3, 2 . . .

Got a very slow start this morning due to a 3:30 am wakeup.  Lots of thunder and lightning, enough to get me out of bed and scurrying through the house with Guy, unplugging everything and closing some of the windows.  Turns out the worst of it went around us, but we did get some much needed rain.

I cut out of the office early (6:00) yesterday to acknowledge the last day of summer.  And it was hot, if you can believe it, up in the 80s.  So I worked in my shade garden putting in trilliums and bloodroot.  Lowes has a display of them in their bulb section, and I’m afraid I took full advantage of it this last weekend, grabbing about 20 little packets-of-promise.  They are only two bucks each, and the quality of the rhizome is pretty good right now.  I know I’m only going to get leaves this spring, but there might be a flower or two.  I’m trying to put only native MI wildflowers in this particular area, so finding them for sale, (grown on farms, not scavenged from the wild) was a boon.  Pictures next year!  Right now, it just looks like an empty,  mulched flower bed–with Henry’s  tombstone tucked discreetly in the background.  -grin-

You can take the girl out of the graveyard, but you can’t take the graveyard out of the girl, apparently.  😉


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  1. A tombstone in your garden? What a hoot! Rain and wind woke me up around 4 this morning. Hubby had closed those windows that attract the rain so neither of us had to jump at the first sound of rain. Today’s been breezy with gorgeous remnant clouds scuttling to the north east (they used to be part of a tropical storm down Mexico way). I’m loving the autumnal air, a promise of cooler days ahead.

  2. Wow, it rained this here this morning, too. Yeah, we should stop being in the 100s sometime soon.

  3. Frederique

    I LOVE the tombstone. I love old cemeteries and would most likely buy a house because it had a cemetery attached and I couldn’t resist. Good luck with your garden 🙂

    If you ever make it out to socal in summer with some time on your hands you should check out the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They host movie night there on Saturdays during summer. I went to the last movie of the season and we watched the original Night of the Living Dead. They play the movies on the wall of the big mausoleum. It’s really fun.

  4. Stef from Germany

    Aww.. i missed your last post.
    I’m really looking forward to your halloween contest.
    This is my finished Takata Tour shirt XD and the rest of my Rachel costume.

    Don’t mind the hat, i now have a cap that’s more appropriate.
    We’ll have a photoshooting at the local graveyard this friday. (as Rachel and Ivy) So we have something to show for your contest. fun fun fun : D

  5. JanisHarrison

    Autumn is already well settled in here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m hoping we can get my dad’s flower beds cleaned up and then lay some fresh compost before too long. It will benefit the soil if it overwinters, and will squelch the early risers in the weed family over late winter/early spring.

    Ahh! You did give little Henry’s headstone a place of honor! I was wondering if you’d just keep it as a step…Didn’t think so, though.

    Congrats on your comfortably early finish on the Hollows World book. It’s nice to meet deadlines rather than squeak by on them.

  6. Sabrina

    I’m having the worst nosebleed since childhood. If I let it run down all over me and took a picture, do you think this would get me an ARC in your Halloween contest?? Not exactely a costume though… Too bad… I thought, at least something positive might come out of it ;-). Take care!


  7. Kelly

    Hey Kim, I love all the pictures of your gardens. I currently live in an apartment and I have never had much luck keeping plants alive… in the house or flower boxes. Seeing your gardens gives me hope that one day I’ll have a house with a garden and a green thumb!

    • Sometimes, the trick is to figure out what you can grow. It only looks like I have a green thumb because I don’t tell you about all the dead plants in my past. I swear, the plants in the nursery see me coming and quake in their pots. They know it’s me. -laugh-

  8. Rebecca

    Storm woke my munchkin up last night. Who then woke me up looking for his dad (who was on the couch- of his own volition). Probably did my potted sage wonders. LOVE the flowerbed, Kim!

  9. No-L

    And you can do it again today 🙂 Today is the last day of summer, according to many sources including Google and yahoo main, The Autumnal Equinox is on Thursday, September 23, 2010. So, enjoy one last day of summer again today!

  10. Wahya

    Well Kim A&P is kicking my butt and someone destroyed the railing on my front porch and stole my bike. It was a light weight one and easy to pedal due to my knee injury. Sigh. 🙂

    • JanisHarrison

      A&P? The supermarket? Didn’t follow that acronym–I’m a bit behind most folks in that area. So sad you had damage AND theft. Hope you had your bike’s serial no. and can include that in your police report. You might get it back. Here’s hoping, anyway.

    • Oh, Wahya, I’m so sorry. That sucks. That really sucks.

  11. Marsha

    Like Ash, I’ve had enough 90s for the year thank you. We are expecting some Canadian air to drop out way for achange next week…woo hoo! I love the area you have chosen for a shade garden. They are some of my favorite plants, I love the various greens and the usually dleicate flowers. Henry’s place of honor makes a great background.

  12. Ash

    I wish we could get some rain, it is so dry here and hot!! We are still in the mid 90s. I believe we are suppose to get rain this weekend and maybe it will start cooling off some. (I hope so) I am still having to mow my yard but it has slowed in growing. I swear in the summer we can mow our yard and the very next morning it looks like it has grown two inches overnight. (all the fields around my house, when they cropdust my yard gets it too) I like Henry’s tombstone, it’s pretty cool!
    Have a great day!!

    • Hi Ash. I think Guy has mown the lawn only three times this year. He keeps putting grass seed and straw down so he can ignore it for up to three weeks at a time as the seeds sprout.

  13. Jenn

    Yup….thunder woke us up about the same time…we had a really good lightening show too. I just layed there & watched it for a while…
    My mum’s aren’t going to need watering for a while now…lol.