Cover Art and Classes

Patience is a virtue, but sometimes, you just gotta take a lick of frosting from the cake BEFORE it’s served.

I actually have two things to tell you this morning, the first being the cover art for PALE DEMON.  I absolutely love this cover, and I hope that it makes it through all the hurdles and jumps that it still has to go through to make it to the shelf.  (It’s not over until the covers are printed, and we’re not there yet.) I had quite a bit of input into this one, and my editor got what she wanted too, so we’re both happy.  -grin-  And yes, that’s the San Francisco bridge in the background.  Road Trip!!!!  I’ve been talking about this book for three years, and it’s finally coming out! –click for the cover for a larger image–

Secondly, do you remember a few weeks ago when my editor mentioned that DEAD WITCH WALKING was part of the reading list for a Harvard extension course concerning vampires in literature?  Well, Sue, (the professor) dropped a post on my post page last Friday inviting anyone / everyone to actually take the class by way of your computer. -grin-  It begins September first.  Who knows?  It might transfer in to your own school for credit.


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  1. Wow, that’s beautiful. I especially love the dress she’s wearing…and the lightning. 🙂

    Have a great day.


  2. Ryan R.L.

    Hi Kim,
    The cover art for Pale Demon is very nice. Also, speaking of cover art, I noticed that the most recent French covers have not been added to the section on the website dedicated to the French covers. I also have a question about the essay that Rachel writes on Banshees in White Witch Black Curse. I was wondering if you were going to put the essay Banshees on your website, because you had put the essays on vampires and the one on the differences between pixie and fairies. The reason why I am posting this question in the comment section of your blog is because I could not find your contact information to e-mail you.

    • Hi Ryan. Nope, I’ve not found the time to update the site here, but they are represented at the main website, and no, I won’t be adding the banshee essay up because I really haven’t written it. -laugh-
      And this is exactly where to ask me questions. If you email me, (which is on the front page of the website if you look hard enough) you won’t get an answer for about a week, vs a day or two here.

  3. Nancy Ruhland

    Absolutely love the cover. I am quivering with anticipation for Pale Demon.

  4. Hey Mrs. Harrison!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!! Coolest cover yet!!!!! Dude, lol. Very nice. 😉
    😉 I’m on vacation! 😛

  5. troubledstrength

    It’s a beautiful cover! Although I will admit I am partial to the “Dead Witch Walking” cover.

  6. Oh! I absolutely love the cover! I sure hope it makes it to print (without requiring that you fight for it every step of the way).

    I haven’t been around much lately though I’ve read your posts. Nice pumpkin patch by the way. I’m beginning to see cucumbers on my balcony. Yay!

    I’m now officially on vacation for three weeks and I’ll spend a lot of time writing. I just killed a story arc in my WIP. Gosh it hurts! I think it’s for the best but throwing away 20k words remains a frightening experience. Which brings me to a question: do you sometimes throw out whole chapters, even though you’ve been doing this for quite some time now?

    • Hi Aheila. Thanks! I hope the cover makes it, too. You asked about trashing chunks. Yep, I do. I usually take out at least one chapter in every book, and it’s usually the first or last one, to help solidify the entire work.

  7. Matt Johannesen

    Hi Kim
    That picture is amazing! It looks like the book is going to be good. Speaking of have you released the blurb? Also do you know what the UK edition will look like?

  8. This may be my favorite cover yet. I need to go pull them down and look I suppose. Every Which Way But Dead and Black Witch White Curse were the previous contenders. It’s hard to beat the boots…

    I just finished Once Bitten Twice Dead. AUTOGRAPHED COPY! (Thanks Guy and Kim – neener neener to the rest of you! lol) It’s a a little Twilighty (more the good parts than the others) a little Dead Like Me… quick read and while it was very enjoyable and I will be suggesting to others in a blog post this week, I am still much more a Rachel and Ivy fan!

    Thanks for always posting!

  9. theweightofsilence

    I LOVE the cover!! I’m so excited. Every time a new book comes out I devour it then crave for more.

  10. Shamika

    Wow, the cover is so awesome!!! I expected something totally different but this is so much better. I think this is what we all imagined her “true” powers to be like once she learned how to control and embrace them.
    If this isn’t the final draft on the cover the only thing I’d change is her hair. All that power and still having a good hair day? I’m not sure even Rachel could pull that off. I think her hair flowing free would make this one of the best covers I’ve seen in a very long time. Either way I still love the cover and I love how fantastic a writer you are Kim. I cant wait to read it : )

    • Thanks, Shamika! I sort of expect some small changes, but I bet the hair stays the same. She wears it in a braid at that part, I think, and it would be nice to have it mirror the book.

  11. I think this is my favorite cover. I can’t wait to get the book tho. The cover will be eve better in person, I’m sure. And, of course, I can’t wait to read!

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  13. Wow that is quite the awesome book cover. My favorite out of all the others so far, not that the others have been bad or anything!

    Did you pick that one out of several ideas or request something like that specifically?

    • Thanks, Nick. I really like it, too. No, I didn’t get to pick it from a lineup, but that would have been cool. Usually the artists take a bunch of ideas, colors, and whatnot, and come up with a cover.

  14. natasha

    Miss Kim, wow your website has really changed!! this is Natasha from LA, (Salems mom, the little punk from your first Hallow’een costume contest). I’ve been a bit busy with Salem and her little brother, they keep me busy!!!!
    Firstly, I LOVED “Black Magic Sanction”, can’t even tell you how many times I’ve re-read that book. Ilove how Rachel and Al’s relationship is evolving!! Heard through the grapevine that there may be further developments between them? Yee haw !!!
    Secondly, the new artwork looks AMAZING!!! How many months do we have to wait? 6, really???? Grrr
    By the way, what do you think of the new Dr Who? We’re still missing David Tenant.

    • Hi Natasha! Good to hear from you. I’m so glad you liked BMS. Thanks! And yes, it’s six more months. sigh. I’m starting to like the new Dr. Who. I think they should shoot his bow tie, too, though.

  15. Jacquea G

    LOVE it! Can’t wait to read the book!!!

  16. Ash

    It is very cool. Love it!!

  17. JanisHarrison

    In case the publishers need a little more endorsement of the proposed cover art: WOW! SUPER FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT!

    Really. I do.

    Thx for explaining my tomato challenges, guys. Silly thing is growing but not yet blossoming. I may do some therapeutic pruning and pinching to see if that wakes up its urge to grow fruit.

  18. Judi in NJ

    Thank you, Kim! You made my Monday! BEAUTIFUL cover!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! I actually have goosebumps!!!!! Major wootage – wooty woot woot!!! 😀

  19. That’s an awesome cover, electric!

  20. Theresa

    Hi Ms. Harrison!! I LOVE! the cover!!!! it is soooo cool!!! Oh yeah and Piranha in 3-D was AWESOME you and Guy HAVE to see it!!! I cant wait till Pale Demon gets out!! Why do you tease us so? =]
    From Theresa

  21. Sandra

    wow. just. wow. i love it! It’s such a position of power she’s taking. It looks like she’s embracing her extreme awesomeness in full. I just can’t frickin wait! Love ya for this teaser Kim!

  22. Mary

    *I miss my Jenks*

  23. That is a really great cover! Love it 🙂

  24. trisha

    i can’t take the class devery will not let me 😦

  25. Karen

    Love the new cover and can’t wait for the book!

    I hadn’t had a chance to read your blog for a bit, but noticed a couple weeks ago where you were talking about “Mad World”. I’m realllllly late to this party, but in case you didn’t have time to research it, here’s what I remember from looking it up a few years back:

    The song was originally by Tears for Fears. It was a LOT faster in its original form. Sounds like a completely different song. Gary Jules slowed it way, way down for the score of Donnie Darko. His other music is good too, but in my opinion, most of it is not very much like that song.

    If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s worth watching… and also worth listening to the director’s commentary track.

    • Thanks, Karen. And thank you for the info on Mad World. Someone sent me the links to the YouTube, and I watched them both. I like Gary’s version better, but Tears for Fears was a band I grew up hearing, and it was kind of cool seeing the 80s again.

  26. Everett Davenport

    Oh, yeah…absolutely wonderful cover. Do my eyes deceive me or is the view of the bridge from the Rock?

  27. TimB

    Wow! That is definitely my Rachael! It’s a great cover for what will undoubtedly be a great book!

  28. Robin

    I was all game to take the Harvard course and report back but I’m afraid the tuition is a little steep for me right now. Would love to hear if someone else does though. 🙂

  29. Brit

    The cover ROCKS!

  30. Astraea Artemis ( TORONTO )

    OMG!!! I love the cover. Look @ those strong biceps, with the lightning effects, the red hair and gorgeous strong body, it’s soo Rachel and this is how i picture her in my mind. I absolutely adore her and can not wait the PALE DEMON to come out next year. GOOD LUCK KIM and MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!

  31. Shaughn Adkins

    Just to let you know, I cried reading a few spots reading Black Magic Sanction.. Does that mean I’m getting soft or you and Rachael 😉

  32. I have to agree with everyone, this is an amazing cover. I really love the image of Rachel drawing in power. This is how I always pictured the ley line power looking.

  33. mudepoz

    Perfect way to NOT have to conceal her face behind fog 🙂 I adore it. Her hair , clothes and body are much closer to her descriptions. At least in my mind.

    Check into: If you can tolerate 6 ‘ there are cultivars that stay smaller.

    One of my favorites.

  34. Chelikins

    I love the power she is generating on the cover! I think she is going to do some kickass stuff! The green of the title just pops out with that background too!

    And you can take the class online! That was very cool to find out. I have way to much going on in my life right now to do it but would have loved to take it. I hope someone takes it and posts on here about the class itself.

  35. Norma

    Just checking – is Pale Demon the next book in the Hollows series, after BMS?

  36. Hi Kim! Larry from facebook in Dallas here. Most excellent on both issues. Harvard should just go ahead and offer you a professorship…quick wasting time!

  37. Looks great!! Am really looking forward to Pale Demon coming out!

  38. Celise

    I absolutely adore it! I had to make it my blackberry wallpaper. 🙂 I love that Rachel seems to be embracing her inner demon! Why fight it, when it kicks SO much ass! Thank you for sharing! The anticipation for Pale Demon is the sweetest torture!

  39. Robin

    I’m so freaking excited I can’t stand it!!!! It’s the only thing making me look forward to winter!! I’m a big Trent fan so I’ve reeeaaallly been looking forward to this one. The cover is awesome!!

  40. Oh WOW that cover is absolutely FABULOUS! I am SO EXCITED for the road trip to my neck of the woods!!!

  41. Ed

    “Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said…” Er, wait, wrong series. 😉

    Love the picture–can’t wait to read the words associated with it!

  42. OMG!! LOVE IT!! I think this is my FAV so far!!! Rach looks BAD ASS and love the SE. Super excited for the upcoming book!!!
    Thanks KH. 😀

  43. Val-OH

    HOLY CRAP! My absolute favorite so far!! It’s beautiful! I’m so excited to get my hands on that book I can feel it!

  44. Melissa

    I love love LOVE the Pale Demon cover!! For once I feel like that’s the Rachel I know! To me, that screams Rachel. I’m totally excited to get my hands on a copy, even though I know it won’t be for quite some time. Exciting! Awesome cover!

  45. BoatGod

    Wednesdays are bad for me…>.<

  46. Love, Love the cover! Rachel is growing more and more powerful/Bad ass with each book! I’m a special effects buff so I absoutely love the light/energy eminating/surrounding Rachel. I can not wait for Pale Demon.

    • This is kind of new for the covers, though we’ve always had an element of mystery and magic. I think the more aggressive magic takes the place of a gun or knife. Thanks, Melissa.

  47. Miranda

    Kim, this is one Bad Ass cover! I LOVE it soo much! It’s always exciting to see covers that empower the femmes and give them the presence of power they deserve, just like Rachel! Awesome, thank you for this!

  48. Lora the HUN

    Excellent image of Rachel. Road trip is good, SF is a great area for you to come and sign my copy of Pale Demon too….heh heh heh.

  49. Cathy

    WOW! Let me say that backwords !WOW
    🙂 Is Miss Rachael letting her hair grow? Kim….a suggestion…can you have Jenks & Ivy come out with Rach on a cover?

    • Thanks, Cathy! I would love to have Ivy and Jenks come out, but Jenks might shift it out of the mainstream look they are going for, and very rarely do you ever see two women on a cover. Two men, either.

  50. Nancy McGregor

    Love the cover. I hope the UK gets a good cover too.

  51. This is a great cover, I cannot wait for the book. Maybe I need to go back to college 😉

  52. Tish

    OMG Ive been waiting for this book Forever! This Is the Book With more Trent Right….. Super Geeked!!!! The Cover if I might say is BAD ASS!

  53. Stephenie

    Yay!! I love the new cover art! This has made my first day back at school much better!! Between the migraine and financial aid going through I needed some good news! Now (since I’ve been rather out of the loop for a while) I just need to find when it’s being released. Then reread for the fifth or sixth time…

  54. rhonda goulet

    love the cover!!!! please oh please if you need someone to actually pre-read the book before it gets released I can and will do it in a day!! 🙂 I cannot wait for the next book!! (and neither can the bank tellers I turned on to these books 😉

  55. Debbie

    Love it, I can’t wait!

  56. Jess in WV

    OMG! LOVE THE NEW COVER! Rachel is total bad a$$! Can’t wait to see what her next adventure will be! Thanks for giving us such great books!

    when will this book be released?????


  57. Love the cover =) can´t wait to hold it in my hand! *grins*

  58. KC

    Now I’m going to have to reread the series. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  59. Antonio

    I really like the cover. I wish her head was tilted so we could see part of her face, but it’s still cool. BMS(ARC version;no fog) is still my favorite, but this is so…unique, isn’t it? Set up next to all your other covers it’s really going to stick out. It occurred to me to make a joke about wearing white after Labor Day, but in the book it’s June or July, right? 😀

    The break in the dark clouds, combined with Rachel’s upraised arms–to me, it looks like a hand print. Was that planned?

    Have you ever gotten an early version of a cover that you thought was completely wrong for some reason?

    Be Good 😎

    • Thanks, Antonio. I really like it. Did I ever get a cover I thought was wrong? Yep, but not in this series. You just go with it, because the marketing people generally know what they are doing.

  60. *Very* nice cover art. It’s very different from the last one, and I really like that. I can’t wait until I get to read it.

    My wife is currently reading the beginning of BMS, and she turned to ask me if Rachel’s life *ever* gets back to normal. I just laughed. 🙂 Then she started yelling at me when I tried to explain that Rachel is… Rachel. She didn’t want spoilers. Ha!

    • By the way Ms. Harrison, thank you for the explanation about the potted plants. I think I get it now. I would totally love to grow something if I weren’t so lazy.

      True story. I wanted to teach the kids something about nature, so we grabbed a potato, stuck some toothpicks in it, filled a mason jar/glass full of water, and put the potato on top. This thing grew all winter, and we had to set it out on the balcony before the vines too over the counter. Keep in mind this is with a simple jar full of water, no soil, no plant food, nothing. Summer comes and I tell our oldest it’s time to put the potato plant in a proper pot. So we go to a nursery, get a bunch of soil, a clay pot, etc, come home, transplant it and feel very satisfied with ourselves. The plant was dead in a week. *sigh*

    • Hi Greg. Thanks! I can’t wait for it to come out, either. Oh, ouch with the potato!

  61. Jade/Third Coast

    The cover is great. I think it is my favorite so far. I noticed Rachel now is in white instead of black. Does that have anything to do with Rachel insisting she is a white witch?

    • I think it probably means somebody like Kisten dressed her instead of her dressing herself. 🙂

    • Tiffany

      your explanation is just as likely as ours, though. I mean, yeah, sure, pale demon and all. But Rachel totally went into a department store and asked the clerk “I need something that says ‘class’ and ‘Pale Demon.” LOL

    • Tiffany

      I’m thinking that it has to do with the title “Pale Demon”. On how more and more we are seeing Rachel has the nature of an underlying demon (awakened in her genes from Trent’s father’s genetic manipulation). Rachel’s complexion is pale compared to the rest of the full blooded demons we’ve met. Dress her in white, and now she’s our “Pale Demon.”

      My personal outlook, anyways *shrug*.

    • I like your explanation Tiffany, and Occam’s Razor says it’s the most likely one as well (it’s the first one I thought of anyway). But I think my explanation above is funnier. 🙂

    • Hi Jade. Thanks! I’m so glad you like the cover. The white is something my editor wanted, actually, and I think that it’s making a fabulous statement and ties in with the title really well as well as what the book is about.

  62. Tiffany

    Oh my, Kim 🙂 This is hands down by far my most fav cover in the entire series. The art totally rox my artist’s sox. The moment i saw Rachel like this, it clicked for me storyline-wise why “Pale Demon” is perfect. It would be awesome if you & your editor get this much say on future covers. I think that it shows you were involved in the layout and I hope for you that this cover makes it all the way to the shelf.

  63. Why is it I am thinking the “Pale Demon” of this book is Rachel herself?

    In any case I am so looking forward to this!

  64. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim,

    FINALLY! A cover with Rachel kicking ass witch style! Keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it through to printing.

  65. It is definitely my favorite cover thus far. 🙂

  66. RebeccaC

    Love it!