I’m shooting pictures . . .

. . . and taking notes.  We have a very shady lawn, and the high-light spots are at a premium.  Hosta do very well, but I like raspberries and apple trees, and so today I’m going out into the lawn every hour and taking a snapshot of the light, ending once and for all the discussion Guy and I are having over “is there enough light?”  -laugh-

We’re trying to put in the last of the borders, and the depth of the beds will depend upon what’s going in.  It also looks like I’m going to have to cave and plant Yew as a foundation plant at the end of the drive.  I like boxwood better for a low-light situation, but I’ve used a lot of that already.  I wouldn’t mind some Holly, but apparently MI winters have been tending to be too dry for them to thrive.  I might go ahead and get them anyway, just to be contrary.  I’ve got a narrow set of parameters, and not a lot of choices. (no more than 5 ft tall, low light, evergreen)

Still no female pumpkin flowers.  I’m starting to get worried . . .

The world book is going good, and I should finish it by the end of the month.  I’m working on the maps today.  Joy.  But seriously, if I do it right, I might have a walking tour of downtown for you, which would be very cool.


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  1. Hello Mrs. Harrison, (from the Cape Region of South Africa, lol)

    Maybe the pumpkin flowers are organizing a female revolution? They won’t show up until they are allowed to have a say as to where they are planted.
    Or you change the angle with which the sun falls on the plants… What else can they upset about? Or maybe they are just out for a wild ladies night out… o_O
    I’m happy about the world book! How did it compare writing that as to a story? Did you enjoy it more? less? In a different way?

    • Hi Alyssa.
      I’ve really been enjoying the different things I’ve had to learn to put the world book together. I’ll know soon if I did it right or not. sheesh!

  2. Lurker

    Whoa. I’ve been busy lately, haven’t been able to type too much. And apparently I haven’t been the only busy bee lately, I’ve missed a “few” things! lol

    Firstly(s), whats this Michigan stuff? I see bunches of garden posts about a MI home. I don’t think I got the memo 😦 Although, it looks like you are barnstorming up a helluva yard there, go go!.

    Secondly(s), noice cover on Pale Demon:) Looks good, and a certain redhead is lookin hotter than normal. Being the epitome of judging books by their covers, I approve! lol.

    Thirdz – I remember the last time you changed the website. Wasn’t email down for like, I dunno. 10 years? 🙂 But, I think you are every bit the tinkerer that I am, which means it is already a done deal lol

    Regarding Private William: One of my friends where I used to work would randomly place army guys on desk for surprise ambushes. It was pretty funny when you I was frustrated trying to work out a problem in code, and suddenly I see Sgt Mr Big Gun locked and loaded peeking out behind by phone ready to call in air support or something. lol So, I say promote Willy to Corporal and put him on patrol!

    have a good one Kim 🙂

    • OMGosh, Lunker, Guy and I used to move a penny around to surprise each other. It started with me being silly and sticking a penny to the bathroom mirror, and then he stuck it on my toothbrush, and I moved it to the toilet seat. I think one of us hid it too well, because I’ve not seen it in years.

  3. trish

    It’s been a while since I popped in for more than a ‘lurk’ but just had to say I love the cover for Pale Demon and the German version of Madison.

    I wish I was good at gardening, but either the dog or kids kill everything so I give up and anything that gets close to ripening in trees gets eaten by the flying foxes, so cute but murder on fruit trees! Also must say that laundry is the bane of my life. Most days I have to do 2 loads but often more, up to 5 sometimes.

    Maps, walking tour, all sounds good! I can’t wait. 🙂

  4. Marsha

    Looks like the “Pale Demon” cover is a huge success! I was wondering if there was some sort of pumpkin variety that had to be cross pollinated so I looked them up. I found the interesting link below. It says many people start to worry about only male flowers as it takes the females awhile to show up. Just like humans, the girls appear to like to make the boys wait.:)


  5. Wahya

    Hi Kim,

    A walking tour of downtown would be excellent. Now I want the book to hurry and come out even more. LOL
    Well I do have to tell myself. No you can not read until you have finished your home work and studied for your tests. Sigh. Hey can you add some anatomy and physiology then I could say I was studying. LOL

  6. Robin

    Okay now I’m completely geeking out that you like Dr. Who! I was devasated when I heard there was going to be a new Dr. and even though I dutifully set my DVR it was a couple of weeks in before I could even bring myself to watch an episode and now I’m absolutely crushing on Mathew Smith. I think he’s fabulous as the new Dr. and can’t wait for the next season. Best wishes with the yard too. I bought a new house a few years ago with no landscaping whatsoever and it has become my nemisis. About this time of year I’m ranting and raving how I’m concreting over everything. Of course by the end February I’ve got several seed and plant catalogs spread out over the dining room table picking out the next batch of experiments. 😉

    • trish

      I’m loving Amy, too. Never thought I’d be happy with anyone after David Tennant (my kids call him Barty Crouch Jr from Harry Potter), but Matt Smith is doing good. I have always been Dr fan, I’m such a geek!

    • OMGosh, Robin. I was crushing on Tom Baker when he was the Doctor, and I’ve loved them all since. I’m not too fond of what they keep doing to the Tardis, though.

  7. DM

    I’m rather excited about the walking tour. But I’m not sure about my mate who’s a life long local. Here’s hoping.

  8. mudepoz

    Blue Prince and Blue Princess should be FINE in your location. Just water them very well before the forst, and spray them with an antidessicant before it gets very cold. Cloudburst is one name. They use it on Christmas trees to keep the needles from dropping. Mulch really well, but beware of mice and voles coming up under the mulch. Odds are they’ll leave your plants alone;.

  9. Sandra

    I just gotta say in general, it’s so great that you take time out of, what I am sure, is your busy day to reply to each and everyone of us. You are my favorite writer for a number of reasons. This has the number….2 spot. Thanks!

    I hope your yard turns out the way you want it. My nanny had apple trees on her land when I was young- she had about 3 acres. To this day, ripe apples is my favorite smell because I loved her house so much and it makes me think of an easier time- swimming in her pond and getting a rocking tan. Good decision with the apple trees.

  10. All this talk of gardening. If I don’t stop reading it, I’ll run out of excuses to have a weed-overgrown, nasty planter in our front yard! 🙂

  11. JulieB

    A walking tour — how cool!

    I’m surprised at the thought MI winters were dry. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and we had two or three holly as foundation plants and they thrived. I’ve always thought of MI is Even More Snowy. 🙂

    Now I live where the wind picks up quite a bit across the farmland. Our azalea’s have survived (sometimes their leaves fold up in the winter) but I’ve not had much luck with rhodedendrons — a beautiful understory shrub. We don’t have an over-story, so they dried out the two years I tried. I’ve always had the impression holly was hardier.

  12. DW

    If the female pumpkin flowers are the white ones, my neighbors just THREW OUT (*gasp*) piles of them 😦

  13. mmmm….raspberries. The tot’s favorite, lol. They also don’t grow well out here. Our pumpkins have no flowers either, lol.

    I don’t mind the actual washing of the laundry. What I don’t like is putting it away, and dragging it all to the laundrymat…especially with the tot in tow, lol. Nice laundry mats seem to be at a premium. Maybe Santa will being me a washer for Christmas, lol.

    Have a great day.


    • I’ve got this tiny little washer and dryer right now. It’s about half the size I’m used to, but I kind of like it. Except for the part where I have to get on my hands and knees to pull the vent catcher out from the back of the inside of the dryer drum. I’ve never seen one back and inside. (shrug) I will appreciate a new dryer all the more when I break down and get one. Dryers are really low on my priority list.