If I had a time machine

If I had a time machine, Guy would have swiped it yesterday, gone back about a hundred years, and smacked whoever put three coats of ugly brown varnish on that beautiful wood floor he just spent two days sanding.  It took over two dozen sheets of 20 grit, one by two foot pieces of sandpaper, and about 60 discs of sandpaper, but he finally got the last of it up last night.  The friction caused so much heat that the varnish melted, not sanded, and it gummed everything up.  It needs a bit of polishing now, but that’s easy compared to the pain he was in yesterday.

I doubt very much that he is going to want to tackle the hallway and small bedroom, but he might, seeing as he thinks it’s actually white cedar up there, not pine.

We didn’t find anything while sanding, but there’s one board that has been replaced at some point, with a tiny finger hole in it that is just screaming “pry me up!  See what’s under me!”  I don’t know how long I can resist.  Some of the nails have square heads, and I’d hate to ruin them.


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21 responses to “If I had a time machine

  1. Hey Mrs. Harrison and Tired Guy,
    Well Done! Three cheers and a vuvuzela blast from South Africa. 🙂 It is lovely though, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a ‘restore a 500 year old cottage” project when I was in England. It was wonderful, especially when we discovered some truly old panelling after breaking out some old plaster frames. It was like stripping the house down to what it was meant to be after years of succumbing to other people’s ideas.
    I liked it. 🙂
    Have a great day! Hope you are very productive, inside the house and in the Hollows. 🙂
    How is your time frame looking? Are you gaining more personal time? What will you do after the GN?


    • Thanks, Alyssa. And that’s almost exactly how I feel about this house. Its been remuddled too many times, and putting it back to normal has been a pleasure.

      As for personal time? I don’t know. I’m taking more from necessity, and the work is going slower, which is frustrating. I should finish my personal rewrite on the GN today, and then it’s back to the world book.

  2. suzannelazear

    wow that’s a lot of work! I do love hardwood floors. Our old place has one but this one doesn’t ~pout~

    Oooh, I wonder what’s under that board….

    Tomorrow is my big panel at RWA Nationals in Orlando. ~knees shake~ We’ll see how it goes, lol.

    Have a great day!


  3. Very nice job!

    There was water problem at my appartment before I moved in. They had to tear up all the kitchen flooring until they reached the original 1937 wood. Sooo pretty! They asked me if I wanted to keep it or have it covered with linoleum. Fools! The floor isn’t perfect. Some boards are broken or unequal. I don’t mind. It has so much history!

    The water also made the paint on the door frames peel so I’m working to get it all off. I’ll have to borrow my dad’s heat gun. It’s hard work but the wood under there will be awesome once I put some linseed oil on it. And I love the smell of linseed oil so that’s going to be the fun part.

    You can tell Guy I feel his pain! *laughs* And kudos for the awesome job! Your house sounds like a little piece of heaven! 😉

  4. Astraea Artemis ( TORONTO )

    PATIENCE and a lot of PATIENCE to do that, good job Guy!!!!!!!! Kim you are very lucky to have a husband like yours, a good handy man. Maybe he can come to my house and help me with the basement, hehehehehe.

  5. Judi in NJ

    Aawwww! What a guy that “Guy” is! Did you make his favorite for dinner? And I, too say pry it up or scope it out! The light/camera idea has possibilities. Thanks for sharing as always. That floor is gorgeous and I really love the wall color. Nnnnnice! Enjoy…

  6. Marsha

    It’s beautiful! Do you rent Guy out? 😀

  7. JanisHarrison

    Ohhh, poor Guy! A tub soak with plenty of Epsom salts and a good shot of lavender essence, then a loving massage would help a lot. But It’s beautiful wood.
    I, too, would be so tempted to pry up that board. There are little scope things available, but I don’t know where. And suggestion: check in with the wood-finishing experts about removing that varnish. It might work better to use a solvent and scrape up what you can…Then hit it with the sander.

  8. Chelikins

    What a beautiful floor. Guy did a very nice job!! Glad you are enjoying your remodel and loving the pics. Thanks so much. 😉

  9. Ooooh well done Guy!

    That looks great. 🙂

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You know at one point in time, I used to think that if things were a little different, you, me and Guy would be like real friends but it’ll never happen. You all work too hard and I’m too lazy. 🙂

    The odd board does sound tempting. Is there any way you all could get a small light and camera in there to see whats under there? Have fun with that.