Yup, I did it again.

I cranked at the desk all day yesterday, with thoughts of horse barns, dressage, and the smell of leather and horse sweat.  So when the clock clicked over, I headed back out to the fair.  This time, I dined upon a huge, greasy hamburger loaded with everything but onions, and a big bag of cotton candy.  Yum.  I ate the whole thing.

The derby was great, and my cousin’s car stayed alive a lot longer this time.  -grin-

The sky was beautiful for pictures at twilight, and I got a few.  I dropped one into yesterday’s post, but it and the one here with the chickens and Faris wheel were both taken the same night.  I like the one with the chickens and wheel.  It sort of captures both widely diverse sides that somehow make a harmonious whole.   If I couldn’t be a writer, or a potter, or a sailor, I’d be a photographer.  As it is, I just play with it using my cheap camera.  -laugh-

I know the lighting is off, but I’m really happy with the balance.  Three bright circles in the upper left, (the sky), balancing the straight lines and structure in the lower right. (the ground)  The eye just travels, and that’s what I was aiming for.  Sky=circles and infinity, ground=structure with clear beginnings and endings.  And chickens.  Don’t forget the chickens.


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44 responses to “Yup, I did it again.

  1. Hi Kim!
    How’ve you been? Of course I read your posts daily – so I’ve enjoyed hearing about all the finds in your new place, your sincere pumpkin patch (which I hope give you pumpkins to work with by Halloween!), all the progress you’re making, and especially that Thing One is back on a domestic base and awaiting extended leave (which hopefully leads him right to your kitchen 😉 ). So I just thought I’d stop in to wish you a happy b-day and un-b-day while it’s still August!! I hope both days were wonderful in every way you wanted them to be.
    I also wanted to tell you that the Pale Demon cover is amazing! It does seem really unique for an urban fantasy cover that she is wearing white! Which is cool, and totally fits Rachel. You know, for some reason, the Coldplay song White Shadows came to mind, since a pale demon might also be called a white shadow.
    I love this picture too: all the elements you mention – and, like you said, the eye really does travel across it!

  2. Love the photo! Great colors. And I love the depth of field. Thanks for sharing it. Almost feel like we were there. Ah, those summer nights. D.

  3. XienMe

    Our state fair here is going on right now in Minnesota. Amazing range of food you can get there.

    I think Rach and Ivy could have some fun at the fair. Jenks would also (THere is a whole wing in the Ag building devoted to honey).

  4. I was never that excited by the animal side of the fair. I grew on farm so it kind of drained the magic out of the corral of chickens and other beasties.
    However, I must say that your picture wins the chickens a place back into my heart. The contrast between the sky and the ground is harmonious yet very sharp. Because of the line formed by the top of the tent, it almost looks like the picture is actually two different pictures put together. The luminous yellow inside the tent (lower right) unifies the ensemble by referring to the color scheme of the wheel and lights in the sky (upper left).
    The lighting might be off but the composition is really interesting. 😉

  5. theweightofsilence

    Love the photo =]

    I would love to be a photographer too, I love taking pictures.

  6. Arphelia

    Hey I just passed my tickets to the fair to one of my co-workers! I always tend to spend just a bit more money than I planned. $7 for a turkey leg the size of my forearm is completely reasonable.lol

  7. Theresa

    Hi Ms.Harrison!! I love fairs I hope you had fun!!=]
    From, Theresa

  8. Becca K.

    Looks like fun! I’d probably lose all my money at the games.

  9. SeattleRobin

    Holy razzle dazzle! I just got my first look at the Pale Demon cover. Looks fantastic! (And a bit scary.) The fair sounds fun. I remember watching demolition derby on TV as a kid. It was the only car “sport” that I ever found interesting. Cars bashing each other up. What’s not to like?

  10. JanisHarrison

    The photo is great. I agree, it’s the composition as much as the components that make it great. And chickens are great, too. We have a few in our neighborhood (urban chix are permitted, 3 to a housing lot) and locally we have one independant chicken who refuses to stay with its family. We see it strutting around about a block from our house.

  11. TimB

    Um . . . what’s wrong with the picture? I think it’s awesome, and it really looks like a fun place to hang out. You are such a talent you deserve to enjoy life!

  12. Tishy

    Thanks for sharing but I just have to know.. how you and other writers stay in shape having to work at your desk all the time…???? I recently became a “desk” person and it is brutal!!! XX00

  13. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san! I love the cover for PALE DEMON, too. Hopefully it stays! I’m at ASU now, and I got my Associate’s Degree over the summer. One down, one to go . . . maybe two. xD

    I hope today is productive!

  14. I’m glad you’re having a good time at the fair. We missed ours this year due to Gen Con (sorry, but the Con beats out the fair *any* day *grin*).

    Not much time for a note today unfortunately, computers are being cranky around here and not help out at all. I’m up to my eyes in work and somebody dropped by my desk to tell me a hard drive had crashed and I just *had* to drop what I was doing to go recover the files they saved on their hard drive (and not the network, which is actually backed up). *sigh*

    Have a good one everybody!

  15. Brooke

    Oh, I haven’t been to a fair in so long. I was mostly raised in Oregon. They had a fantastic State Fair. It was one of the biggest highlights of our kid year, & it was always right before school started, so it was the last big hurrah of the summer.

    I have been in Orlando for 7 years now, & my hubby works for Walt Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom. I love going there, but I miss the charm of the small fair. =o) I love your picture it make me rather nostalgic.

  16. Hello Mrs. Harrison,
    LOL, you made me ‘homesick’. I used to take my employer’s sheep to the fair and sell their home made apple juice. I loved the people and the whole atmosphere.
    And, of course, lol, I loved going onto the rides until my stomach rebelled in a very big way… And then go a little bit more. lol.
    Chickens are very important… 😉
    Have a great day ma’am, happy writing!

  17. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Wonderful composition in that photo. Good photographers take good pictures with good cameras but great photographers make works of art with ANY camera. 😉 I like the chickens. One criticism tho, and you probably wanted to preserve this for memory sake, but get rid of the date stamp. With digital it’s always in file so you don’t need it in your beautiful photos!

    I was horrible in university ceramics class and I would be sea sick a lot if at sea (overnight ferry trips and I don’t get along), so I’ll stick with photographer.

    • OMGosh, I forgot that was there. I usually don’t have the date stamp on, but I’ve been taking shots of the light in the yard and needed the time stamp, and I forgot to turn it off. -laugh-

      Thanks, Mendi. 😉

  18. Ah – the fair. I like the picture. This is my first time checking out your blog. 🙂

  19. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    As a Navy vet, I can highly recommebd ‘sailor’. I really enjoyed my time at sea except on smaller ships. I tend to get sea sick the first week or so out.

    The very best part for me was the night sky. Out in the middle of the ocean, there is no light pollution. The sky is dark and the stars are so bright. It’s awe inspiring and glorious.


  20. Jenn

    A potter or a sailor? Hm…well living in MI, I know where the sailor bit comes from lol but the potter? Did you watch the movie Ghost at a impressionable age? :0)
    I’m glad that you’re enjoying the fair. I’m also glad that your cousin’s car lasted longer this time! Isn’t it great to have someone you know to root for? *grin*