Lost a day

Somewhere, I lost a day.  Thursday?  I thought it was Wednesday.  Must be all the excitement.

So yesterday I worked on the second graphic novel.  I had gotten about halfway through when I realized that the conflict, which was plain for me to see, would not be obvious to the reader.  Especially when it’s not the usual GN bad guy, good guy setup where you have a clear villain and hero.

Ivy has no arch enemy, apart from herself.  Her battle is within, and though that is a running theme in many graphic novels (the angst-ridden hero) there is always a bad guy to personify that.  So I had to dig a little deeper and simplify things a bit, and pared everything down to the real issue.

Ivy wants freedom from Piscary/vampirism.  Piscary gives her power.  Power is not freedom.

And so the rest of Wednesday was spent adding about fifteen pages into the earlier part of the graphic novel to show Piscary, and what an evil, manipulative SOB he is.

Now I can move forward.

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