There are leaves on my lawn

There are leaves on my lawn this morning.  Yellow and gold against a bright green.  The best part is that the lawn isn’t that deep, so it’s going to take like five minutes to brush them to the curb.  I think I’m going to leave them there for a while.  It looks nice.  😉

I spent the weekend with a pleasant mix of shopping for necessities and working outside to prep the yard for fall.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to put any bulbs in the ground–because the yard is loaded with them already–but I couldn’t help but buy two bags of crocus bulbs.  I’m still not sure where they are going to go.  Somewhere I can see them from my office window, I’m sure.  There were no yellow flowers on the package picture, which I thought odd.  It will be a surprise next spring as to what I get.  I thought yellow was a standard color in a mixed package.

Friday I finished all but one item for the world book, which means I have probably made my deadline.  I’m still not going to count it done until I mail the sucker off.  Everything is there, but I’m not yet satisfied.  There is one background piece that I use a lot, and I might want to tweak the image.  That will likely soak up an hour to an entire day if I can’t remember what I did in the first place.  -laugh- But in any case, it’s going to be a much easier week.  I can just hear the stress slipping from me as I find the first chapter of book ten running through my head as I finish this last one up.

Ohhhhh, the next book is going to be a good one.  PALE DEMON is far-reaching in scope, but the one following is very personal to Rachel.  The shift is going to feel good after the wide horizons feel of the previous.  It’s already written, but I’m making some major modifications.  That’s why they call it a rough draft and I don’t make every page-every chapter-perfect on the first run through.  Just get the story down so I can see what needs fixing.


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27 responses to “There are leaves on my lawn

  1. Jenn

    lol…I love Autumn. Spring & Fall are the best as far as I’m concerned. Both are beautiful for their own reasons. some of the leaves are just starting to turn here, but I don’t have any dropping yet.
    You’re getting me all excited again for both Pale Demon & then next one! I can’t wait to read them. You are, by far, my fav author. I love how your mind works! Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. Oooh cool! No fall colors here yet. Of course, fall around here is mostly of shades of beige. 😉 So I’m glad my neighborhood has a lot of trees, and that some of them turn nice shades of yellow and orange.

    You know, that’s three books in a single post you’re teasing us with! -laugh- I totally wish it was February already! But…then we’d miss hearing you talk about the book ten revisions as you’re working through them, and it sounds like you’ve got a bunch of stuff whirring around up there.

    So in the World Book, Takata’s handwriting is going to be the font you made yourself, right?

    • Hi Tiffany. I’ve been teasing the readers about PALE DEMON for almost two years, now. It’s a slow business when you start from the kernel of an idea.

      Actually, I’ve got three fonts that I’ve made up myself. The first was easy, the second two were pains in the butt because I took more time with them. We’ll see if they actually make the cut to the finished product. . .

  3. Aya001

    We still have to wait a lot of months for Pale demon, and you are already talking about another book “personal to Rachel” T_T. This is like hell, I can’t really wait for them.

  4. Cathy

    just want you to know that it will feel like Christmas in February! i am going to have a countdown for Pale Demon!!! so excited!!!!!

  5. JanisHarrison

    It’s going to be SO DARN LONG until I get my hands on Pale Demon. And now I’m lusting after the Hollows World AND its succcessor. Gaaaahhhh!

  6. JanisHarrison

    Rebecca, darlin’, this sounds like fussy-foo-foo work, but measure your flower beds and sketch them more or less proportionately, and make some copies on the big copier at your local Kinko’s-type place. Roll, don’t fold ’em. Now, take one with you to a garden center and ASK QUESTIONS. Go for things that are reliable in your climate. They will be the backbone of your plantings. Try for plants that give you color and texture throughout the year–not always the same plant, but a succession of color/texture. Annuals and even bulbs come and go…Have fun with this, any maybe you’ll be planning this over a period of time, because it can cost a lot to do it all at once.

    • JanisHarrison

      Woops, hit the wrong button, this is supposed to be a “reply” to Rebecca.

    • Rebecca

      Oh, I have ideas. I’ve watched my mother fuss with her beds long enough, and my fiancee’s mother and uncle did landscaping. I just have to decide color combos. :). I’m just not up to it right now, too much on the plate (which is normal!), and with the wedding next year, I doubt it’ll get done in the spring either! At least there’s mulch now!

  7. We have a new house (as in just built in 2009), so the yard is still establishing. The kids have pretty much trampled the sides to the dirt, but some clumps are hanging on. It’s been a very dry month, and my yard is feeling the pinch unfortunately. There’s a lot of brown and yellow, but it’s grass not leaves. Blech.

    Glad to hear somebody is having stress slip from them. I have too many deadlines and too much piling on top of it. I do envy you (at least now. I know a couple of months back you were pulling your hair out over deadlines).

  8. Jer

    Hey Kim
    #9 Pale Demon – a road trip with a full car!…CAN”T WAIT!
    #10 – “very personal to Rachel”
    …sounds exciting! will there be a book personal to Ivy?

    Just curious if we will see anymore tense blood drinking scenes between Rachel and Ivy?

    I know you will not tell who the HEA endings will be with but is there still a chance between the two being each others HEA?

  9. It is definetely becoming autumn everywhere… I just love all the colours!

    Sounds like the next few books will be well worth the wait! 🙂

    • Hi Ivy. Yes. WWBC was the low point of action in the series, and now it ramps back up again. PALE DEMON is the first drop on the roller coster, and then it gets to spinning and going upside down!

  10. Sandra

    I am basically salivating. Pale Demon sounds like it’s going to roundhouse kick my face off with it’s sheer awesomeness. That is a kick I would stand still for. I can not wait. I know you said on an earlier post that Rachel takes a road trip in the next one….. with Trent. Oh how I love that dry snarky little elf. I just Can’t wait. I shall now squeeeee with gleeee. =)

  11. Marsha

    Unfortunately the leaves in my yard are from the trees giving up the ghost due to the miserable heat and drought. I am holding out hope for a change soon, though. I am so looking forward to Pale Demon, it sounds like a quick fun romp before things start getting more serious for Rachel, and it just might take the place of A Fistful of Charms as my favorite. Have a great productive day.

  12. Rebecca

    I have to say, the yard being spattered with leaves IS nice (mine’s been like that since the beginning of the month- and i’m not raking them up yet!) I’m fighting the urge to buy some bulbs, mostly because I’m still deciding what to do with my flowerbeds! Any ideas for some good perrenials that don’t spread too much? Here’s hoping the rewrites and tweaks to the next book don’t take you too long!

    • Hi Rebecca. We’ve got more yellow on the front lawn now than green.
      Perennials. Cone flowers are one of my faves if you have a sunny spot that’s not wet. They stay nice looking for a long time.