Well, sort of.  The rough draft is finished for the Hollows World Book, except for the last tiny bit, which I traditionally don’t do until my first rewrite anyway.  I spent most of yesterday taking the puppies to the vet (heart worm antigen tests.  They were troopers) and working up Al’s handwriting.  I FINALLY got something I’m really happy with at a quarter to eleven, and if I can work it, I will make it available for purchase as some point.

Today’s picture is of feet, obviously.  No, I don’t have a foot fetish, but one might wonder.  One of my favorite pictures that I took is a picture of shoes piled up at the front door of when both my boys were home and their friends were over.  There must have been 20 shoes there.  It was noisy.  It was good.  Now there are three pairs of bony feet under my kitchen table, and that is good too.  Good, strong, masculine feet, ready to go out and make a place.  Soon.  Not yet.  Still mine for a few more years.


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  1. Jenn

    Feet! lol I’m sure it’s nice to see 3 set’s of them under there.
    I actually have some wedding photos of my feet….I don’t know why they were taken, but a bunch of different people took them. *shrug*

    I’m glad that you got Al’s writing down. And you’re happy with the world book? That’s fantastic. I hope today is just as good for you!

  2. I’m so excited to see the World Book: your Al font, the maps, spells, and whatnot… even (maybe) a story line!!! Very cool!

    -grin- I like your feet picture.

    Also, about books and e-readers, I like your point about planting trees – it’s a renewable resource and you can always plant what you need.

    Have a good one!

  3. JanisHarrison

    OK, my guess on the feet (which are whose) is, from left to right: T2, T1, and G.

    So thrilled you’ve finished the draft of the Hollows World book. I might pay for h/c for this one…

  4. Well behaved too, the feet on your lovely rug are all clean. I hope that when they go out into the world on their own it will not be long before they bring back pretty little babies for you to spoil.

  5. theweightofsilence

    My crush/love crush hates feet. Did you know that 15% of Americans are secret toe biters? I only know this because of a weird fact app on my phone XD

    Yay for getting the rough draft done!!

  6. Really glad to hear that your happy with your work on the new book =D I’m currently reading Black Magic Sanction and it’s been really good so far. I don’t wanna give away any spoilers for other people but just really liking the pace and events in this one!

    I still get the feeling that it’s inevitable for Rachel and Ivy’s relationship to get more romantic or intense again though. I mean they love eachother after all and they’ve been through the most of all the characters (except possibly jenks).

    Are your boys at that age where they want to get away from you or have they moved back into the “appreciative of mom” phase? (I went through those 2 at least)

    Also out curiosity did you visit Charleston when you were in SC? I don’t know which city you were in so was just curious. You should definitely have a book signing here though!

  7. [fan fic removed by Kim]
    – – – –
    What I want to say with the drabble of fan fiction is: congrats for finishing the World Book Draft! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

  8. Sandra

    I know what you mean by ‘ It was noisy. It was good’ I have a little male Thing 1 of my own. He’s only 4. But I love listening to him play. His little imagination is showing and he’s just so animated. I never want it to end… Maybe I need to start working on a Thing 2.

  9. One my my favorite pictures is from a dance competition ages ago where we all had our feet in a circle in our dance shoes.

    I have little girly feet with painted toes running around (the tot and the teen). Oh, and the shoes. Big, big pile in front of the TV.

    The tot got new school shoes including a pair of black sparkly maryjanes. This morning as I walked her to the first day of 1st grade she said “Mama, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pay attention in class, my shoes are too sparkly.”

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  10. Jessica

    I’m in toddlerhood with mine and that is nostalgic enough! When my 18 month old turns 18 years, I don’t know what I will do…My pugs are mine forever however. (I’m a pug foster momma) Can’t wait for the next book and enjoy your boys! I know I enjoy mine, human and pug alike!

    • Thanks, Jessica. 😉 Have fun with your little one! I know what you mean about the pugs. The need to nurture is hard-wired into us, even if it’s not our species. Weird. It’s a trait that just might save us in the end. 😉

  11. Judi in NJ

    Clockwise from left: T1, T2, & G. Right?? Very sweet picture!

    I truly hope we get to purchase the world book! I’m in NJ so let me know if I need to pop over the bridge & lean on NY a little. Congrats on “finishing” it!

  12. Teah

    What do you mean “the Hollows World Book”?

    • Hi Teah. I’ve been working all summer on the Hollows World book, which is a compendium to the series, with all sorts of info, descriptions, and whatnot. It is kind of cool, if I do say so myself.

  13. Antonio


    All employed in Kim Harrison’s Home Renovation Company.

    It’s not just a job…It’s The Law!

    *I know your old place is on the western part of the state, but do you know anybody on the coast of the Carolinas? (I do) Hurricane Earl is threatening the coast…