Rainy days are made for jazz

The front they expected to come through this afternoon came early, and I woke to the sound of thunder in the distance and rain on my roof.  Ahhh, I like rainy days.  The radio will be shifting over to jazz this morning.  At least as long as the cars are making that wet shush sound on wet pavement.

Got another chapter brushed up yesterday.  Spent a few hours tidying the old Al font that I thought was too curvy, and turned it into Takata’s font.  I wasn’t planning on giving him his own font, but now his lyrics are in his handwriting, and it’s a nice touch.

Onward and upward.  I’m so close to turning this one in, I can taste it.


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19 responses to “Rainy days are made for jazz

  1. What a wonderful description of the sounds of your morning! Something I love about rainy days is how it makes me notice the world differently. Like how the trees seem a brighter green when they’re surrounded by a gray sky, or things in the foreground will catch my attention in more detail – from water streaming over a window to the details of the buildings I’m passing by, or like you mentioned, that the world is filled with different sounds, and smells. And thunder! Thunder is pretty bad ass. 😉 Anyway, jazz seems like it would be great with all of that. Maybe I’ll try some Ella or Billie with my next rain storm…

    I’m glad your yarn shopping was a success. I hope Thing Two is liking his new school – it’s hard to make new friends, so I like the sentiment you mentioned behind making him a scarf: something that helps pick him out in a crowd. That’s a really thoughtful and encouraging idea. I’m sending him good wishes!

  2. Marguerite

    The best thing about rain is the smell of the dirt afterwards. Love it! But jazz is just not my thing, I’m afraid. Just give me that old time rock and roll in any weather. (Am I showing my age here?? Awww, heck. Who cares?!)

  3. Sometimes I read something and it makes me laugh to myself. Not because of what I read, but because of what it made my mind wander to. Case in point: “pent a few hours tidying the old Al font that I thought was too curvy,” leads to me thinking of a spell gone wrong, leaving Al looking like a curvy, buxom red-head instead of the intimidating monster he intended. Man would he be steamed. 🙂

    Glad your experiment led to further enrichment of the book, and here’s to hoping you get a breakthrough with Al’s font!

  4. Frederique

    I love the rain but we don’t get much of it here in socal. Fall is my favorite time of year, which is a good thing as we have only had about 10 days of actual summer here. I just hope it stays above freezing in the mountains this weekend as I’m going on my last camping trip of the season.

    Enjoy the rain 🙂

  5. Marsha

    Along with the bloody heat that will not quit, we are having a drought, so I am really jealous of both your coool temps and the rain. The fire looks wonderful. I’m thinking it might be time for me to pack up and head to a cooler climate once I retire.

  6. Chelikins

    I can’t wait for your world book! I am excited. I am really excited about Pale Demon and wish it would come out for Christmas.. but Valentine’s is a nice day too.. just farther away! 😉

    Well I have read Nightwalker and am now reading Dayhunter. I got to say.. I like them! but not as much as yours.. but I do like them! My friend had them so I borrowed them.

    Have a great weekend.. as I know you will not get this message til Friday!

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You asked me about Martha Stewart being a dog person, I’m not sure if she is a person. 😉 If this was the Hallows reality, she’d be some sort of evil fae.

    Sounds good, that you’re almost done with another book. Need a proof reader? >wink wink nudge nudge<


    • JanisHarrison

      Martha Stewart has dogs–it used to be purebred chows–and cats, and birds, and chickens, and I don’t know what other animals. She collects dozens of types of things, as well. She may be all artsy and well-informed, but I think she’s just filling her life with animals and things because somehow she feels empty inside.

    • Hi Janis. The need to nurture is so ingrained in us, it’s friggen awesome.

    • Okay. You made me laugh. 😉 Evil fae. I love it!

  8. Jenn

    I have the same weather front visiting me too. I love the sound of the rain, it’s so soothing. And the thunder & light show & the energy level increases. I have to say, one of my fav sounds is rain on a tin roof. *sigh*

    I’m glad that you’re getting close to the end with the world book. I know it’s your current baby & I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    I hope you had a great jazzy morning.