joys of small town life

Yesterday I worked until about 7:00, then kicked back from my desk, made a quick change of clothes, and headed out to the county fair.

I love fairs, and it has been about thirteen years between them.  They haven’t changed.  The flowers are still wilted in the flower displays, the bunnies still chew at hay and ignore you, and the cows still smell like cows.  The rides are still up and over, round and round, and dip and swoop, and run with colored lights.  The people running them haven’t changed, either, sitting with a slack ease in those fold-up chairs as they take your ticket in hands still grimy from having set it up a thousand times before.  The food is greasy, overpriced, and the best tasting thing this side of a 4th of July picnic.

However, I had never before tasted the delights of the demolition derby until last night.

There is not much better than watching young men and women backing up into each other until their cars break.  Unless it’s watching a 40 year old woman wheeling her mini-van around like it is an extension of herself, doing the same thing.  Dude, neither her nor the SUV would quit, and every time it looked like she was out, she got the thing going again.  Practice.  It’s all about practice.  -grin-

If I can get my work done in time again today, I’m going back tonight.  Tractor pulls by the end of the week.  And there might be one with a jet engine on it!

(laughing, but loving it)


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  1. Jenn

    Oh! I know all about county fairs…lol…Andy & I just finished working a very small one, but it had all those emements in it & some extra animals! We had a elephant & a 2 week old lion cub, just to name a few.
    Oh man, those tractor pulls sure are noisy, but a whole lot of fun to watch. I hope you enjoy the rest of your fair!

  2. trish

    I went to a demo and they had a comp with old caravans on the back of the cars. What an unbelievable mess! they shattered and exploded with wood chips all over the place! So much fun watching it, though. I guess if they hadn’t been all painted up as they were at the beginning someone could have sold the chips as garden mulch. Lol. I’m glad you had fun, we all need that, especially when it brings back memories of fun as a kid. But it sounds like we miss out here in Aus, no fried twinkies or snickers, just what you guys call corn dogs (pluto pups), cotton candy(fairy floss), fries (chips) and the same-name-everywhere,hot dog. Our local fair has strawberry icecreams that are yummy as this used to be a big strawberry farm area, until the developers stepped in.

  3. GracieA

    Were you at the Chelsea fair last night/this evening? My very good friend was/is running in the derby. Hope you enjoy it! I grew up in Chelsea and the demo derby is always the best nights of the fair.

  4. JanisHarrison

    Oh, lordy lordy lordy! That sounds like a real county fair, attended by enthusiastic locals. No fun when you can’t eat most of the fair food, is it? But corn on the cob is OK, I hope. The demolition derby makes me cringe, because of the volume level and my awareness of the use of petrochemicals, ditto tractor pulls. What I like to watch is the teams of equines, be they ponies, mules, or big draft horses.

  5. mudepoz

    I got to judge crops and silage (I am big city girl from NYC) last month. It was hysterical, sometimes you judge on what the kid knows more than the looks of their bedraggled crops that were torn by the wind in the back of a pickup truck. Or the kids with toothpicks keeping their eyes open because they’d been up since 3 am to take care of their animals.

    Sad that I couldn’t eat the fried stuff on a stick. Or cotton candy. Life is good.

    • -grin- That is wonderful, Mud! I was looking at the bags of silage and wondering . . .

      I’m still lucky enough to be able to eat what I want, but it’s tricky with Guy.

  6. Robert Callaway

    Rachel and Ivy at the Ohio/Ky fairs this could be fun

  7. Judi in NJ

    Have a deep-fried oreo for me! Hey to “Guy”! Have fun!!!

  8. I love the county fair! I never miss the demolition derby either! They have a schoolbus demolition derby here too.. same thing.. just giant school buses painted crazy colors with crazy drivers. Our county fair had a car with a jet engine on the back too.. and i LOVE the carnies! 🙂

  9. natasha

    I love county fairs! Salems summer school had a field trip to the Del Mar fair this year, to get in free that day you had to bring a sample of your homemade salsa, there was a contest. We came up with “Bombay Fiesta”, we won first prize! Well Freddy did most of the work but I helped, he’s so proud of that blue ribbon!

  10. I had never been to a state or county fair until moving to Indiana. I’ll tell you what, they don’t play around out here! I think I read someplace that the Indiana state fair is the largest in the country. I don’t know for certain, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I grew up in Las Vegas, NV. Being “from the city,” I never got the chance to appreciate farm life at all. But I’ll tell you what, I may make fun of Indiana being “The Corn Capital of the World,” “The Armpit of the U.S,” and perhaps even state there’s nothing here BUT corn and NASCAR, but getting the chance to eat fresh honeycomb, or meat on a stick, or fried Twinkies at the fair is truly awesome.

    Another thing I absolutely love… Halloween! Actually going to a REAL pumpkin patch every year to pick out pumpkins is awesome. And hay rides and… well, there’s a reason our wedding anniversary is Oct. 31. 🙂

    • A big fair might be too much for me, Greg, but it sounds wonderful. We don’t have the variety of food that you do, and I’ll admit the food is a big draw for me. I like to eat.

  11. erin

    Sounds like fun! Isn’t it funny how much fun organized chaos is? 🙂

    Oops! looks like the blog ate my post about the new cover! Luuuuuv it! I started counting down to Pale Demon as soon as I finished BMS! Good thing you don’t put out new books every week cuz I’d be broke as I would always be the first in line to buy! Love your blog too! I “lurk” here almost daily; love your posts!

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I can see it now, a demolition derby, Rachel traped in the tunk of one of the cars and precious little time to save her and Jenks is distracted by a deep fried Sickers.

    I thought of a title, that has nothing to do with the above,
    “The Witches of Kenton County”. It’s inspired by “The Bridges of Madison County”.

    Have fun at the fair,

  13. Ash

    Sounds like fun to me!!!

  14. Marsha

    Yeah…GO SOCCER MOM GO! Coming from the Northern area of Charlston, and having mostly male cousins, I grew up at backwoods stock car races and demolition derbies. I feel all nostalgic.

  15. The tot loves demolition derby…and monster trucks, lo.

    I love small town fairs and I grew up going to one where my grandparents lived. I always loved the rides and the rodeo and the parade where they throw candy. We didn’t make it to the fair year, maybe next year.

    ~Suzi and the tot

  16. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! A demolition derby sounds like a blast. I’ve never been, but I always wanted to check out one of those monster truck rallies. That might be the closest thing to it. If I’ve asked before, sorry, but when is the world book due out. A walking tour sounds awesome…we are not that far from Cincy, and that would be a great day trip.~Indy

  17. Tiffany

    And my husband would be one of those with ‘practice’ enough so to enter his fair share of fair demos during the summer. And, he really good at it too (the shelf full of trophies in the living room attests to that). Not so cool thing about the ‘demo-lifestyle’ is the backyard full of 1980s/90s cars silently ‘waiting’ to be stripped. Well, he’ll tell you that there are only five cars, and i’ll tell you that they are blocking my view of the field 😛 It’s fun, though i admit, a little stomach turning to watch your loved one out w/a bunch of others behind the wheel, hitting each other like it’s an adult version of bumper cars. I love my husband’s passion for it (despite the parking lot in my backyard) and there could be worst things for him to participate in 😉

    As an artist i am useful to him in the capacity that he always has the best looking car out there. I will paint ’em up all beautiful (flames and cartoon characters, etc) and it’ll take me hours. Then he goes out and destroys it all in minutes. It’s a strange form of “art therapy” for me, LOL.

    • Hi Tiffany.
      The announcer yesterday was saying how hard it’s getting to find the bigger, heavier cars. Your husband might be sitting on a gold mine! -grin-