I have retired my wooden pinky ring as of this morning, and like everything else, there is a story behind it.  Things come and they go, just like they do with everyone else.  I’m always buying jewelry and losing it, mostly things from the Ren fair, oddly enough, so I’m not blind to when something is “just not jelling” even if I think it’s cool.  But my ring, I thought, was safe.  Not so.

My pinky ring is wooden, so it comes off for showers and washing my hands, then goes right back on again.  It also stays in my pocket when I’m working in the dirt for the same reason.  It’s not like it sits on my hand and stays there, so really, it’s remarkable that I’ve managed to keep it for so long.  I’d been having the hardest time the last couple of weeks keeping track of it, and this Friday, I lost it in the span of thirty seconds when I changed from long pants to shorts.  Honest, it was thirty seconds.  The keys made it, the wallet made it, the truck fob and phone made it.  The ring . . . did not.

Over the weekend, I looked everywhere for it, even outside by the doors and in the driveway, thinking I had it in my pocket and it slipped out when I dug my keys out.  Nothing.  Like I said, I lose stuff all the time, and I usually just let it go, but this was my ring, darn it.  I could buy another one, but it bothered me that it was just sitting somewhere, lost and becoming dirty and tarnished.

This morning, I woke up and told Guy that if it was time to lose it like everything else, then I accept that, but that I wished I could find it just so I would know it was safe.  Before I finished my cup of morning tea, I found it in the middle of the floor, chewed by puppies and broken.  I could have cried, but they were happy tears, not angry or sad.  I’d already let it go, and now I had the peace of knowing at least where the remnants were.

My broken ring is now safe in the jewelry box that my grandfather made for me.  And that is where it is going to stay.  You don’t have to hit me over the head with a 2X4 to get my attention, but sometimes, it helps.  -grin-


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  1. Marguerite

    Hello Kim,
    I’m a new reader who has devoured most of your Rachel Morgan series in a couple of weeks. Frankly, I didn’t think I would enjoy the genre, but they were recommended and I’m hooked. I’ve been in a non-reading mood lately, so I’m grateful for your great character development and unusual story lines that have gotten me away from the tv after work.
    I have two jewelry boxes, one for the things I currently like to wear, and one for memories that are a part of who I am, even though I no longer wear them.

    • Thank you, Marguerite! I’m really glad you took a chance on my work and that you liked it! 😉 You put it so very clearly. “memories that are a part of who I am, even though I no longer wear them.” That’s perfect!

  2. Theresa

    Hi Ms.Harrison!! That was a cool ring. I love the pic!! I have a ring too but it’s a purity ring so it ain’t coming off any time soon. 😉 I hope your puppies enjoyed the snack!!
    From Theresa=]

  3. Liz

    That reminds me of what happened to my class ring about a year ago. After a long day at work I got home promptly placed my rings and necklace on the back of the couch. I wasn’t used to the new couch we had there and was used to placing my jewelry there before I’d shower and on my way back to my bedroom (with a towel on I promise) I’d grab them and put them back on. My boyfriend was sitting on the couch and knocked down the two rings and necklace I placed on the back of the couch into the couch. He found my mothers class ring and the necklace but no sign of my class ring! I was devastated! We ripped the house apart, don’t even ask what we did to the poor couch and couldn’t find it. A few months later we moved into our home and I was on a washing frenzy. All of a sudden while lifting out clothes from our dirty clothes bag I heard something metallic hit the floor. It was my class ring!!! This was about a month after we’ve moved into the house and I had washed those same clothes many times, including the dirty clothes bag. I have no idea how it got there but I’m very grateful that I have it back.

  4. Julie

    I can relate. I lose ANYTHING I set down for more than a second, but I was writing to say I LOVE the photo! I like textures and patterns and that pic is GREAT! I’m snagging a copy!

  5. JanisHarrison

    A wonderful allegory. Sometimes we do need to retire “things” that we’ve valued but that don’t need to be on or with us every day.

    I wish I could find my keys! I’ve lost my personal, primary, double ring of keys. I imagine I set them down in a store or the post office, or they fell out of my pocket. I can get by with my dad’s car keys and my reserve set of my apt keys, but I miss my own keys. Among other things, my BWS souvenir key is on that set…

    • That’s it in a nutshell, Janis. I valued it highly, but it was time to move on. Hope you find your keys! We don’t have any of the freebies left, or I’d offer you a new one!

  6. mudepoz

    Between my dustbunnies with fangs (I don’t believe in fighting entropy) and the dogs, I don’t keep anything. I’ve lost a lovely beaded necklace one of my students made me in one of 700 pots of peas I’d planted. Never found it. Most recently, I lost my keys. My master key to the building. I’m punished by only getting a few keys.

    Now is this the prototype for Rachel’s ring?

  7. Noooo! Pinkie ring! I think as fans, we’re probably attached to the idea of you wearing that ring more than you. lol It’s just a Miss Kim thing. 😉

    But I get what you mean about thinking maybe it’s time to retire it and at least knowing where the remains are.

    At uni I used to wear a necklace everyday that had a little silver rose charm on it and a claddagh(sp?) pendant on the same chain. They both meant something to me. But I was begining to think that even though it was sentimental I should probably wear more of my other jewelry instead of the same thing every day. Anyway, one day I had a dance class and had forgotten to take it off and leave it at home like I usually would, so I took it off at the start of class and thought I put it into an outside pocket of my bag. I obviously missed the pocket as it wasn’t there when I got home and I went back to the room to find it, called the uni to see if anyone had handed it in (though it was pretty so I figure it someone found it they kept it) but nothing. I’ve made peace with the fact I don’t have that necklace to wear anymore but I do kinda wish I had it just to put away somewhere safe. I’m glad you could do that with your ring.

    Anyway, hope you’re well otherwise and you’ll be glad to know that I’ve gotten my best friend into your books after years of telling her about them. She’s got the first four and is reading book two right now. I’ll lend her the short stories. 😉


    • Hi Jemma. I am terribly thankful that I have it back so I know where it is. I am not into knickknacks or do-dads. My house is actually rather spartan. But the few things that I attach value to mean a lot to me.

      Very cool on getting your friend hooked! Thanks!

  8. suzannelazear

    ~tries to figure out how to work brass quantum dust bunnies with rayguns, zombie unicorns, a vampire giraffe into book two of her YA steampunk series without her editor totally freaking out~

    ~decides it may require copious ammounts of coffe, chocolate, and pixie dust~

    ~Thinks perhaps she should ask the tot. The tot has an ansewer for everything. The ansewers don’t always make sense. But she does alway have an ansewer.~



  9. Another case of life popping up to say hello once you’ve given up on something. 🙂

    When I was younger and more impressionable, I used to buy crystal pendants at the mall and wear them around my neck. I must have bought about 7 of them, promptly losing each one after a month or less (I’m a bit stubborn). Finally I got the hint and stopped (actually I think it was more of the fact that the fad was fading and I couldn’t find anybody selling them anymore).

    A little over a year ago I found a silly little version of the same thing. A metal dragon’s claw holding a “crystal ball” (actually little more than a gaudy bead). This time I am wearing it not to show off, but to remind myself there is much more to life than work, stress, and struggling to keep your family clothed and sheltered. Those things are important, but not nearly as important as the people you are doing those things for.

    I guess that’s not nearly the same as your wooden ring, but your story reminded me of my story. 🙂

  10. Stef from Germany

    Aw.. this is really sweet. 🙂 Kinda sad, cause it’s now broken.. but sweet cause you keep it in your box like a treasure. : )

    I have the same ring.. for my Rachel Morgan costume. My dog though is too big to actually chew on it.. he would swallow it whole.

  11. Jenn

    I’m so glad that you found your ring :0) It’s always nice to get some closure. Maybe you have a ghost? Or maybe your tin soldier talked to the puppies & got them to release their hostage?

    • Hi Jenn. We talked to the lady who owned the house before the woman we bought it from, and she said there was a ghost under the stairway. Personally, I think it was mice eating the very old cat food we found in the crevices there. The house feels very happy to me. But yeah. -grin- There’s a story there.

  12. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    Sorry to hear about your ring. It’s always sad when you loose something like that when it’s technically of no financial value but has a part of your soul and person in it if that makes sense. I had a tiny saint christopher that I wore years ago. I never took it off (it was on a silver chain). One day, I was riding a particularly wild horse (or I should say broken, he had terrible owners and I was trying to work with him so that he could at least be sell able) when he started rearing with me. I still don’t know how it happened but somehow, as I sat forward to try and manage the rear, my thumb got stuck on my chain and when the horse dropped to his four feet again, I snapped the chain. It happened in seconds. I got off and searched for it immediately but it was gone.
    I now have one again, 🙂 but it’s not the same but I took comfort in the fact that the saint Christopher was now at the stables to keep an eye on me 24/7.

    Have a lovely day ma’am, and thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you, Alyssa. But I feel good about it now that I know where it is. I don’t mind saying “good-bye” to things that are important as long as I know they are okay. And how true about the St. Christopher metal. It’s always there now. Maybe it’s better this way?