Page Proofs, and Friday!

Page Proofs for the last Madison book have come in, so I’m sharpening my colored pencil and getting ready to give it a last look.  But the best news is that it’s Friday!  Not only that, but it’s going to be a long weekend, too as we take Monday off here in the states for Labor Day.  And I”ll be laboring, I’m sure.  -grin-  Out in the garden, pulling weeds.  The pumpkins are thick with them.  Still no female flowers.  I may have gotten them in too late in the season, but I’m willing to give it a try.  You never know when the fruit of your labor will show up.  Like the picture today:

I put this  plant in the ground almost three years ago as a bulb.  I’d given up on it, to tell you the truth.  It kept getting frost-burned in the spring and it never amounted to anything. And yet . . . Ta-da!  It flowered this year and is stunningly beautiful.  You just never can tell.


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  1. Hey Kim,
    What a beautiful flower! I know exactly which lily this is. In fact, one of them just sprouted up in the garden outside my door here. My mom has lived here for 10 years (I rent out her back house these days) and she was just commenting to me that this is the first year she’s seen it come up. She didn’t plant it though, so who knows how long this one has been waiting to bloom. Hope you had a fab holiday weekend! Enjoy your page proofing. 🙂

  2. theweightofsilence

    That flower is gorgeous. I’m loving the long weekend!! I’ve just been lazy, haha.

    I actually have a question unrelated to your post… Before you were published, did you ever fear being rejected? Did it hold you back at all? I know that writers can and do get rejected hundreds of times before something happens, and it terrifies me, so I find myself not even trying at all. I don’t write regularly any more, because I’m so scared of my biggest dreams not working out.

    Anyway, my name is actually Crystal 🙂

    • JanisHarrison

      Crystal, we who write, be it fiction, or nonfiction, must write to satisfy our inner need to write. If we stifle the need to write we stifle a bit of our core. Getting published is secondary. Keep a journal, at the least. Include your essays, outlines, plot ideas, whatever. Getting refused by a publisher is a guarantee, but it’s not a rejection of YOU. Get involved with writers’ groups, take a class in creative writing, and I guarantee you’ll learn more about the craft as well as find kindred spirits. Successful, i.e., published writers, get many, many rejections before they hit the magic acceptance–and even then it’s generally a request for a rewrite.

    • theweightofsilence

      Hi Janis! I do write, every day. I have a regular blog I’ve had for a long time, and this one I just started on WP. If I didn’t write every day, I think I would die inside. My blog posts are more about my every day life, though, and sometimes I throw in some flash fiction or poetry. I just don’t write my novel any more, or finish any significant project. I took a creative writing class in college, and it was my most favorite class ever. I wish I would have kept in touch with my instructor, and she suggested joining The Loft, which I haven’t done. I’m just so terrified that I’m not good enough, it holds me back.

    • OMGosh, Crystal. I went into this so blind it saved my butt. I assumed that if I worked hard enough and long enough, that SOMEONE would eventually recognize my work–once it got good enough to be recognized. And that’s pretty much how it worked out. You have to remember that agents, editors, and publishers are shopping. You don’t buy every single shirt when you look for a new top. You pick out one that suits your taste and the event that you are going to, even if the sparkly one looks cool. So don’t take rejection personally. It’s just not what they are looking for. And keep writing. Wear them down.

  3. Chelikins

    Where is that flower in location to you? As in.. NC or MI.. and if it is MI where did you plant it three years ago.. your moms? 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Annalieza

    I was wondering when your next Hollows Book came out? I loved Black Magic Sanction and the rest of them. They are all fantastic. Every book youve written ive read over and over again. Keep up the good work Kim.

  5. melody

    I have a variety of day lilies called “bela lugosi” that always make me think of Ivy. They’re deep dark purple with a beautiful bright spot of yellow in the center. Ah, I just love having the hope that Rachel can save Ivy’s soul.

  6. JanisHarrison

    Are there not recipes for stuffed (male) squash blossoms? They are good for something!

    Gorgeous flower! Is it in the lily family?

    Congrats on your progress with the page proofs, and do enjoy your extra day off, but don’t kill yourself. More than once, when I was an office drone, I made myself so stiff with weekend yard work that I could barely type on Monday…

  7. Jenn

    What a pretty colour of flower! I’ve got loads of tiger lilies…which I’ve also heard called ditch lilies since they tend to grow wild there.
    Madison’s a 3 bood series huh? I can’t wait to read them all (I’m still waiting to pick up #1 – you signed #2 for me)!
    Wishing everyone a TGIF!
    And Kim, wishing you a happy Tuesday since I think that’s when you’ll get this :0)

  8. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    Sorry to hear about your bachelor pumpkin patch. I almost showed my intelligence by suggesting that you borrow female flowers from neighbours and use them to pollinate the male flowers… but of course then I realized that pumpkins aren’t seahorses where the males carry the young. I’d have been very embarrassed if I had put that up, lol, now I can share the joke. 😉
    We had our spring day celebrations here which meant that I could come off early. 🙂 I’ve weeded my vegetable patch, but I’ve realized that in the years since I’ve last put anything in there (when i was still young and innocent in school, lol) the trees have grown so much that it’s now covered with shade. I think I’m going to go for flower pot vegetable growing instead. 🙂

    Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your extra weekend day!


    • Antonio

      I’ve never heard the phrase “Bachelor Pumpkin Patch” although I have heard the phrase “Sausage Fest.” I guess it’s kinda the same thing. Damn! Now I’m hungry for Italian sausage and pumpkin pie. 😎

    • 😉 If they were a patch of female pumpkin flowers I’d have called them a pajama party, lol. 😉 Or a gaggle. as opposed to a giggle when there is one male pumpkin flower and a couple of female flowers…

    • -grin- That’s too funny, Alyssa. I need to make some serious amendments to my soil this fall. There’s no nutrients in it. My pumpkins were very sad looking this year.

  9. suzannelazear

    So this will be the last Madison book? ~sniff~

    Does this mean we’ll see Grace soon? Will it YA? How about YA steampunk with brass quantum burning bunnies with rayguns and zombie unicorns…maybe a vampire giraffe…

    Yeah, I think I need more sleep.

    The flower is very pretty.

    Happy weekend.

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

    • Jenn

      LoL! I’ll second you on the need more sleep aspect, although you have some pretty interesting ideas running through your head…maybe you should write them down so you can come back to them!

    • Hi Suzanne. One thing I will not write is steam punk. Nothing wrong with it, but my talents do not rest there. -grin- You do it. -bigger grin-

  10. Penny B

    You are too funny, making me laugh. Only you and Guy and the Things would get it. At least I hope so.

  11. Day Lilly? The colors they come in are so beautiful and this pink is especially pretty. A neighbor at our old house dug up some of her beautiful Tiger Lilly bulbs to give us for our new house when we moved so we could take a part of our old neighborhood with us. They are a favorite of mine.

    • Jenn

      I have soooooooo many tiger lilies in our back yard I’ve had to start transplanting them down the skinny side yard instead…they seem to take over!

    • Not a day lilly, Marsha, but a lilly, all the same. I love taking plants from house to house. This year, after a bit of research, I brought some trilliums up. They are still growing and alive. So far. I do have some double day lilies that I want to transplant this fall. They are just plain orange, but they have twice the number of flower petals in each flower.

  12. That flower is gorgeous. It’s a funny thing about life… whenever we just about give up on something is right about the time it springs up and says, “Boo!” 🙂

    In reference to yesterday’s post, I have a friend from an online game. Approximately 4-5 years ago she lost her job and decided to go to school full time. Today she has her English degree, is teaching college classes, and has had her first short story published.

    Success is out there for each of us. It’s just waiting for the right moment to say hello. 🙂