Hollows Graphic Novel

I worked on the GN yesterday, polishing up the first half and putting numbers in the boxes, now that I think I have everything set the way I want it.  I quit yesterday at the ending of a chapter, not sure what I wanted to do with the next five pages.  This is one of the issues that come up whether you’re writing novels, short stories, or graphic novels.

The five pages give a peek into one of the character’s home life, which isn’t necessary for the story, but is interesting if you’re invested in the characters.  The information necessary for the story flow that I do I give out in those pages can easily be given in a different, probably faster way.   The short passage breaks up the action, slows it down, and leaves me wondering, “why don’t I just move to the action faster?  It’s five entire pages!”  (which is a lot, actually)

But if I move right to the action, I might be giving the reader too much at once, as in the movies where they run to the cliff to avoid the giant crocodile, fall down into the ravine, battle the huge bugs at the bottom, and then fight to giant butterflies to the top.  It’s way too much, and the reader gets tired.

So I’ll look at it again this morning with new eyes, and see.  I really am in a quandary.

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