I put my dirt pants on this morning

I put my dirt pants on this morning in the vain hope that I’d be able to make them, well, dirty, before the sun goes down.  It’s a wishful thought that will not become realized until maybe Monday because the world is plotting against me.  But hope is there.  Between the work load and a back issue, I’ve not gotten dirty in over a week.  Okay, two weeks, and it’s been extremely frustrating.

Yesterday, though, I went plant shopping with my mom, (I knew better, but everything was 30% off!) and I brought home two little trees that I have been wanting for about ten years and could never find.  They are a somewhat uncommon form of dogwood, not flashy or especially suited for landscape, but they give out fruit for the birds, and I like that they look wild-ish.

They are just sitting in my yard, begging to be put in the ground.

It’s Friday.

This is going to be hard to resist.

I hate life lessons.  This one seems to be something along the lines of “you can’t always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”  No, wait up.  Someone already sang that.  -grin-


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  1. JanisHarrison

    The most exasperating thing about those life lessons is that they are repeated until they are learned. I regularly push the envelope regarding my permanently weakened back, too. And then I learn the lesson all over again. Sigh.

  2. Hey Kim, will we get to see those dogwoods? Also the garden when you are done with it? That house is getting so much of your time and effort and attention. I hope you get it done to your liking.

    I potted a dozen of african violet leaves yesterday. Can’t tell how many will make it in the end, but i paid extra attention to get one worm into each pot. That was either a wrong decision, or a right one. It’s wait and see. And pray. Lotsa pray.

    Hope your weekend’s is cooler than mine.

    • Hi Ezgi.
      A picture? You bet! Just not until I’m done with it. Or at least done to my satisfaction for THIS year. 😉

      Good luck with your plantings!

  3. I might just have a dozen of low maintenance flower boxes but I need to find time to care for them. It’s not nearly as fulfilling as caring for a yard, still I could live without my little corner of greenery. I hope you find the time to put your dirt pants to good use.

    Writers should have the power to plot against the world, shouldn’t they? 😉

  4. Astraea Artemis ( Toronto )

    I don’t have a green thumb like you but i do enjoy watching a beautiful garden. My mom back home has a big orchids garden and she collects from diff places and i saw the pains in taking care of it, very delicate plants to take care of. After each walk or run i sometimes sit in the park and watch the flowers or the green scenery, it gives me peace of mind. I totally understand you about being so busy with work and at the same time trying to catch up some chores at home that been sitting there for days or weeks begging for attention. Putting on the scrub suit to go to work and coming home dead tired after a 12 hour shift and the same thing the following day, until you just totally forgetting or neglecting the things you wanna do and in the end it’s not done :(. Anyway, have a great weekends and enjoy the gardening and getting dirty ( GRIN ).

  5. mudepoz

    Cornus mas? Cornelian cherry? They have awesome fruit (for animals, I know humans supposedly eat it but why when they have real cherries). I love the flowers in the early spring. I’ve actually pruned them into lovely small trees.

    Another shrub that birds adore (including cedar waxwings that will pass the fruit out to the birds on the end of the branch) are Amelanchiers, a native American shrub. Besides, if they share, the fruit looks and tastes like blueberries. Another name is Service or June berry.

    I envy you your floors. Tall Dude refinished the parquet floor in the living room, but the other floors are fiberboard under the horsehair carpet pads. Ick.

  6. It is indeed Friday! I have no green thumb at all, but I love to hear about your gardening and the different plants you bring home, and I love it when you share pictures!

    Its hard when you can’t get what you want but you will someday! And hey, you have those two new plants!

    It’s been so long since I got a chance to leave a comment but i promise i’ve been reading you blog still! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Candace. Pictures will be coming at a later date. I’ve got to get it closer to being done than it is. Maybe get some grass growing in front of it.

      I know I’ll get everything done. I’m impatient is all.

  7. Rebecca

    I know how the love/hate relationship with the universe goes. I’m excessively backlogged at work, and home. I’ll wager to say that the universe will decide it wants to like you and lets you go play in the dirt sometime this weekend. Hopefully the weather in MI treats you well too!

  8. Theresa

    Hi Ms. Harrison I’m glad that your garden is going well! Me and my mom have a garden too and we have lots of trees in it too but they don’t produce any berries but the birds love the bird seed. I cant wait to hear more about it! From theresa

  9. Antonio


    I’ve been in a love-hate relationship this week with my refrigerator. It seemingly died tuesday morning, which meant I had to make 2 car trips to my fathers to save some food in his fridge. I cooked and ate many things that day that I would normally not eat together…oh, like bologna, bacon, yogurt, applesauce…you get the idea. Later that night, after I cleaned the front and bottom grill/pan and cleaned the coils in back – it starts running again!?

    OK, enough about me: I’ve always enjoyed your short stories/novellas…I know your really busy this year, but do you think in the future you might write some more? Maybe this coming year? 😎

    • OMGosh, Antonio! At least you didn’t have to buy a new fridge! That reminds me of the time we lost power for three days in the summer. We had steak and strawberries. And shortcake on the grill.
      You asked about shorts and novellas? Yep. Soon as I get the world book off my desk, I will be starting to think about a slew of them for you guys.

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am

    Happy Friday!

    There is a time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest…Oh wait that’s already been said too. You’ll get those trees planted when the time is right.

    Referring back to your coment about JD, I can’t believe I’ve not read her either. There is so much to read, I just can’t keep up with out getting a second job. If I did that then I’d not have any time for reading.

    Have a great week end. I’ll be off to see Snowgil Monday woo hoo!