Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn’t get started until almost after noon.  (Apart form my morning work, which I finished fairly early.)  Life kept interrupting.  Nothing bad, just normal stuff that I usually don’t have to worry about, and it slowed me way down.  NY was chatty, too, and I had some business to take care of outside of writing.  Nit-picky stuff.

As a consequence, I put in a very long day, not getting out of my office until almost eleven.  But I got it done, damn it.  I was not going to spend three days on what should have taken me one.  Two was bad enough.  I’d like to say that today is going to go faster, but it’s not.  Ah well.  What else do I have to do, right?  -laugh-

Thing Two is moving into his new room with the Douglas fir floor.  Looks nice.  We found a tin soldier under a broken floorboard.  Pictures when I get the time.  😉


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  1. Jenn

    Now, why I wonder, did you have to do stuff that you normally don’t have to do? lol
    I know it was a long day, but it sounds like you were happy to get it done!
    Oh a hidden tin soldier! Stories are writing themselves in my mind over that one!
    I hope that today is a much better day for you!

  2. Hey Mrs. Harrison,

    😀 A gift for all of you then. A tombstone for Guy, a ring for you and a soldier for Thing 2. Will you be staying in this house or will you sell it and start with another project? (If I may ask).
    Big day for me today. If things work out, I’ll share later. 🙂
    I hope you have a great day and you manage to do what you want.
    Enjoy your time looking up your pumpkins’ skirts! 😉


    • Hi Alyssa. If Guy has his way, he’d find another house down the street and start over. -laugh- It sounds like a good idea to me, but he’d have to close down the merchandise, and that’s not going to happen for a few years.
      Good luck today.

  3. Kimberly

    I just finished the latest Rachel. I want it to continue! This is the part I can’t stand. The waiting. I am so impatient and I never liked cliff hangers. The end of each of your books is like Who shot J.R.? We had to wait forever to find that one out. I send you the power of creative flow and speed to your fingers now!!! Alakazam! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kimberly. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. Cliff hangers? Really? I try hard to close them off, but I can see your point. And no worries, I am writing as fast as I can. I want to know how it ends, myself.

  4. kim

    hi kim i have read all the books omg they are great.I love the story can’t wait for pale demon but is it the last book? How many books will there be in the series? Is Al gonna turn Rachel into a demon and is she ever gonna get away from him ? As long as Rachel and Ivy get there happy endings i’ll be happy ~grin~ lol thank you for your stories i love them

    • Thanks, Kim! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. PALE DEMON is not the last one, no. I’m looking at 12 -13. OMGosh, I don’t think Al can change Rachel into a demon, no. If he could, then there would probably be enough female demons to go around. 😉

  5. Hi Kim – I have to thank you, thank you…..for creating the wonderful world of Inderlanders at the Hollows. You make me a believer while I’m “listening” And your reader Margurite is awesome. She really brings the characters alive. I’m in withdrawl though- I just finished BMS…and, Oh, with Rachael riding off with Trent – and what he just told her…man I am waiting with baited breathe…when will Pale Demon be released? Will you release it in audio form at the same time – I buy from Audible. I just love driving and listening to your books – lying down and listening, cleaning and listening…you get the picture – have listened to ALL of them.

    Have you any offers of movies? I think The Hollow’s series would “rock” and be another box office hit.

    I was impressed that you knew what “White Willow” was for – it seems you love herbs – do you use them for more than cooking? 🙂

    I”m moving from NY to CO – so, I was hoping to listen to one of your books across the country. Hmmm – I did not see when Pale Demon is to be released. I did purchase the Dawn Cook books – but, I’m so spoiled with the first person narrative..I really miss the crew from the Hollows.

    And lastly – I laugh out loud and shake my head when I listen to the dialogue – I think you are truly inpspired. Very funny, yet besides being very clever – the characters have a lot of depth which mirror their wonderful and bright author.

    A lovely warm bath, with lavender essential oils mixed with sea salt – and a flickering candle would do much to restore you, your tiredness would go down the drain, and you would just be relaxed instead of exhausted.

    Bright Blessings – Melinda

  6. Bredane

    Hey Kim,
    As a returning A2er have you noticed all of the changes? I swear I keep getting lost wow talk about progress. When I moved Arborland was an indoor mall now it’s an outdoor strip mall! Wow what changes, what do you think about the new (well new to me) giant Barnes and Nobles on Washtenaw? Went there yesterday and picked up my missing copy of BMS can’t figure out where it went, must have lost it in the move along with a few other odds n ends I am now discovering.

    By the way is it me or has the number of Jinks kids diminished? Thought for the longest time it was 54 now it says four dozen did I miss something or have some grown up and moved? At least we didn’t have to water our gardens today thanks to the downpour we got this afternoon, wow what humidity though.

    • Hi Bredane. When I left, Arborland was an outdoor strip mall. I missed the covered stage. -laugh-

      I might have just used four dozen as a quick tag. He hasn’t lost any kids.

      This humidity reminds me of SC.

  7. JanisHarrison

    Oh dear, oh dear. Greg and you, Kim, are experiencing the snowball effect lately. It will calm down, sooner or later.

    Sabrina, I don’t know what to say. I’ve observed a few women coming to love women in their mature years, but in most cases is was a return to younger orientation which had been subverted by social and family-desire issues. My daughter expressed it well: you fall in love with the person, not their gender. If we all let ourselves be that open, what a different world it would be!

    I, too have a question about the production cycle: I was under the impression that nowadays publishers wanted MS’s in digital form, not printed on paper…

    Since you’ll be in MI over the winter (shivvvvver), are your guys now scrambling to line up storm windows, foundation insulation, etc? And: tin or lead soldier?

    • Hi Janis.

      It varies from publisher to publisher and agent to agent, and depends if you are one of their authors, or a hopeful. My graphic novel editor is happy with electronic, but Diana at Harper gets both paper and electronic. I am so lucky that my editor likes paper. Many of them are going all electronic, and I don’t work my best in an all electronic environment when it comes to finding mistakes.

      But as far as submissions, yes, most places like electronic. Shipping is expensive.

  8. Working until 11:00! Well you make me feel childish about complaining that I had to work until 7:00 yesterday. I really admire your dedication to your craft. Does it ever feel like work to have to sit there and write, or is it still a wonderful creative outlet? I hope you never get tired of it.

  9. mudepoz

    I’ve been rather fortunate with my end of things and time, until the school year. However, the Tall Dude is working about 90 hours a week. Baby lawyers get no respect, and since patents and copyrights can now be submitted via the web by 12. Well, ugh.

    I love the idea of an old house giving up it’s secrets. It’s like living on a midden. Erm. Well, that doesn’t sound good

  10. Chelikins

    I agree with VAmpyre.. you are being generous with leaving the comments open and I am enjoying it everyday 😉 But if you have to close again.. I will totally understand and still be here everyday to see what is going on in the world of Kim 😉

    Tin soldier.. too cool! You are def having a time in that house!! Do you think you will end up staying in Michigan and move from SC permanently?

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that will depend on how bad the winter is. 🙂

    • Hi Chelikins. We’re here all winter right now for Thing Two. (better schools, better learning environment) But after he graduates, we are going to be like the birds and migrate. What I really want is a house in the American desert.

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry to hear about your time troubles. You are being especially generous with your time by keeping the comments open. I just want to say thank you for that. I appreciate it.

    The tin soldier may not be much, but it’s still a pretty cool link to your house’s past. A house with SWAG sort of. How cool is that?


  12. becca

    hey kim
    just had to go surfing the web to find the cover,well i must say it looks fab!!!!sqeeeeellllll!!!did you have much input over it?
    you are going to have a very long list of leakers(AHOLES BOOOO)!!thats horrible how that happens,how does this happen?does your publisher have much ado about that??
    i think your gonna have to send al after them all…that line from BMS springs to mind…where rach is saying the saying to nick and al chimes in that still makes me chuckle rip your f*%$£^%g head off……

    • Antonio

      Hi Becca!(waves) 😉

      You know, I wonder if people even know that an author might mind if a cover is leaked early. I bet many think they are doing the author a favor, giving their book some attention, press. I don’t know.

      Watching 2nd season of Being Human on BBCAm. Love the leads, but it’s not very…well, scary.(laugh) 3rd season of True Blood is Off The Hook. 😎

    • Ooooh no, it got leaked early AGAIN?

      Much as, as a fan, I love to see the covers, I’m not happy for Miss Kim.


    • Hi Becca. I had quite a bit, actually. The book is so unique that we had to take advantage of it. Diana, my editor, got a lot of things she wanted, too, so we are both happy.

      As far as leaking goes, the cover had been released, in a manner of speaking, by the publisher since there are so many departments that will be using it, and it does help to get the word out and start a buzz, but it’s a courtesy, not the green flag to start dropping it on your website. Kind of like getting an ARC.

  13. Juila Uz


    Since you will be living in Michigan will you set up a P.O. Box for us to mail to?

  14. Antonio

    Tin soldiers kind of freak me out…and jack-in-the-boxes, life-like infant dolls, rabbits foots(why would a severed leg be “lucky” when it obviously wasn’t for the rabbit!?)…that’s so cool that your youngest is OK with the move, high school is hard enough w/o starting over…again.

    Q>I wanted to ask you about the “copyedit” and “pageproofs” steps in the publishing process that you’ve been talking about lately. How does it work from your side and what you know of what happens on the publisher’s side? Thanks. 😎

    • Hi Antonio.
      Mmmm, copy edit and page proofs.
      Copy edit is me getting a paper manuscript back with copyedit marks in red colored pencil. Some are fixing typos, some are asking for clarification, some are pointing out logic inconsistencies. I answer questions, and say yes or no to suggested changes, (using a dark green pencil) make my own adjustments. (most of them are word choice, but I can add or subtract paragraphs or sentences)

      Page proofs look like xeroxed pages from the book. It’s a chance to catch typos and make very minor word choice changes. You don’t want to shift the text too much.

  15. Sabrina

    Hey, Kim!

    I know exactely how you feel. My days seem to be like that more often than not. Big sigh…

    And concerning yesterdays “Two guys problem”:

    I’m right there with all the Ivy shippers. Forget about the guys and let Ivy be THE ONE. Best thing that could happen to Rachel. I should know. I’ve been with a guy for nearly 8 years until I picked up “Dead Witch Walking” and the rest of the bunch and found myself definitely more interested in what was happening between the two women than between Rachel and whoever came her way. That really got me thinking…

    Now I have a girlfriend and it really is the best thing that has happened to me. Ever. Something I always wanted to thank YOU for, Kim, because your books kind of started it.


    Love, Sabrina

    • Awe, as a fellow lady-lover I just wanted to say yay! And I’m very happy for you. 😉

      I knew I was gay before I knew of Kim’s books BUT my first girlfriend introduced me to The Hollows. 😉


    • Hi Sabrina. Wow, that’s wonderful you have found some peace and balance in your life. I’m honored that my work has has a small part in you finding out what you need. Thank you!

  16. LOL. Sounds like your day went almost exactly like mine did at work! We work with a ticketing system… I started with 16 tickets yesterday morning, worked my butt off, and now I’m “down” to 22… how did that happen? 🙂 Hopefully today is better.

    Your house sounds amazing. I couldn’t possibly do all the gardening you do. One, it’s too miserably hot outside here in Indiana (the humidity is killer, literally), and two, (perhaps more importantly) I tend to kill things when I try to grow them. Unless they are weeds. Those I apparently have some sort of affinity for. And ever since I got bit by a spider I’m pretty much done with outdoorsy stuff anyway. 🙂

    • -grin- Do the tickets ever really go away? At least you’re helping people, right? That’s good.

      Mmmm, that gives me an idea. A witch who’s talent is growing weeds. -laugh-