Rainy, beautiful weekend

The weather got cold and damp Saturday, which required a fire in the kitchen, which evolved into making sugar cookies.  They didn’t turn out quite right, which means I have to make them again before too long.  (Oh, darn!)  I’d like to say it was the oven, but it is only five degrees cooler than it’s supposed to be, and the oven I’m used to is ten degrees off.  I think it’s the flour.  I can’t find the stuff I’m used to using, and you’d be surprised how much the grade of flour effects a recipe.  It’s either that, or my impatience again in skipping the 1-hour-in-the-fridge part.

So today, I’m anxious to finish up the brush-up of chapter four.  Almost done.  I’ve got a new beginning to the next Hollows book that I’ve been kicking around, and I can’t wait to get to it.  The question of if I should lose or keep that guy I was talking about a few weeks ago is moot.  I’ve got something new planned, the idea coming from standing out in a cold pasture Saturday watching a cross-country track meet.  Oh yeah.  The ideas come from everywhere, and usually start with “I wonder how. . .”


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  1. Jenn

    lol…I wonder how is a great way to find an idea isn’t it? I’m glad that you have it more settled in your mind.
    Sugar cookies? Yum! My cookies of choice to make are peanut butter. I also make a lot of banana bread lol.
    I’m glad that you had a good weekend. Hope your Monday was just as good!

  2. kirsty

    hi kim i was just wondering what ur recepie is for the cookies is and if ud share i love cookies and like to collect recepies, thanks, xoxox

  3. Mmmm I love cookies. I have to say that they are my favorite desert. Chocolate chip and sugar cookies are tied for first, with…okay pretty much all other cookies running second. -lol-
    I loved your gardening metaphor on Friday about writing and how it takes “stamina (light), drive (fertile soil), determination (seeds), spousal support (timing) or peers to urge you on (a good hoe to get the weeds)”. Thanks for the inspiration, Kim-san. Here’s to pumpkins coming out of your ears next summer! 😉
    I spent the weekend among fruiting grape vines (a weekend trip to a wine region), and so I know what you mean about ideas coming from everywhere. Of course I can’t wait to find out what new beginning a cross-country track meet inspired in you, but I’ll patiently wait to find out.

  4. Cookies! It’s been years since I made cookies. Cupcakes: check. Cheesecake: check. Pies: check. Invented pastries: check. How could I forget cookies?

    Sounds like you have a lot of cool things brewing for the Hollows. I’m always fascinated about how I get ideas. I try to analyze it just for the fun of it. They come from the silliest details sometimes.

    • Hi Aheila.

      It’s going to be very cool, and I’m very nervous right now about how it’s going to go over at the publishers. I’m deathly worried about the presentation. It looks good on my screen, but things shift when you package them up and send them electronically.

  5. Den

    It’s nice to see that you’re invested in your characters. So many are just part of a machine. I get ideas the same exact way!

  6. Hello Mrs. Harrison!

    Long time no write for me, lol, but I have been coming here to read. I figure sometimes the best thing that I can give you other than a comment is a little bit of extra time in the mornings to work on your writing. 🙂
    I’m glad the world book is coming along, I’m terribly sad to hear about your pumpkins. We were hoping…
    Question: November is coming up which means… *whistles* NaNoWriMo… Are you going to be joining? Or encouraging from the side? 🙂

    Have a super day ma’am. 🙂
    All the best, always.


    • NaNo… NaNo… I’m currently torn about it… Which story should I write? My next blog novel or my next novel? I really want to spend time with William but Lorelei has me at gun point. Ah! Decisions!

    • Oh! Dude! I forgot about that! Unfortunately I am not at the right place to work on rough draft. I’ll be brushing up rough draft in November. But maybe I can open up a page for those who are going to participate.

  7. I love hearing about your progress and thought processes!

    This weekend was very busy for me, especially Sunday, my “get all homework done” day. It gave me the opportunity to look over the corrections my English 111 teacher had written on my rough draft. One thing I determined was that 80% of the corrections he had were dead-on, so that made me feel a bit sheepish about going off the deep end earlier. The other 20% were truly unnecessary in my opinion, or actually cluttered up the essay in ways I think made it worse, not better.

    I am trying to take this as a learning lesson. If I want to be a writer, I’m certain there’s going to be at least one time when an editor returns something with change suggestions that I simply won’t agree with. Has this happened to you? If so, how do you handle it? Do you have to take all suggestions, or is there some give and take there?

    I think the thing that makes me frustrated isn’t that he’s correcting my work or making suggestions (I actually appreciate that). It’s the fact that I feel if I don’t make the changes, I’ll get a lower grade. It makes it feel like this isn’t my work, it’s his. Maybe I’m being a bit childish.

    • Greg, that is fantastic that you are learning to step back from your work and look at it objectively. I’ve found out that editors really do know what they are talking about most of the time, even if it rankles that they are “messing” with your work. If my editor suggest it, I try it, even if I don’t know why or understand.

      I can only remember two instances that my Hollows editor gave a suggestion that I flat-out ignored. (after gnashing my teeth and wailing, and trying to explain myself) One was the genetically engineered virus, which I never really developed, but I think she was worried that I was going to. And in truth, having it in there might have given my work a sophomoric feel but hey, I’m rather sophomoric and silly, and I don’t think that translates to be a detriment to solid, meaningful work as some might. The other was something about a character, but I honestly don’t remember much about that one. I think I needed him for something three books down the way, and once I explained that, she let me keep him.

      So to answer your question, there is give and take, but I try very hard to pick my battles, and don’t justify what I’ve done unless it is vital to something farther down the road. Editors really know what they are doing. Even if you disagree, start a new file and try what they suggest. It’s amazing what happens when you tweak your work down a different road.

      And yeah, if you don’t make the changes, you might get a lower grade. Look at it this way. Your teacher is TEACHING YOU how to write, not guiding you on how to make the essay perfectly ready for publication. These are practice pieces, to learn skills. That includes learning how to change your work to another’s specifications. Changing your work. Changing your work. Changing YOUR work. It’s still your work, just different.

  8. Chelikins

    I thought there were um… TWO guys.. 😉

  9. Cathy

    oh Kim!!!! i love how you tell us how your mind works…like our Rachel 🙂

  10. Judi in NJ

    We baked this weekend too. Well, my husband did. I bought those cute ready-to-make cookies (which I don’t usually do, but was flat on my aching back w/a heating pad all weekend, hence the reason hubby baked). It’s simple. separate the little squares & bake, right? Nnnno. He had to make a project out of it and combined the squares to make 7 HUGE cookies. They didn’t bake properly and are now in the cookie tin in about 7 billion pieces. Oh well. It’s the thought.

    Speaking of thought – I love when you share how/when your ideas are formed. When we get to read the final product, it’s cool to remember posts like this one and say, “Oooooh! The track meet!” Cool.

    • That is toooooo wonderful, Judi, that your husband found some fun in baking. Can you just imagine his fun wondering if it was going to work or not? -grin-

      Keep that “track meet” thought tucked away. It’s going to be at least 2 years until it surfaces. sigh. so slow.

  11. Sandra

    I love these little book teasers. They leave me basically salivating…not unlike your mention of sugar cookies. Now I want treats and my book. I just started re-reading the sereis. I’m on Fistful of Charms right now and everytime I read them- I want to punch Nick in his esophagus! =)

    • Reading and eating cookies. Yup, there’s my idea of a perfect afternoon. Oh, I can’t stand NIck. I want to punch him, too. Rachel will have to do it for us, I guess.

  12. Gina

    Stephen King said a lot of his stories start out with the thought “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”

  13. Marsha

    I finally gave up sugar in order to loose some weight that had creapt back on, so baking this season is going to be a major challenge. Still, I can’t wait for it to get cool enough down here to make me want to stay in the kitchen with a hot oven…still running 90+.

    • Hi Marsha. Pretzels! Make soft pretzels. I love ’em, and they take about an hour. No sugar, but the kitchen still gets nice and warm.

      The cool air is coming. It’s still just September.

  14. suzannelazear

    and that would be why I buy my cookie dough ready made in a package, lol.

    I am a very lazy wife, lol. Actually, I do love baking. But when we moved someone nearly all my cooking stuff got put in storage instead of in the new house — all my spices, nice pans, cooking toys. I’ve replaced a couple of bare essentials, but I am loathe to buy much because we have it…somewhere. So, I just don’t bake much.

    Recently someone asked me how I balance writing with a full time job, kiddos, and a hubby. She goes “when do you have time to do housework.”

    I sort of stood there, blinking. “Um…what’s housework…”

    Happy Monday,

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Chelikins

      What’s more important… life or house work? I vote for LIFE!! You go Suzanne!

    • mudepoz

      My dustbunnies have fangs, and I understand that a giant one was seen headed toward downtown Milwaukee. It was leaving from NW Milwaukee. Ut oh.

    • I absolutely avoid looking at the kitchen counter these days. My weekend writing sprint definitely took a toll on my appartment. Ah! If only fictional characters offered to clean up from time to time. It’s all their fault after all! 😉

    • Ha! That’s too funny, Suzanne. I don’t do much housework, either, but I tidy a lot. I like a spartan house.

  15. Sebrina

    We’re cosmic baking buddies! Okay maybe not, but I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday with the boyfriend. 😀 I think this past weekend was designed for baking.

  16. melissa

    Although different flours can make a huge difference, if your cookies were falling apart as you were trying to get them out of the cookie cutters or deformed in the oven, then you need to chill your dough! if they came out of the cutter fine, but deformed, I suggest, once you have the cut outs on the cookie try, you stick the whole thing in the freezer for five minutes before popping them in the oven! If you are having a hard time getting them out of the cookie cutter, then you’re going to need to chill your cough prior. Personally, I put the dough ball in the freezer on a 10 minute timer, and keep checking, taking it out when it’s firmed up. I too am way too impatient to leave dough in the fridge for an hour! 😉

    • Hi Melissa.
      The cookies cut fine and moved fine, and after baking, they held together. They just didn’t rise. It might be the baking powder or soda, (I don’t remember which one it takes) It’s a new brand for me, but I think it’s my flour. I ruined three loves of bread in a row using standard flour instead of that for bread machines. My old flour was standard, but it was milled differently, and that made a difference.

      But I will follow the recipe this next time. sigh