Kim-san! ^^-

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Very nice uvicorn. Does this mean there is a unicorn in Rachel’s future?

    Maybe Al has captured one for fresh spell compnents. Rachel has to save it.


  13. mudepoz

    Some things remain timeless.

  14. Dawfydd

    Sorry: rates :p

  15. Dawfydd

    Very spiffy 🙂
    That final scene still rats in my favourite movie endings…
    …and now you’ve made me think about re-reading all of the Hollows books to spot any further Blade Runner shout outs.
    You’re evil you are ;p

  16. Rosalie Krenger

    I actually had to read a book for a lit class called “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” By Philip K Dick. I looked for it everywhere for a couple weeks, till some helpful bookstore clerk said, “Oh, you mean Blade Runner.” and was able to take me right to a copy lol.

    • That’s it, Rosalie! the really good SF books/shorts make great movies, but it takes a far-seeing director to take them on because they must be handled with respect. They are not candy for the masses.

  17. suzannelazear

    It’s beautiful. Much better than the pink unicorns the tot has me watching ~grin~ Did you make it? There’s a lot of origami going on in our house…just not by me. I can never get the hang of it, lol.

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  18. Marsha

    The unicorn is beautiful. I don’t remember it from the movie, but I love the origami lines it has.

    • Hi Marsha. The significance of the unicorn changed depending upon which version you have seen, so I’m not surprised. I remember the very first movie release where they had voice overs. sigh