Should be today . . .

If all goes well, I should finish the rough draft of the world book today.  Yay!  It will feel good to get this done.  I’ve been nervous over it for a long time, making this huge thing with no real idea of how it’s going to be received at the publishers.  I’ve got a month to whip it into shape, and then it’s on to the next Hollows book.

Today is the epilog chapter and perhaps a new font for Al.  I made one, but I don’t like it.  Going to try a different tack.

The picture for today is a bunch of birds bathing in the puddle at the top of our drive.  No particular reason, except they looked so enthusiastic.  😉  It’s all about the moment for birds.

And if you’re hot on the e-book topic and going green, check out my agent’s blog this morning where there are a few excellent links on trying to answer the question of how green is the e-reader.  There really isn’t an answer yet, but the observations are intriguing. e-reads


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  1. mudepoz

    While waiting to hear more about the World Book (Is this likely to be an oversized soft cover or HC or mass market, or, guess it doesn’t matter) I offer:
    our miniprairie outside the greenhouses.

    Swallowtails like me, monarchs fear me. So, no monarch pics though they are the predominate species.

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to see the World Book! You put so much effort into it, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

    Very interesting post over at your agent’s blog. Seriously, the consequences of the waste we generate is such a sad truth. It would be interesting to know if factors like whether the e-reader uses recycled materials (if any of them do?) or the impact of losing forests to tree plantations are considered in those numbers?

    And thanks – I’ve been trying to figure out in general if I had the equation for the reader down correctly… any way you look at it, I haven’t read enough books on it to make it a greener choice, but making green choices is something I’m very concerned about. :-/

    Take care!

  3. Nice photo, birds and water are a topic that never gets exhausted. I watched a bunch of young ducklings last time I was diving in the Austrian mountains, they were hopping all over each other in the water, trying to catch some of the gnats that were everywhere, but the crazy little buggers were too quick for my pocket camera. Here’s one of them that didn’t move for a second:

    Thanks for the link on green e-reading. Funny timing, as I received my Kindle reader just yesterday, so I did read the article with a bit of trepidation. Turns out that with 100+ books a year I can still count myself among the good guys and don’t need to hide in a dark corner of the basement to read 🙂

    I’m certain the world book will be a success, so “don’t get your knickers in a twist” as Jenks would probably put it :))

  4. theweightofsilence

    Even though I’m “only” 24, I consider myself “old school.” I would much rather have a book in my hands, smell the pages as I flip them… I’ve tried reading a book online, and I can’t do it. I can’t read a novel using an electronic device! Besides, when I get my own house, I plan on dedicating a large room to be a library for my hundreds of books! Right now most of them are in boxes in the storage room, sad days.

    Isn’t it exciting almost being done with a project? Not that I would really know… I’ve had too much trouble getting any novel written, lol! I hope you get a font done for Al that you’re happy with =]

  5. Ahhh…Kim, It’s kind of obvious to me why the birds look “enthusiastic”. If you note, that they are almost finished choosing-up sides for a game of Water-Polo!! Wouldn’t you be enthusiastic too?

    Hmm, I’d be very interested to see how they set up the goals. lol :o)

  6. mudepoz

    Are there shorts in the World Book? Any more plans for shorts in anthologies?

    Do the pups like to chase birds or are the birds bigger than the chis.

    Sorry, school is back on, my mind is not.

    • Hi Mud. Oooooh, I don’t want to give anything away! You’ll just have to wait. And yes, the pups chase birds, chipmunks, running people, and really big dogs. They are equal opportunity chasers.

  7. Judi in NJ

    Oh Kim! That’s great news…so happy you’re about to wrap up the world book. Good luck & I know the publishers will LOVE it. How could they not? Very exciting stuff, that! p.s. Did Guy snuggle with his frog last night? Hahaha..just kidding. I’m one to talk – I sleep with a stuffed baby owl and my youngest son sleeps with the momma owl. Have a great week.

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    My question about book donation to the military has sparked some interest. If anyone wants to try it, here is a link to get you started.

    If you don’t like this method, just use your old pal Google to find other ways. If I could do it, it’d be Kindles for everyone!

    Last week I had my own encounter with nature. A large spider set up shop on my back door which slides open. Every night I go out to feed my dogs and this time my face went right into a big web. I jumped back so fast my glases were pulled off by the web.

    I got the spder on a broom and moved her but she kept comming back. After 3 tries, I moved her to the front of the house where she may have died. I’ve seen no web out there and I’m a little sad about it.

    She was a garden spider…



  9. Stephanie

    Ok, so I read the blog from your agent. That picture was kind of disturbing, but why in the heck was that kid sitting in the middle of all of those wires? It seemed like a crazy dystopian image from “When Technology Gets Out of Control”. My opinion on the situation is that the e-reader companies should allow sharing. At least to one other person. It isn’t illegal for people to let another person borrow a book, so why should it be such an issue? Wouldn’t that make life a little greener? I suppose there should be restrictions, otherwise you guys (and the publishers for that matter) wouldn’t make any money, but I find it entirely frustrating that I have to let one of my students link her IPhone to my Kindle just so she can borrow a book (and I really trust her otherwise I wouldn’t do this). Ok…done with my rant.
    By the way, I am stoked about the World Book. This one, I will be buying in a hard copy :). Have a fabulous day!

  10. Wahya

    Thanks for the well wishes Kim. Best of luck with the publishers. But I’m sure it will be fabulous just like the hollow series.:)

  11. natasha

    Hi Miss Kim, okay I was away for a little (okay long) while. What is the “World Book”? It sounds cool!
    Also, Jonny Depp as Al, I like it! I’ve kind of been picturing Pierce as robert downey jr, especially since his stint in sherlock holmes! Who’s your Pierce?

    • Hi Natasha. The world book is a compendium for the Hollows series, where I’ve put all the little things that make the world unique and special. I like your pics. I don’t really have one for Pierce yet.

  12. becca

    hey kim
    on a random note….did you ever decide on a competition or somthing for the growing of the tomato plants?cant remember seeing a post about it or was it so long ago done and dusted that iam way behind?i only ask this as mine are doing really well 4ft high bushes with huge green toms on,a bit more sun(this is england remember,i might be waiting awhile!!)and there ready to go and make brushetta!
    also with you mentining possible title ideas i had to add to …..
    play demon(witch?) for me(play misty for me)
    ambush at the everafter(ambush at the cimarron pass)
    paint your witch(demon?)(paint your wagon)
    what do you think??
    off to check on the brownies……drool…..yumm…
    catch you later kim
    becca and co

  13. The best thing we ever did in our back yard was to put in some bird feeders and a bath. We can see them from most windows and they never fail to brighten the day.

    Good luck on presenting to the publishers, although I doubt you need it 😉

    • I know what you mean, Pamela! It took me four days to find a place for my birdbath where I can see it from both my internet computer and work computer. (And yes, I have two to help reduce distractions.)

  14. Antonio

    An epilogue chapter? Does that mean the World Book has a narrative/storyline?

    • becca

      hey antonio (big wave)
      dont know if you no but they have made being human into books!’bad blood’,’the road’,’chasers’ iam not sure if there are more now the others were released march ish.

    • Antonio

      Hey Becca! (waves…hold on…i’m in Ohio, so I need to face east before waving across “the pond”)

      They have books based on Being Human? Hmmm…I’m going to have to check that out. The second season is playing right now on BBCAm. I love the 3 lead actors, especially the actress playing the ghost, Annie. Be good!

    • -grin- Could be, Antonio. Could be.

  15. Jenn

    Heat, heat, heat! I don’t blame the birds for wanting a bath :0)
    We’re at about 100 with the humidity again this week. *sigh* I was getting used to those cool nights for sleeping lol

    Yay on it being the potential last day for the world book! I can’t wait to see it :0) You sure seemed to be having fun laying it all out. Will we get an arial view of things so we know where they are in conjunction with eachother?

    I hope you had a fantastic day!

  16. Marsha

    I see where you guys got pretty warm again. They look very happy to be able to cool off. Great news on the World book, even better news about the next Hollows book.