And boy, could I use a few days from the computer to pick away at the list of stuff I want to do around the house.  The only “gotta” is going plant shopping with my mom.  Guy pulled out all the old bushes from her front, and she, (and sometimes I,) have been going shopping to fill the old spaces up.  Her yard is looking really nice, but there are some bare spots.  And since I’ve got some bare spots, too . . .  -laugh-

So I think it’s a home improvement store first, and then maybe some local nurseries.  There are tons of them in the area, and they are fab for the unique pieces, but you can’t beat the big stores for the basic foundation plants.  😉

Oh, and laundry.  I have to do laundry.

PS  If you didn’t catch it on Thursday, I will have the cover art of PALE DEMON up for  you on Monday.


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48 responses to “Friday!

  1. charmedwarriror

    Kim, i have to say one of my faviorte parts of the books, and this site, is the covers. when i look at a cover i love to study it a little before reading the book. to me they provide the “overture” of the book. so, obviously i can’t wait to see Pale Demon. And i recommend keeping your covers on your site the size you have them now…it’s eye catching. have a great week…B*B.

    • Thank you, CharmedWarriror! I really appreciate knowing your vote for the picture size. 😉 And I hope you enjoy the cover today! It is a good match for what’s inside.

  2. Amanda in Tampa

    I can’t wait to see the new cover! I also love the title. Do you have contests or anything to give away ARCs?

    Also, just wanted to say “Thank you”! I just returned home from a year tour in Korea and had a signed copy of BMS waiting at my Mom’s house for me. I requested one when it first got released. I was so excited when I read the personal note and your signature.

    • Hi Amanda.
      I’ll probably have my traditional Halloween Costume Contest to give away an ARC, but that’s usually it. I’m not into a lot of contests like some authors are.

      Ooooh, I’m so glad you got your book. And welcome back home!

  3. Val-OH

    aaaaaah! I just had kittens… lol Can’t wait to see the cover art!♥

  4. Theresa

    Hi Ms. Harrison!! Have a happy weekend! I’m going to see the movie Piranha in 3-D tonight! I CAN’T wait to see the cover for Pale Demon! *sigh* I guuueeesssss I’ll just have to wait any way.
    From Theresa=D

  5. Madison

    Happy Friday and happy weekend Miss Kim! I’m hoping this weekend will fly by ’cause I’m so excited to see the cover art! Have a good weekend, and try not to work to much! ^_^

  6. JanisHarrison

    So far my gardening is … select epithet of your choice … this year. I planted 4 Angel tomato seeds, 3 came up, and I managed to wreck 2 of them during the first transplant. The strongest start remained, and it’s in its “big girl” pot now, but although I have a lot of foliage, not a single blossom has appeared. And the leaves are sort of more curly than I remember tomato plants having…hummmm. I’m blaming it on this [choose another salty epithet] weird summer here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Happy Friday, everyone! I’ll look forward to our continued discourse on Monday.

    • See, this is something I don’t get about gardening. Why do you have to transplant them? Why can’t you just stick them in some soil, fertilize them, water them, and move on with your life? 🙂

      I’m not mocking here, I sincerely don’t know.

    • Janis, you’re ahead of me there! My seed never sprouted.

      And Greg, A lot of places don’t have a long enough growing season to start your plants outside in the spring, and get a crop by fall, so you have to start them inside in peat pots, and gradually move them outside when the weather is warmer.

  7. manekochan

    Can’t wait to see it!

  8. mudepoz

    You might want to hit nursery rummage sales at the end of the season. A lot of the bigger ones, particularly landscape/nursery combinations want to get rid of shrubs so they don’t have to overwinter them. Also, in spring you can get bareroot stock cheaply.

    Cover! Yee haw. That means a book will be right behind it.

    • That’s what I’m seeing right now, Mud. But it’s been really hard finding something that will grow 5 ft tall and thick in the shade, except for Yew and Boxwood, and I’m tired of them. Looks like I’m going with yew.

  9. Sue

    Dear Kim,

    I was delighted to see that your publisher notified you that I’m including DEAD WITCH WALKING in my fall course, “The Vampire in Literature and Film,” at Harvard Extension School ( You’ve added some wonderful characters to the vampire canon so it will be fun to discuss them, along with those of some of your fellow writers working in this genre. I invite all the Kim Harrison fans to join me in the course, which will be offered both live in Cambridge and online to distance students. The course begins September 1. Best wishes, Sue

  10. Judi in NJ

    OOOooo! Can’t wait for Monday! Enjoy the weekend!

  11. Happy Friday!

    This might be the only time I will be excited for a monday!

  12. Stef from Germany

    I wish i had a garden. 🙂

    I don’t know if you found an answer about the german translation of “once dead, twice shy” It’s not properly translated (like all the Hollows books)

    “Totgeküsste leben länger” means “People who have been kissed to death have a longer lifespan”
    Or.. “kissed to death, longer to live” Something like that. : )

    Can’t wait till monday. ❤


  13. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    No more Charlotte? I was afraid that would happen when you moved. As much as I love your signings, there is no way I can drive to Michigan. 😦


  14. You sound like me; I have difficulty tearing myself away from the computer. I’ve got a whole laundry basket that I need to do, plus two loads of towels. The computer always wins the contest of “Most Appealing”. 🙂

  15. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Are you close to your mom now? Sounds like hard work to me, but apparently relaxing to you. 🙂 Enjoy!

    • Hi Marsha. Yep, I’m about ten minutes from my mom. I’ve never been this close, and I like it. Guy, myself, and the puppies just get in the car and go over. It’s been a treat, and I don’t take it for granted.

  16. RebeccaC

    Wow! All you gardening types leave me in awe! I have a tiny yard and the only things I’ve planted this year are two hamsters (dead, of course).

    Kim, I’m hoping you’ll head to the east coast during your tour – specifically, the Philadelphia area. I could use a shot of thrill in my life! I’m re- (re-re-re-)reading because I just can’t bear the wait any longer – a repeat of the Hollows is getting me through the worst of it!

    Suzannelazear – best of luck with the start of first grade. I have one going into 2nd with the whole uniform deal. Your poor sweetie pie – you must be a rockin’ mommy to be with considering her reaction to the prospect of leaving you!

  17. w00t! Pale Demon! Can’t wait Mz. Harrison, I truly enjoy your work and am thrilled to read it. I hope the website revamp (pun maybe?) goes well. You were right about the bunny kiss kiss on that TV show, I had it on DVR and watched it again. I about crapped myself! The word is spreading… 🙂 Happy Friday and all that.


  18. suzannelazear

    Oh the laundry, how I hate the laundry. Sigh. How can kids go through so many clothes? It’s *summer*.

    I need to have the tot try on her uniforms to see what fits. The tot is terrified of 1st grade. Like crying jag scared. But then she cried through the first month of kindergarten. But I am not allowing her to transfer to clown college…or Yale…or UNR…or the Gallagher Academy…or any of the other odd places she’s asked to attend instead of first grade. Hopefully once she sees all her friends it will be fine.

    Have fun playing in the dirt. We have tomatoes and giant sunflowers in or garden right now (and the mint, which has taken over).

    Happy weekend.

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

    • JanisHarrison

      Suzanne, does your tot work herself up often about “new” things? It’s a challenge to help that kind learn to appreciate change, isn’t it? You’re quite right to remind her that her school friends will be there, and maybe you could have a chat with her about how much she enjoyed K and how unnecessary all that fear and crying were. I hope a lot of her uni’s still fit, that will emphasize that Grade 1 is mostly like K. Best of luck!

    • To tell you the truth, Suzanne, I like doing laundry. I’m embarrassed, but it’s true.

  19. Jer

    Hey Kim
    I didn’t mean to see the cover! I wanted to see YOUR release of the cover on Monday since it is YOUR book….but I was looking online to find arcs. I really want to get an arc so I decided to hit a bunch of sites. BUT in the process, I saw your ‘maybe’ cover. It is an awesome cover! A part of me wants it to be a fluke to make those who released it look like idiots. The other part me wants it to be real because I like it. Sorry, I was only looking for arcs:)
    Have a great dirty weekend…in the gardens!

  20. All the plant shopping. I’m so jealous of that. We have a tiny little lawn and it keeps getting choked with weeds. I pull them and pull them and it just doesn’t help. I’m just not very happy with it. Gardening would be so much easier without all the work! LOL

    My dad had a house with a large back yard once. I remember there were exactly 5 trees in it. One was a fig tree that only gave fruit once. I was so excited! Then the figs finally came and ripened and I bit into my first one and… such disappointment. I really don’t like figs! LOL

    Then there was the apple tree. My step mom used to make baked apples with them. Mmmm. There was also a plum tree and an almond tree. I would just go in the back and snack for hours at a time in the Summer. Mmmmm 🙂

    Oh, on another note, with the cover art, will there be new desktop backgrounds? I still have BMS as one of my backgrounds. 🙂

    • Hi Greg. I’m not fond of figs myself, either. We’re thinking of planting an apple tree. Mmmmm.

      I don’t know about the backgrounds. Maybe? They come from the publisher, not me, so I don’t know.