Feels like fall

It feels like fall.  I got cold last night, working at my desk as the sun went down, so I started a fire in the kitchen (in the fireplace, not the middle of the floor) and finished up what I had to do there.  OMGosh, it felt so good.  I really like my fireplace.  Mr. C did a fabulous job putting it in.  He built the hearth from stone they pulled from under the house when they shored up the foundation, and I had them take the extra time to put in a gas burner that allows a real wood fire atop it.  I’ve got the best of both worlds with a quick starting fire using the gas, then turn it off and listen to the fire talk to me, telling me the story of the wood that’s burning.  (Crap, there’s another short story for the anthology next year.)

The world book is going good.  I’m right on schedule and should be turning it in at the end of the month as planned.  Wow.  I will be celebrating this one.  I have learned tons and tons of in’s and out’s of how Word functions.  I decided to use the original Al font for Takata, so his lyrics will be in his own handwriting.  I’m working on chapter two today, and should finish up the brush through by tomorrow.  Onward!


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33 responses to “Feels like fall

  1. “…not in the middle of the floor.” 😉 -lol-

    A hand made fireplace sounds awesome! I’ve always loved the idea of a fireplace in the kitchen – it seems so warm and homey. I’ve got “one day” designs on building an outdoor one where the heat is channeled to pass through and warm an earthen or stone bench that curves out from it. I love fires. Well…not ones in the middle of a floor ;-)… but I love a hearth fire, or a campfire. It’s also one of my favorite smells.

    Congrats on how things are coming with the World Book! That’s exactly how I ever learned anything about Word or Excel – just needing to do stuff and then poking around until I figure it out.

    Also, I loved what you wrote about the Truth books. I haven’t finished them yet – like you I don’t get much time to read these days – but I especially can’t wait to get to the part about the Myrth trees, that sounds beautiful.

  2. Oh! You make me miss my parents’ house so much! It’s heated only by one or both fireplaces (depending on the time of the year). The one in the living room is the “beautiful flames” one while the one in the basement provides most of the heat.

    I remember the way heat travels in the house which has been built accordingly, back in the day. When I turned teenager, I started closing my bedroom door at night. My room grew cold so I’d hurry out of bed in the morning to open the door and let the warmth back in.

    A fire’s heat just doesn’t have the same energy as an electric heat. The smell also makes a world of difference! 😉

  3. theweightofsilence

    I am so excited to read more of your work. I love the sound of your fireplace… pictures!!! Haha jk =]

  4. Love the Fall time of year. I love having a small fire in the outside fire pit kind of thing. It’s something about sitting around the fire with friends/family and making s’mores or drinking hot apple cider that just warms me to my bones. Looking forward to the world book. It’ll be fun to see if some things are the way I see it when I read your books. Funny – (Crap, there’s another short story for the anthology next year.) – that’d be fine if you just keep it going. 🙂

    • Hi Chasingmoonlight. Mmmmm, I know what you mean about the fire pit. I think we need to retire our old one. It’s about three years old, and getting thin at the bottom. I am going to give that speaking flames idea some serious thought.

  5. JanisHarrison

    Feeling very autumnal here in the Pacific Northwest, too. We had such a late spring and cool summer, an early fall is just the “brown” icing on the “brown” cake. My Angel tomato bush is not blossoming and my pathetic petunias are coming to the end of their span.

  6. Janette

    Sigh…a fireplace…I am soooo envious…

  7. I wish we had a fireplace at all. It was 55 degrees outside when I got up to get kids ready for school today.

    • Yikes! I think it was that cold here, too. We’ve not turned the furnace on yet. We need a new one really bad, and I’m hoping to hold off using the old one until we can get the new.

  8. Chelikins

    Sounds like a very nice productive evening!! Can’t wait for the World Book.

    Have a great weekend! What are you plans? gardening, remodeling, watching a movie? 😉

    • Hi Chelikins. It was a very productive evening. This weekend has dinner with the parents. (yay!) some stone shifting to finish off a garden bed, I have to get a button to finish Aleix’s coat I knitted her (she hates it) and the big project is putting in a small section of fence. I’m sure there will be a movie in there somewhere.

  9. Kim, one of the things I like best about you is your sense of humor. I actually laughed so loud at work about you starting your fire some folks asked me what was going on!

    You mentioned the story of the wood burning, and the first thing I thought of was, “HELP ME I’M ON FIRE! WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE SMILING?!” but I don’t think that’s the sort of story you meant. 🙂

    It is indeed getting cooler outside, you can feel it in the air (on the few occasions I’m allowed out of my cave/office). Halloween is our favorite holiday. So special in fact, that we got married on Halloween. 🙂

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I had a thought, no it didn’t hurt, thank you. We all know that some day Rachel’s story will eventually come to an end. What are you planning on doing when that happens?

    Do you think you’ll start another epic series, do some stand alone novels or more short stories? What about Madison? How’s her story coming along?

    You have a lot of stories to tell, I’m looking forward to them.

    OK I guess it was more than one thought, but it still didn’t hurt.


  11. Marguerite

    It seems that I’m one of the few people who mourns the passing of summer. I love all the “water fun” associated with hot weather, even if it’s just watching children run through sprinklers. I love the beach and boating and swimming, so fall signals an ending for me.
    Being a new reader, I don’t know what your World Book is. Can you give me a clue? 🙂

    • JanisHarrison

      The world book is our shorthand name for the book Kim’s working on right now, the “world of the Hollows,” where Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, & Co. live. It’s across the river from Cincinnati, completely fictional, but so real that I was looking in my road atlas for it…It will be a couple of years before it’s out in print. Next up in the Hollows series is Pale Demon, coming in late February 2011.

    • Hi Marguerite. I think summer is my favorite season, but I like fall and the feeling of settling in and being still for a time. Winter is my slow season, and I really need to slow down.

      Janis gave you a good explanation for the world book. It’s sort of a compendium of the entire series, with character descriptions and explanations about the magic. I’m turning it in at the end of this month, so it will be at least a year before it comes out.

  12. Marsha

    A gas starter on the fireplace is a great idea. We have that down here, and on the rare occassions where we have ice storms and loose power, we at least have a fireplace for heat until they get it back. There is something very seductive about wood fires though. We are still hot down here *sigh*

  13. Ash

    I love the Fall, the beautiful colors of the trees and cool weather. I do not have a fireplace in my house but I do have a firepit in the back yard. Ready for the nights to get just a little cooler here and we will be using that firepit. Love to roast hotdogs and marshmellows. Yum!!
    I am ready for the world book to be out, or for that matter, any book of yours.;)
    Tell Guy that I am not pressuring him for my merchandise from Vampiriccharms, I know that he is busy. Don’t let him stress to much!!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Mmmmm, firepits! I don’t know if I can have one here in the city limits, but maybe? Everything seems to close to me.

      OMGosh, I’ll push Guy for you. He needs pushing. -laugh-

  14. Jenn

    I can’t wait for the world book! It sounds like it’s going to be amazing…you’ve worked sooooo hard on it.
    I don’t know about you, but I love the start of autumn…the days are still warm but the nights are cool for sleeping! I still have my fan in my window blowing the cool air in…sigh….best sleeping ever!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Jenn. I’ve worked so hard, indeed. A lot of world books is just a collection of stuff, but everything you will see in this one is something I spent real thought and time on. I hope it is well received.

      I love the window open at night, too. Something about waking up to the world-sounds is very peaceful.

  15. Sebrina

    I am incredibly excited for the World Book. I know you said in a past post/comment that you wouldn’t write out the guide to dating vampires, because it was truly disturbing, but I think we could handle it. Just a thought 😉

    Sneezed twice this morning – again. Of course, I keep saying ‘morning’ when it’s actually 1pm. I’ve been keeping weird hours of not going to bed until 4am or 6am, and then getting up around 12.30pm-1.00pm. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me to re-read the hollows series.

    • Considering the reactions of those on the bus when Rachel kept reading it in public (she’s a bit dense sometimes, yes?), I don’t think Kim would do that any time soon.

      I’m not sure even Anne Rice would write something like that, and she wrote those Cinderella stories! Not that I’ve read them or anything. I just… I just think I’m going to wander back to work. 🙂

    • Sebrina

      It would be something like extreme porn to be kept in the house 😉 Of course now I’m thinking of Tom Lehrer songs: The Masochism Tango, or even Vatican Rag. But back on topic! It’s one of those things that you want because someone tells you no.

      Ah yes, the sleeping beauty stories. I never read them, but I have a friend who has. I heard they were excellent.

    • My Gosh, Sebrina, you have hours like an Inderlander! -laugh-