Remember last month

Remember last month when one of my favorite urban fantasy writers, Jocelynn Drake, had her latest release?  Well, she’s doing it again.  -grin-  WAIT FOR DUSK was released yesterday, and it’s a good thing, because PRAY FOR DAWN was a bit of a cliff hanger.  (I hate cliffhangers, but if she’s going to bust her butt to get the second one out a month after the first, then I’ll forgive her.  -laugh-)

If you’re looking for a good, solid, smart, read, this might be it.  Jocelynn has a more than a few books out in this series, now, so if you’re interested, stop over at her pages at Harper, or just pick up the first one, NIGHTWALKER

She also has a piece up at Borders website about where she finds her inspiration.  Mmmmm.  I guess no one has told her about the magic box yet.  -laugh-


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  1. Astraea Artemis ( TORONTO )

    UHMMMMM!!!! The cover looks very provocative, i’ll read the first series and if it catches my interest i might buy the rest of the books. Anything to read until your PALE DEMON will come out next year ( sigh ). You said it’s your fave so meaning to say it must be very very good one. I read books from the other authors and i can say only a few of them match your talent in writing and imagination. Thanks a lot for sharing your talent to an avid reader like me. More power to you. Oh by the way, don’t worry about your weight, you look great the way you are ( in and out ), as long as you are happy in what you are doing; writing, gardening and maybe you can add walking atleast 30 to 45 minutes a day. I know it’s difficult to squeeze it in your hectic schedule but find time, walking will take some stress off your mind and body.

    • Thank you, Astraea. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work so much. Writing is truly my calling, and I try to do it justice every day.
      I’ll try harder to get my walk in. You are absolutely right.

    • Astraea Artemis ( TORONTO )

      You are truly a good person and true to your fans. Thank you so much in finding time to write us back. I seldom post a comment here in diff name though ( grin ) but i do visit your drama box everyday and enjoy reading the comments of your fans, hehehehe.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that author. I’ll have to check her books out. Whenever I can find the time for it. *sighs*
    I don’t think I’ll meet my self-imposed deadline for my manuscript by the way. I discovered a huge wound in it last weekend and had to stop the bleeding before wrapping it up. I still have a little under 10k to go, most likely. That’s alright. It’ll be better.
    Besides, one thing I’ve learned by reading your blog, among other things, is that everyone has bad/less efficient writing days. It keeps me from beating myself up. *laughs*
    I hope you have a nice time writing and fixing up the house. The picture you put up looks great.

  3. Hello there Ms. Harrison,
    🙂 I feel as if I’m always saying this about the authors you suggest or talk about but we don’t have Jocelyn Drake here. I need to order her online (as I’m planning to one day, lol) if I do want her, and wait for weeks and weeks and weeks for the shipping to come. 😉 Good news – can’t remember if I shared, but BMS is out here finally. Came out last month. Not that I need to buy it, lol.
    Thank you for the post and have a super productive day.

    I have baby bunnies! 😉 Real ones!

  4. Hey hey Miss Kim!

    Just had to tell you that I was on the train on monday (coming back from visiting my new girlfriend 😉 and I saw a mother with two kids and the little boy had a T-Shirt with “Thing 1” written on it. lol Made me think of you. 😉

  5. Linda (germany)

    I’m so sry. Still had the mail addres from my friend stored in my computer.

  6. Linda (germany)

    Sounds great. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

    Hey…I’m gonna meet Ivy again. That’s weird ^^

  7. chiara

    Sounds great. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

    Hey…I’m gonna meet Ivy again. That’s weird ^^

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You’re killing me. Now I am expose to another must read series of books. I think I need to give up reading and take up drinking and smoking. It’d be cheaper.(just kidding)

    Monday, another favorite author will be witin 200 miles of me in Charelston. I plan on going to see her. It’s Jeaniene Frost aka Snowgirl. aka Frosty. I think she will be surprised. 🙂

    Enjoy ypur cool weather. It’s way to hot here in the south.


    PS Your paintint and other work on the house looks great!

  9. OOOH.The Jocelyn Drake cover is very hot! I read the first in the series and had some trouble getting into it perhaps because it is very dark with little humor. I need to try again with the next in the series and see how it developed. Need something to read between the Hollows books.

    • Isn’t it, Marsha? I’m surprised they went with something so romantic, but the cover people usually know what they’re doing. And you’re right that it’s very dark. That’s what I like about her work.

  10. Sharon

    I am reading the Dark Days series now. Very dark UF. Love it! Drake and Frost are both over at Borders answering the same questions. It has been fun to read each one’s take on certain subjects.

    • Very cool, Sharon! I’m so glad you like her work. And yes, it’s dark! I didn’t know they were over at B&N. I might have to go check that out myself.