Friday was a good day.  I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked-which isn’t unusual, but I set high goals-but I partied hard all weekend.  Holy cow, it was busy, starting with about 4 hours of R&R at the fair for a last hurrah.  Watched the tractor pulls and then hit the games.  I could no longer resist, and I’m a sucker for the coin roll and the ducky pull.  (Which is where I got the tiara.)  I also won three fish with a bucket of balls, so Mr. Fish has a buddy now in the tank next to him.  Cotton candy and a big burger finished me off.  The cat has since eaten the rabbit’s foot, and we lost two of the three fish, which didn’t surprise me, and I gave the tiara to my mom because she’s the princess.  Guy’s frog is decorating our bed.  We’ll see how long THAT lasts.  -laugh-

Saturday was scheduled to the max with a trip to the farmer’s market, a coffee shop, and then swinging by to my mom’s to pick her and my dad up for a trip out to a nursery, something I’ve been waiting two weeks to do.  We spent a couple of hours out there eating pumpkin doughnuts and picking out the last of my back yard plants and a few for my mom as well.  I got a couple of fruit trees and I have big, long-range plans for them.  Keep watching the drama box for stories of applesauce in about three years.

Sunday was a little slower with a quick trip into town to buy school clothes for Thing Two, followed by a family get-together for Thing One, who is going back to base next week, but I managed to wedge in putting the last of the plants I got Saturday into the ground before calling it a night and watching Heartbreak Ridge (DEMON RIDGE, DEMON BRIDGE, HEARTBREAK WITCH . . . possibilities . . .) before stumbling into bed and calling it a weekend.  Dude, I’m tired.  I can’t wait to sit at my desk all day.



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  1. Hello Mrs. Harrison!

    I get very worked up with fair fish. That’s how I got my first couple of fish a couple of years ago because I just couldn’t stand the idea of them being there so I played a game until I got the last group. They were expensive fish, lol. But, those who made it lived a long and good life and got me set on a permanent path with fish. I like putting my fish in strange bowls. Like glass cookie jars and glass flowerpots. 😀

    Happy writing! Tomorrow is my first day of work! Real work. lol.
    Be well,


  2. melody

    “escape from Algiarept” has a nice ring to it. Or “escape from everafter”…

    Glad to hear you and the family had such a wonderful and entertaining weekend.

    And I simply cannot WAIT for pale demon to come out! I’m hoping the baby I’m carrying can hold off until I get my hands on a copy so I can have that to read in the hospital!

  3. theweightofsilence

    I love the fair! It sounds like a great time. Cute tiara!! I love coffee shops too =] I would love to sit at the desk all day after a weekend like that! Oh wait, I do, lol!!

  4. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! That sounds like a great weekend! Have you ever thought of getting a crabapple tree? Those little golf ball sized apples are tart, but they make awesome jelly! I’m constantly scouring farmer’s markets for homemade crab apple jelly!

    On another note, I just finished Jocelynn Drake’s latest book, FINALLY! You really need to talk to her and try to convince her to continue on with the story beyond the sixth book scheduled for next year! Her characters are awesome and I really think there are a lot of possibilities that could extend the series longer. I’ve already been posting on her forum (along with many others!) to try to convince her, but she is being very enigmatic!

    • I’ve never had a crab apple tree, but I’ve been eyeing them.

      Ah, you might want to back off on begging Jocelynn, or any author, actually, to continue a series. If the story is done for the artist, then it’s done, and anything that comes out after won’t have her heart in it, and it will show. But sometimes, the request to end a series comes from the publisher, and in that case, begging her to continue might end up hurting rather than pleasing.

  5. Wahya


    I am a DAV member (Disabled American Veteran) and I have donated things to my chapter to be taken to the vets in the VA hospitals. You could do that too.


  6. JanisHarrison

    Ms Kim: Yes, Johnny Depp can sing! Check out “Sweeney Todd!”

    What a chock-full weekend you had! And I know you’ve been thrilled to have your Thing 1 around for a while, as well as your folks.

    And when did you all acquire a CAT? Did it come with the new/old house? Sometimes they do…

    • JulieB

      Tagging on
      I just read yesterday’s replies. If Johnny Depp is Al’s placeholder, I’m voting for Al all the way. 😀

    • Really? I’ve not watched Sweeny Todd. I might have to do that. I LOVE musicals.
      I’ve had a cat for a long time, but she’s old, and I don’t bring her up much. The aged should be allowed their privacy.

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I was wondering, since Thing 1 is in the military, have you by chance donated any of your books to his unit? As a vet, I know how much a good book is appreciated. Many of my friends and I spent a lot of time reading during our down time.

    You know I like thinking up titles. I don’t claim they’re good. 🙂

    Heartbroke Witch
    Heartbroke Demon
    Demonbroke Witch(?)

    Sounds like you all had a great weekend.


    • Janette

      Hi Vampyre,

      I’m in the process of de-booking and getting rid of duplicate tapes/dvds. I hate to see books go to waste. Where would I go to donate them for the military? Movies (VHS) or audio books on tape any good?


    • Hi Vampy. I’m working on that, actually. Thanks.

  8. You had a great weekend! I didn’t reply on Friday because I had a huge workload, and had to come in on Sunday to work even more. I’m trying to catch up now, but the phone keeps ringing with more trouble tickets (I’ve been interrupted 3 times by the phone just typing these few sentences).

    Anyway, my wife is reading BMS and cried at the one part I cried at… Can’t wait for her to finish it so we can talk more about it. 🙂

    Anyway, as Monty Python said, “No time to lose!” Gotta run.

  9. Mom

    How special it is spending the weekend with you instead of having to read your Drama Box on Monday mornings to check on you and your family!
    Thanks for the tiara and “princess” designation. I will try not to tarnish it.

  10. Jer

    Hey Kim
    You mentioned watching Clint Eastwood’s Heartbreak Ridge (great title ideas by the way) and that got me to thinking…White Witch, Black Curse? Black Magic Sanction? I don’t recall any of these being a Clint Eastwood movie. I am not a Clint Eastwood expert but I have watched a lot of them:) So are they Eastwood’s? I was surprised “Escape from Alcatraz” didn’t make one of your more recent titles with Rachel being there.
    Waiting for Pale Demon!!! The cover is awesome! Why is she wearing white? She usually has black leather on..just curious!

    • Hi Jer.

      Those two titles came from White Hunter, Black Heart and Eiger Sanction. DEAD WITCH WALKING is the only title in the series that doesn’t have a Clint Eastwood link to it.

      Ah, why is Rachel in white. Because Al put her in it, that’s why. -grin-

  11. Wahya

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. I am trying to get winter gear washed and out and everything ready since I only have one more week then EMU classes start back up. And if I haven’t said this before Kim you are an awesome writer. Love your books.

    Take care of yourself.

  12. Antonio

    I’ve never had the best luck with my apple tree. Have you thought about a grape vine? They actually do pretty well in our area(Ohio/Michigan)…

    Last week, the Clint Eastwood movie Blood Work was on. You wouldn’t even have to change the title on that. 😎

  13. Marsha

    Sounds like you had one full weekend! So glad you got to enjoy the company of both of your kids and your parents…not to forget Guy of course. Looks like Clint Eastwood has given you another great title option. Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to retire until the Hollows series is complete. 🙂

  14. Jenn

    Wow! What a full weekend! I can’t say I’m surprised that you fell into bed last night. :0)
    I’m glad that you’re getting some good quality time with Thing 1! That’s great. I’m sure you’re storing it all away in your memory vault.
    Oh! Someone made a comment on how to get my cucumbers to grow up instead of across my whole garden…I just want to say thank you! I’m going to put that to good use tonight I hope!