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I’ve been working on the page proofs for PALE DEMON this week, and should finish them up today.  As much as I hate copy edit, I like page proofs.  This is the final time for me to catch typos, (some of which show up because of the copy edit) word choice stuttering (which is where you choose pick the same word twice in quick succession, such as choice and choose in this paragraph) and errors of fact.  (such as there are really five candles in Rachel’s bag, not four as I think I stridently insisted in the copy edit)  In copy edit, I’m on the defensive, which is a bad habit, but after spending two to three years on something, it is irritating to have someone who is not invested in the series and really couldn’t care less, come in and poke at my admittedly sorry-assed grammar.

But in page proofs, it’s just me and the page again, and I can relax and catch all the nit-picky stuff that fails me in the copy edit because I’m worried if back seat is two words or one, (it’s one) and is nit-picky hyphenated, though nitpick is not, and you can’t trust your computer’s dictionary, because NY goes by Webster, not whatever Bill Gates is using.

I’m on page 368 right now, aiming for 440 by tonight, and again, I’d like to say that this is my ultimate favorite book in the series.  Dude.  I can’t wait for this one to come out.  It’s a damn.  Fine.  Adventure.


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  2. Hello Mrs. Harrison!
    🙂 Can’t. Wait. For. For. This. Book.
    I think my favourite book of the series is a toss up between Fist full of Charms and White Witch Black Curse. I really liked WWBC. *cough* lots of Rachel and Ivy *cough* lol.
    Good luck with the copy edit, we’re all here supporting you. And urging you on really for our own selfish gain.
    Thank you for your time ma’am and have a great weekend.

  3. It’s always a good sign when an artist is proud of his/her own work. Ok, maybe not if it’s in a delusionnal way. Which obviously isn’t your case; your work is awesome. *laughs*
    I’ll keep it short today. Overtime robbed me of my verve.

  4. Kim, you’re teasing us (your fans). I don’t know if I can hold out. I’ll just have to re-read the last couple of books to hold out I guess.

  5. Nick

    Can’t wait to read it! Like Angel posted above I just started reading your books recently but I’ve been going through them pretty fast, loving every page. Glad to hear it’s going well and that your enjoying writing it as much as I’m sure we’ll enjoy reading it! =D (other than all the edits =p)

  6. Tina ~ WI

    Do you already have ideas for the next book after Pale Demon? Or have you started working on it and I am a few comment pages behind (More likely). Do you write notes as you go for the next book? Trying to get a feel for your process. I am not a writer, just love to read and a bit nosy.

    • OMGosh, TIna. The next one is already sitting at rough draft. I don’t make notes for the next one to be written, but I do use sticky notes so I don’t forget what I want to touch on. My monitor is usually covered in them.

  7. JanisHarrison

    A shout-out to Betty of yesterday’s post: Just go ahead and outline your ideas whenever the fancy strikes you. The joy of writing is that (unless you’re on contract deadline) you can just take it a bit at a time, revise, revamp, etc, to your heart’s delight.

    I’m so glad I’ve gone ahead and bought my own set of the Hollows books (except for BMS — yet) because I can indulge my addiction and review my thoughts.

    Anybody made pumpkin butter? It’s fan-dam*-tastic!

  8. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Last night I was looking ahead and planning my pre-ordering for books by my favorite authors and when I got to Pale Demon, I thought back to what you said in the blog when you were first writing it. I’m curious if some of the things you mentioned at the time have made it through all the edits. The two main things I remember were you talking about a scene in a bathroom with Rachel and Trent and, second, that Trent finds his HEA in this book. Are these thing still a part of the book? I understand you won’t give specific details but this is just a confirmation or denial of what you’ve already talked about.

    As you can see, I’m having a hard time waiting until February, just like the rest of your fans. So, any little tidbit I can get helps make the wait more bearable! LOL!

    • Oooh, good question, Sue. The bathroom scene is in there. And Trent finds his HEA. I would like to say right now that the last chapter didn’t show up until editorial rewrites, and I wasn’t expecting it. Don’t scream at me. Scream at Rachel. 😉

  9. Angel

    This is my first time looking up your site, even though I’ve been devouring your books, because I want to see if I can light a fire under you for the next one! Black Magic Sanction was so, so good! I love Pierce, keep him around!

    One of the MAJOR things I love about this series is the creative swear words you come up with for Jenks!! One time I burst out laughing at midnight when I couldn’t put a book down and my husband jumped up like a shot went off in the bedroom!

    Anyway, Kim you are in my top 3 (and closing in on #1) favorite authors. I love how there’s just enough sex, but not too much in your books, and there’s so much adventure. I agree with what someone said, I hope this series never ends!

    —are you done yet?—


    • Thanks, ANgel! I”m really glad your’e enjoying my work. Ahhh, the swear words. Yep, I like making those up.

      You will be glad to know that I’m expecting to end the series at 12 to 13 (my choice) So we have a bit of time to reach the end. And then I will boldly go torment some new set of characters. -laugh-

  10. Ash

    I am so ready for pale demon to come out that I am just about beside myself. I have read and reread the hollows so many times that I almost have them memorized. I love all the characters in the series, but I think my fav is Jenks. Love your work!!

  11. Mendi in STL

    Oh yeah, looking forward to it! Are you slipping into evil author mode?

  12. Chelikins

    Kim… sigh.. go ahead and tease us now. We still have 6 more mos!!! I can’t wait.. I have been watching True Blood and The Gates for some quick hits of witchs, vamps, etc. 😉

    My friend has loaned me her Jocelyn Drake books. So I need to get reading. I know you said you like her.

    • Sue, Chicago

      Chelikins, You will love Jocelynn’s books! If you have Unbound, the novella in it is part of the series. It does stand alone, but it does give background for some of the characters. Enjoy the read!

    • Sorry, Chelikins. I can’t help it! 😉

  13. Mary Jeanne Blum

    It’s great to hear that you think this is the best one yet, since the others were so good! I can’t wait for it to come out. Your characters are so vibrant and alive. I do miss Kisten, though. I hope this series never ends.

    • I miss Kisten, too, Mary. Which is why I can’t wait to get started on the one following PALE DEMON. Rachel is finally ready to . . . well . . . let herself be vulnerable again, maybe?

  14. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am

    “Dude. I can’t wait for this one to come out. It’s a damn. Fine. Adventure.”

    That’s pretty much how we feel.

    Debi Murry sent me a copy of “Skinwalker” and I’m loving it. Faith Hunter mentions a familiar person in the acknowledgments a certain “Guy in the leather jacket”. I am guessing it’s the one we all know and love. 🙂

    Good luck with wintering there. Does T2 do his book reports on your books? 🙂


    • Chelikins

      I got those a couple of months ago. I like that series. 😉

    • Hi Vampy. Yep, that’s probably my Guy. He read the first couple of chapters for her in rough draft and gave her his opinion on the character, which she used in tweaking. 😉 I share. Wait a minute. That came out wrong . . .

  15. Marsha

    I remember at the signing in Atlanata that you and Guy both told me that if “A Fist Full of Charms” was my favoite book that I would love “Pale Demon”. I am very much looking forward to it. I hope you don’t regret your decison to stay the winter when you are burried in snow, but I understand wanting to let your son go to school there. Pumpkin plants and blossoms look just like their kin, summer squash. The blossoms are good stuffed, battered and fried by the way.

    • Hi Marsah. I like getting out of the Hollows, and this one is just so far reaching in so many ways. Lots of movement and growth. Ahhhh.

      Hey, I’m already planning on not leaving the house from November to Feb 22. (laugh)

  16. Antonio

    “Word Choice Stuttering”…I so get that. Yesterday I wrote the word “to” three times in a relatively short sentence. I try to bargain with myself: “but that’s the way I talk!” There’s so much you can get away with verbally – with personality and facial/hand gestures, laughter, etc – that you can’t get away with when it’s just words and a screen. Plus, my midwestern cliches and 70s-80s influence…

    Hey, are you missing your regular tea get-togethers with your buddy, Ms Hunter? Maybe you can do video conferencing, or get those new I-Phones with real-time video chat? Be Good… 😎

  17. JulieB

    We’re all looking forward to it. Nice little blossom. I love you gardening posts as much as your writing ones. It’s neat to read these this year too, since you’re in an ag zone closer to mine. But I’ve always envied your woodland plants. I’m in a prairie area — which has some beautiful stuff too, but it’s not the same as the woods. 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie. That is a male flower in the picture, by the way. No female flowers are ready to open yet. About another week, I think.
      Mmmm, prairie. There is a stark beauty there that I’ve not had the chance to really get to know. Maybe next summer . . .

  18. Woohoo! Can’t wait for the book to be available! 🙂

  19. mudepoz

    Have you had a book that wasn’t your favorite at the time? No, really.

  20. Tessa

    OOHHH!!! Is it February YET???????????

  21. This was music to my ears, =) it made my day to hear that you yourself think it´s the best one (yet).
    I´ve devoured all books in the series, and i´m aching to know more, and more.
    Please never stop writing? lol

    best wishes, Linda