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I woke up today humming Mad World.  I think I need to do some research on it.  I know the song was used to promote a shooting game.  I believe it was the latest Halo, but not sure.  In any case, it’s got a story in it, and I will not be surprised to find out if it’s been used in a major motion picture somewhere.  If not, I’m going to love it even more.  It might relate to Grace, a character who has been sitting at 100 pages for the last ten years.  Timing.  It’s all about timing.

And here’s a guy who’s time has come.  (Don’t you love Thursday segues?  PS I can’t believe I spelled that right the first time.)  This is our new home security, private William.  William has been in deep undercover the last 60 years or so, hiding out under a missing floor board in an upstairs closet, found when we pulled up the carpet and sanded the Douglas Fir floor back to its glory.

I don’t know if he’s tin or lead, but I’ve been washing my hands after touching him just to be sure.  He has France stamped on his base, and it looks like there might have been a feather coming out of the top of his hat.  His shotgun has been “Sawn off”  -grin-  But he still has some color.  Maybe he’s civil war?  His uniform is clearly blue.

At any rate, as the last surviving member of his platoon, he’s now taken his rightful spot of watchfulness on the kitchen mantel.


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  1. Stories From Under the Floor Boards… It kinda sounds like an anthology. There are a few short stories in there, I’m sure… 😉

  2. Athena

    The first time I heard it was in Donnie Darko. I did a search on it b/c it had become stuck in my head and found that it was a remake of a song from the 1980s? It’s been awhile so I can’t be sure, but I do admit to liking the remake better.

  3. Kimberly

    Possible Spoilers:

    I only have time to read on the bus. Last week while I read the part in your latest Rachel book, the part where you were in disguise at Trent’s place, my MP3 player played Rush’s song ‘Red Sector A’ and it got me real excited while I read that part. It is a great song.

  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I hope that worked.

    The first place I remember that song from is the movie, Donnie Darko. One of my all time favorite movies. I had to watch it about 6 times to get an undrtstanding of it. 🙂

    Happy fake birthday 😉


  5. Theresa

    Well that’s cool. Don’t you just love hidden treasures in your house? You look up dolls like that and find out if he’s worth some money (what ever you find out don’t sell him cause he’s cool!) I wonder if he’s got a story behind him? Like some little kid didn’t want to share him with a sibling so they hid him in the floor boards? Any ways I’m sure he’ll do a great job garding your home. =D

    • Thanks, Theresa. 😉 I will likely look him up this weekend. I’d be willing to bet that you’re right that a younger sibling hid it from an older one to keep him safe, and just forgot about him.

  6. Jade/Third Coast

    I really like Private William and the fact that you found him under the floor boards makes even better, like finding treasure. Some poor kid probably looked and looked for him and finally had to give up.

    I recently drove past my father’s family home, now considered historic, where he and his siblings were born and raised. The new owner was having a yard sale, so I stopped. I told the lady the history of the house and she was so pleased to talk to someone who knew about the house and it’s previous inhabitants. She showed me marbles she had found under the house (the house is pier and beam). She had them framed in a shadow box, there were about a dozen or so and some of them were out of round. I realized those marbles had belonged to my dad and his brothers, it almost made me cry. I wanted to snatch the shadow box and make a run for it, but of course I didn’t.

    • OMGosh, I’m so sorry about that. It’s a heartbreaker. I don’t know if I’d want to give up anything that I found at my house, because they feel like gifts to me, sort of like a thank you for taking care of a beloved home that someone no longer can. But it’s also a tie to you . . . I guess you have to think about what your father would like. Would he like you to have them, or the people who are now living in and taking care of the home he grew up in that he loved. It might be the only way for him to say thank you?

  7. Lynne

    I watch this show on tv with my kids called history detective on PBS they look in to cool things like this all the time. It would be great to find out more about this little guy.

  8. Hello Mrs. Harrison.

    😀 I have good news. I didn’t think that I’d get it until next week (or at all as my luck’s been of late) but… I have a job. A real job. Went for an interview last week, was invited for a second today and was offered the position at the conclusion of it. 🙂 A real job in my field Mrs. Harrison. No more waitressing.
    Just thought I’d share. 😀
    The soldier is beautiful. 🙂 He reminds me of the song by Enya – One Toy Solider. Here’s a link to the sing. 🙂
    Have a great day ma’am, I hope it’s productive in all the ways you want it to be.


  9. I saw an on line toy soldier that looked very much like yours as far as shape, posture and the position of the rifle. He was called a”Revolutionary Marching Sailor” Perhaps your new guardian is older than you think. To me he looks like one of the Navy’s Military Color Guards that are at cerimonial processions like funerals or parades.

  10. Wilma Howe-Bennett

    He’s GORGEOUS. Nice to have a serious person working with you as well. Bet the rest of his platoon are somewhere in the house as well, and you’ll find them as they decide to come out of hiding.

  11. JulieB

    What a wonderful companion!

  12. Chelikins

    Wow… Grace, William and your birthday!! 😉


    Second.. Grace.. I can’t wait to hear about her 😉

    Third.. William.. I wonder how old he truly is? Interesting!

  13. Judi in NJ

    Private William is SO COOL!! Wow! What a find!!! As a mom of 5 boys I can’t help but get warm fuzzies for him! My youngest would freak over a find like that! (He would have named him Pvt. Williams tho for our last name:) )

    Just wondering if you will be attending NYCC this year? Have you heard anything about it yet?? I receive e-mail updates from them and they add to their guest list constantly so I guess I’ll keep checking back. Do you still have your Kick-Ass Heroine crown? 🙂

  14. Grace. I like that name. It seems to have a certain ring to it. Plus the name itself seems to carry some sort of foreshadowing/expectation with it, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Do your characters “talk” to you? Like ones (perhaps ones such as Grace) who sit on a shelf in the back of your brain every once in a while just come crashing through. “Hey! Write about me! I have a story too, darnit! Pay attention to me! Are you even listening?” 🙂 It happens that way with me sometimes. Well, a lot really. But I think that’s because I haven’t taken the time to write in ages.

    Oh, and if you’re keeping track, I got the tickets down to 16 yesterday… and it’s back up to 19 now. 🙂 I like helping people, but I’ll tell you what, you get them near a computer and many very intelligent people suddenly become chaotic boxes of (in)action. There’s no telling what they will do! 🙂

    • OMGosh, I love the name Grace, but I know that it will never get past my editor. Or the name I want. SUGAR -grin-

      Do my characters talk to me? No, but I talk to them.

  15. Antonio

    I know August 13th isn’t “actually” your Birthday, but it seems as good a time as any to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀


  16. suzannelazear

    Wow, you find much better stuff then we do. (Though the tot’s chickens have started laying and she’s liking getting her own breakfast, lol).

    I love the idea of him as your house guard.

    Oh, are their advantages to hand fertilizing pumpkins? I just want to make sure she actually gets some, lol.

    I find you’re little mentions of Grace to be intriguing. I can’t wait to meet her one day. 🙂

    Have a great day

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

    • Hi Suzanne. Oh, how fun is that!

      As for pumpkins, no, you don’t have to hand fertilize them at all. The only reason I was, was because I was trying to save the seeds, and I had two varieties in my garden, and I didn’t want a hybrid.

  17. Melissa

    Wow. I never find cool stuff like that!

  18. Rosalie

    The song mad world was used in the film Donnie Darko, and I believe another I can’t remember. Just incase you were wondering 🙂

  19. Jenn

    If he’s been deep undercover for 60years, you might want to offer the man a nice home cooked meal before he starts guarding your home! lol

    What a great find! I can’t wait to hear more about him. I hope you’ll keep us posted on what you find out about him!